Vida Services


I am available for private in home psychic parties for individual readings or group readings. I can and will collaborate with other practitioners with Pop Up Markets, Workshops & even corporate events. As long as my schedule permits. Please send an email for further information.


Custom Work

Custom orders🕯🌬🌊🍃 (spell work) upon request and more detailed situations. Binding, hex breaking, love, money etc..These can be done for a certain number of days or by force of power; for example once, twice or thrice the spell. The more times I do the spell work obviously the more potent. Please send an email through the contact page to get an accurate quote on your specific situation. Also send a brief summary of what it is you are looking for with the candle work to make sure we have the correct spell work in regards to the situation. I will need 2-4 weeks notice in advance to schedule the work as well.

Examples of work

Hex breaking, Binding, Protection, Removal, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Love, Money, Health spell work etc… which may or may not include candle magick, spiritual baths, ritual work (prayers, dedications, offerings) crossing over ceremonies, circle work, crystal cleansing and healing, burial ceremonies. No guarantees for any root work this is based on free will of all parties involved.


Ceremonial Services

There have been so many in my community asking me to perform traditional & cultural marriage ceremonies. After so many requests I decided to go for it. Thank you for asking me in the first place, I am also registered to speak & officiate funerals as well. So many duties to uphold, but for more information please send me an email.

For Ceremonial Services it includes marriages, funerals, baptisms, baby blessings, last rites and it is regardless of sexuality, race, creed, gender or religion.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience, but the human experience is the spiritual essence!