The reason this page is here, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter I have 2 special need bully breed dogs.

Spike is our 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is now blind, has severe skin and food allergies, has been fighting depression for the last 4 years and now diagnosed with pancreatitis and liver issues . He has degenerating retinas and we did have him examined by an Ophthalmologist in Manhattan and told us we couldn’t do anything for him. He can see shadows at times and his retinas will not return the way used to be even with any medication or surgery. The cause they said is most likely due to inbreeding. Spike was a rescue off the streets of Brooklyn. He came to use at 3 months old and wouldn’t let us pet him for a long and he arrived with a broken tail. He is amazing protector for the house and he gets irritated and depressed when he is constantly bumping into things. He is on prescription dog food for his skin issues as he tends to scratch himself until he bleeds. He has had surgery at the vet’s office, we discovered a mass that was peculiar and it was benign. As of 12/2019 through 1/2020 we have had 6 ER visits due to his stomach, pancreas, liver issues and recently just told in January 2020 he also has a low grade heart murmur. In December 2019 to January 2020 Spike started showing signs of lethargic and after six ER visits we came to find out that he had an obstruction in his stomach. We then had to take him to a Gastrointestinal specialist just like we had to do with Oreo years ago and come to find out that he’s been diagnosed with IBD irritable bowel disorder. So he’s basically on gastrointestinal medicines for the rest of his life plus prescription food for the rest of life.

Oreo is our 4 year old American Bully who has the most extensive of issues. He was born with a hole in his heart, heart murmur and basically allergic to everything. Not even kidding! He is allergic to all meat, including seafood, all grass, trees, pollen, flowers and weeds. It is so bad that we had to remove ALL the grass from our backyard and replace it with artificial grass for his well being. He would eat the grass and throw up and his stool was covered in blood. Which brings me to his other diagnosis, gastrointestinal issues and he was overdosed by his previous vet with Metronidazole Toxicity, where he lost all functions on his limbs on mother’s day 2018. So once again another hospital visit. So he is on prescription food as well for the rest of his life and now is battling a skin disorder because we do have to walk him and we live an area where there is grass and trees and it does affect him losing patches of hair and excessive scratching. Oreo is our happy go lucky boy which balances out Spike at times. In April 2020 Oreo began to show signs of lameness in his right leg. Because he has a heart murmur he cannot get x-rays without sedation. And in order to get sedated he needs to get an echocardiogram done every year to check his heart. His heart murmur was a diagnosis of aortic stenosis and as of April 2020 his diagnose has gotten worse and his now diagnosis of a subaortic stenosis. After the consult with the orthopedic surgeon he also has hip dysplasia and both his right and left rear legs have ACL tears. At this time with preparing to get him surgery. But since he such a sensitive boy even with sedation from x-rays is very hard for him and he was vomiting the entire night after the x-rays. because his heart diagnosis has gotten worse he hast to be put on beta blockers for the rest of his life and because of the hip dysplasia he’s been put on glucosamine as well for the rest of his life. Unfortunately were doing testing in regards to anti-inflammatory medicines. He was on an anti-inflammatory for about 10 days and his G.I. tract acted up and he started vomiting blood. So he’s a very sensitive boy with a great personality we just have to take things very slow with him at this time. 5/19/20 Oreo had his right rear acl tear repaired during Covid-19 which was scary and is healing with his stem cell treatment to right and left rear knees and right hip. He was scheduled to go back and get another stem cell treatment in July 2020 which was successful. He needs to go back for a 3rd treatment and x-rays of how his leg looks after surgery.

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