Coconut Charcoal All Natural 33mm tablets


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Slow burning: use on a stove last up to 45 minutes. A foil package of 10 easy to light coconut 33mm tablets. Well sealed against moisture and dust, long-burning and easy to use,these charcoal discs are my personal favorite. Use these in charcoal burners for loose incense, camphor blocks or even loose herbs to help burn and purify your space, your home, your tools etc…all natural less chemicals in the carbon and slower burning. The Three Kings coconut coals will not have that “quick light” coating on them, so these coals will provide you with clean, unchanged flavor. Because they do not have the coating on them, you won’t be able to light these coconut coals with just a lighter. You will need to light these coals on an electric single coil heater or stove. Depending on how well your burner functions, these coals typically take around 5 minutes to light all the way through.

This product contains 33mm quality coconut hookah charcoal that will stay lit up to 45 minutes.

Made in Holland

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