Home Visit: In Person Limpieza y Despojo Spiritual Cleanings (NYC BASE RATE)


A Limpieza is translated to a Cleaning or this can also be called a despojo is translated to a de-possession in English.

*please be advised for all in person sessions I will need proof of covid 19 negative test results within 21 days of your scheduled appointment. If you are uncomfortable with that we can reschedule to a virtual appointment. Please advise, thank you.

This would be considered a home visit (for many of my clients that are not able to travel for mental and physical health reasons; this is not a house/business blessing and that is a different service. At this time this service is by appointment only done in your home, a friend/relatives home, space you desire to rent out on your own expense or your place a business. If I maintain a professional space in the near future I will announce and advise all clients of the change of location. Once you have made your purchase please email me with your order number to find out what my next available dates are and fo schedule your spiritual cleanings. I can and will travel our of state if needed, there will be an additional fee for airfare, lodging etc.

I will do a traditional spiritual cleaning; limpiesa y despojo as shown to me by my Grandmother in what most call the tradition of Curanderismo. There are several steps, ceremonial prayers and other tools that I will be using. Mainly I use fresh herbs and flowers to remove impurities, negativity “evil eye”, sicknesses and attachments. I will use other herbs and flowers to restore your energy after the cleansing. Usually a person should get one or two limpieza’s a year. Those who are physicians, healers, therapists, service workers, sex workers, chronically ill, dealing with trauma, sad/depressed, have addictions or dealing with some type of abuse should do this once a month or every other month until the issue subsides.

This can be from 1-2 hours depending on the situation. You will not be allowed to have anyone else to your appointment unless it is for a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present at all times. The space must have a chair, a small table for me to set up available space to walk around the client and chair. I am a psychic medium so it is possible but not guaranteed that I will channel information from your masters teachers ancestor and love ones during your session. It is not a guarantee that I will pick up information during your session. I cannot dictate, micromanage or try to convince spirit and cannot make them come through I speak to you. If there’s information that’s necessary to your growth with this work that I am performing on you then it will be provided for your highest good. As always you have free will you can accept or reject any information has been provided to you during your session. We live in the world of free will or free agency.

*This is not a replacement of therapy, counseling, doctor, homeopathic, holistic & medical appointments etc. You should always, I mean ALWAYS listen to your primary care physicians & specialists. As well as your intuition. If you are in any physical danger (domestic situations) get law enforcement involved right away. If you feel you can’t handle things then please call for mental health services. What I can provide here can help somewhat but not all so please take responsibility for your well being and your health.

**But as always use your discretion, follow your divine team and listen to your intuition when working with any spiritual advisor even if that means you will not work with me.

This base fee is for the 5 boroughs of NYC and includes the service, supplies travel time, gas and tolls. Anything outside of the 5 boroughs is an additional fee.


As listed on your birth certificate

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