Limpieza de Fuego – Fire Cleansing



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This session will be for 45 minutes where I do this remotely; you will have to be laying down uninterrupted and then I follow up with you through Skype, for about 15-30. Maximum time for the cleansing and follow up conversation is about of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

My affinity for fire is one of my abilities. I can read and heal through Fire. I also receive information through divination of capnomancy and pyromancy aka the smoke and the flame which are all a part of the cleansing. This is a healing modality for me in most Latino and diaspora cultures it would be considered a cleansing or Limpieza. I will be doing a complete healing ritual, with specific herbs from my apothecary that I am guided to burn by the ancestors. In addition to other ceremonial procedures that I am not at liberty to discuss as directed by my elders.

You will need to be laying down and uninterrupted for your scheduled appointment. No exceptions this is mandatory, if not you will not be able to receive the work.
Once I complete the work I will reach out to you through Skype to discuss what I saw and felt as well as your experience.

Please do not be surprised if you feel your body temperature change, you may get hot, you may get cold, you may start sweating, you may feel a bunch of different physical things as I am doing the Fire Cleansing. You may also tap into the supernatural realm’s during this time, receive messages, downloads during this experience as well. Do not be surprised if you feel out of body sort of speak which is completely normal as well. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you afterwards to hydrate yourself. You will also feel more energy after the session within the next day up to 15 days.

A Limpieza is translated to a Cleaning. This is not a traditional spiritual cleaning. This Limpieza de Fuego in what channeled through my ancestors and verified by my elders without them showing me. There are several steps, ceremonial prayers and other tools that I will be using. Mainly I use herbs and flowers to remove impurities, negativity “evil eye”, sicknesses and attachments. I will use other herbs to restore your energy after the cleansing. Usually a person should get one or two limpiezas a year. Those who are physicians, healers, therapists, service workers, sex workers, chronically ill, dealing with trauma, sad/depressed, have addictions or dealing with some type of abuse should do this once a month or every other month until the issue subsides. I am a psychic medium so it is possible but not guaranteed that I will channel information from your masters teachers ancestor and loved ones during your session. It is not a guarantee that I will pick up information during your session. I cannot dictate, micromanage or try to convince spirit and cannot make them come through I speak to you. If there’s information that’s necessary to your growth with this work that I am performing on you then it will be provided for your highest good. As always you have free will you can accept or reject any information has been provided to you during your session. We live in the world of free will or free agency.

*This is not a replacement of therapy, counseling, doctor, homeopathic, holistic & medical appointments etc. You should always, I mean ALWAYS listen to your primary care physicians & specialists. As well as your intuition. If you are in any physical danger (domestic situations) get law enforcement involved right away. If you feel you can’t handle things then please call for mental health services. What I can provide here can help somewhat but not all so please take responsibility for your well being and your health.

**But as always use your discretion, follow your divine team and listen to your intuition when working with any spiritual advisor even if that means you will not work with me.


Limpieza de Fuego – Fire Cleansing

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You must explain what you are having issues with. Just like you would explain to a doctor or therapist. The main concerns and that it is. No more than that. Be precise in your explanation. If you are rambling I won’t be able to help. Think clearly and then explain below. If not I won’t be able to help you.

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