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These are hand poured vegan soy candles made by me in 16oz glass containers. Which means you may get a mason jar 16 oz candle or a prayer novena 16oz candle shipped to your home or business. Instructions will be sent with each and every candle. Only one intention (area and or subject) per candle. You can not mix multiple intentions that is not how I work. I will prepare your candle under ritual and then ship it to you. Please follow the instructions the way I explain them. They are easy but if you don’t do the work it will not work out for you. There are guidelines and directions for a reason. Please respect the tradition with the candle work.

I follow my ancestors and our indigenous ways to prepare, blessed and dressed in our belief system; (which is passed down orally from generation to generation). No I will not share the ritual to the public, it is not for public consumption. As a shaman and priest I will always honor the ancestors way.

All sales are full and final, no refunds or exchanges. Please follow your intuition before purchase and purchase at your own discretion.

During check out in the notes section put down what you want the candle for.

Thank you and may all your intentions come true.

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