“Thank you for always being real. Thank you for being a powerhouse especially in this dimension. Thank you for having iron will, nerves of steel & a heart of fucking gold. Thank you for the spiritual path I lead today. I would never have made it to this level in my life, mentally, spiritually & physically if our paths didn’t cross. You opened my mind which changed my heart & soul is the brightest of ways. Im so grateful for you, spirit & my spirit family. You truly are a gift to this world. I love you & appreciate you more than words can ever tell. Thank you for everything 🙏🏻 .”



“Vida! I wanted to thank you so much. The “love the self package” is just what  I needed.   I needed these concepts broken down and you did that for me and I am so grateful.  The tools given to help me continue to work through things in my life and really remember that I am an individual and how much I can create my own awesome reality is the best. I had friend who had asked “now what” that I am done with the package and I said to her I dont feel done in any way and vida gave me the tools to keep going, so I am most grateful for that. I was super excited about the ancestor and animal guide meditations and the experience was way beyond my expectations. You really opened so many possibilities for me to just do things and take action because I was definitely getting in my own way. You are so amazing with all the different works you provide.Thanks again, cant wait to work with you soon. 🙂 Also just want to say was watching your stories. Your package is an amazing deal and so totally worth it.   You put so much work into this and its just more than I can say for any other services that I have paid for, for the same amount. Just so helpful towards my growth and helping me, to better understand my self. Thank you!”

— A.B.

Hi 👋🏽Vidaaaaa, I’m really going to miss seeing you every Friday. Going into our sessions i was like ohh damn she’s going to read me to filth lol, but it wasn’t even like that. Looking back throughout this time spent I’ve seen so much growth & unconditional love for myself. Thank you for always being honest and sharing parts of yourself that reminded me that shit were all still human no matter how spiritual we are. These 12 weeks have really helped me shift out of the fears I was creating for myself which had me stuck. Today I can say that I’m not afraid of what’s coming next because I love myself & my guides to know that things happen with trust and divine timing. I’m always protected. I totally forgot to mention that I also ordered my business cards!!!! So you know I’m out here trying to do the damn thing. While I didn’t keep up with all of my homework as you know. The One,Two Combo and talking to my spiritual team  every day has really been a blessing, and seeing my growth has been something that I still can’t put into words. This love thy self package came right on time. I’m eternally grateful for you & my Sag moon is smiling. I love you & I’ll be booking some services in a few months.  I got my candle today and it smells divine!

— A.M.

Thank you so so much for the reading today. I’m still shook at how spot on you were about me from the first minute from your energy mediation on me! I feel like all the tears that I shed during the reading was like water waves pouring out of me and stopping me from continuing to drown in my own pain. Everything you said about the generational and cultural trauma has been something I have been trying to shed and break the cycle for years. You helped me see that the burden of my empathetic ways is only going to continue to weigh me down if I don’t transfer some of that empathy to myself. You talked to me like just like a big sister like I was back home in NY and told me what I NEEDED to hear, and I was ready to receive it. Spirit guided me to you and I’m so glad that I listened. I feel very fortunate to have connected with you on such an emotional and spiritual level. From the bottom of mi corazon, I thank you for sharing your gift with me and being the vessel for espiritu to point me in the right direction on my healing journey. ¡Deseo que ti muchos benediciones y buena salud!

— C.S

Hey Vida! I hope you and your family are staying safe and cool in this summer heat!I want to start this off by saying thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and specifically your community. You genuinely bless us daily with your fierce love and good energy, and I speak for my sister, and I when I say we can’t thank you enough! Since June, I’ve been watching your card of the days, participating in each community ritual, purchased mojo envelopes, and even got the transformation pendant. Anyways, back to what I was saying, it’s been a journey. I’ve been learning so much about my self. I’ve even started calling myself out on my bullshit. I got re-instated at work to a NEW role that will help me grow professionally and is so much more fun. I got accepted into a XXXXX that will help me learn technical skills and will ultimately enhance my career. Last but not least, I’ve been working on my relationship with my family/friends but mostly myself. Getting myself together and giving ME the love/push I need. Although it hasn’t been easy, I’ve never been more excited/happy because I’m pushing myself to get to where I need to be. I’m working on not doing the most. Haha, it’s tough, but not impossible! I can’t wait for you to release the Love Thyself Package, I literally will have an alarm to remind me to purchase. But sincerely, THANK YOU, Vida, for offering your services, time, love, guidance, and more to all of us. I’m sure you know it, but the way you impact one of us changes how this whole world turns out to be. Keep killing it!

— T.D.J

Subject: Review & Thank YOU 🙏🏼

Message: Vida, Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Last, year was a tough year for me and I had reading with you and it really empowered me to get back on track with prayer, daily gratitude and meditation. One of the things you said was I was doing the most and it was draining me. It’s helped me create boundaries. I find it easier to do it now and preserve my energy. It feels good to speak up for myself with love and have my circle understand me. I’ve participated in 2 of your monthly moon ceremonies and I bought two mojo packages. One for opening doors and the other for abundance which I just got and am getting ready to set intentions on. I feel the magic in the mojo envelopes. I have the open camino one in my journal and although they are manifesting still everyday I see it and it makes me smile. I know they will come to fruition one day. Your card of the day is one of my favorite things to watch because of your no bs messages and constant reminders to flow, recharge and stay in the light. Just wanted you to know that you’re an inspiration for me here in Miami. I’ve been spending quarantine alone with my little dog, but my faith is on another level because of you. Many blessings and light! xx

— A.V.

Subject: THANK YOU!

Message: Vida, thank you so much for your pineapple facial cleanser and lavender body lotion. I absolutely adore both of them very much. The facial cleanser is a good step one to my three step skin care routine. I apply the lotion before I sleep as well… I have a feeling it is helping me in my dream world. Really cannot make this shit up! The card of the day you pulled today was focused on communication and that’s definitely what has been needed in my family back here in Texas. My dad, Virgo sun, is very logical and my brother, cancer sun, is very emotional right now during this time and myself (taurus sun) and doing my best to make sure we all create a open, loving space to hear each other to the fullest! I love the synchronicities and I love your work. Thank you thank you. I most DEFINITELY fux with you. Always sending you love, Mama Vida.

— D.B.

Hi Mama V! I hope you’re having a great day! 💖 I wanted to share with you that after our guided meditation where my grandfather came through, I was sitting in my sunroom today, picking a podcast to listen to while I line paintings, when I hear this sound that was similar to a ginormous bee.. I look up & it was a hummingbird! My great grandmother, whom is constantly on my mind, was in love with humming birds. I even have one tattooed for her. In my heart I felt she was saying hello sweet girl, I’m here 💖 I was literally stunned for a few second when I heard that & it flew off as I grabbed my phone. Whats crazy is I gifted my mother a handmade hummingbird feeder to hopefully attract them to their yard… We truly haven’t seen any on the property & thought we didn’t have any UNTIL that one flew into the sunroom!! I’m so excited & flabbergasted I had to share with you. Thank you for the Love Thyself lessons. I’m becoming more in tune, plugged in so to speak 💖 The information is flowing smoother/more comprehensive as i’ve surrendered. I’m living what i’ve learned during the lessons, truly paying attention to what i’m learning about my own experiences & unlocking different layers based off sheer honestly & acceptance. Love you Mama V 💖 Thank you Mama & Spirit!

— E.H.

Hey Mama! Just wanted to tell you: I’M AN OFFICIAL PERMANENT NYC EMPLOYEE! Love you so so much, thank you for your guidance to see the bigger picture. ❣️Talk to you soon! 😘😘😘

— Y.G.

Thank you so much for the reading on Friday. I feel at peace and excited for what is to come for me! I will definitely be taking your advice and doing the work I need to do for myself. Thank you again!

— Y.C.

Thank you so much Vida. Yo truly are the best. Love all your products and services you do. Thank you for always keeping it 100. My life has changed and tbh I’m really considering doing the Love Thy Self package. I really want to become a better version of me and break all of those generational curses. Thank you again.

— T.M.

I totally forgot to tell you this today! So during the past few weeks I’ve been really allowing myself to open up my vibration to all forms of abundance the universe has to offer. A lot of the homework’s that had to do with my business got me thinking of how many natural talents I have that I don’t really use. I was limiting myself to one thing. Like “I can only do energy work and readings and natural skincare blah blah”. And I finally took the step to be an intuitive business and branding consultant. I got my first fucking client today for my business consulting !!!! She just purchased my product development service!!! And I haven’t even offered these services to the public yet!!! If it wasn’t for you I would’ve never taken this step. Thank you so much Vida, you’re the BEST!!!!

— A.A.

Hey Vida! I hope you and your family are staying safe and cool in this summer heat!I want to start this off by saying thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and specifically your community. You genuinely bless us daily with your fierce love and good energy, and I speak for my sister, and I when I say we can’t thank you enough! Since June, I’ve been watching your card of the days, participating in each community ritual, purchased mojo envelopes, and even got the transformation pendant. Which, I totally forgot I needed to ask — what do I do if I accidentally fell asleep with it? Haha, I know that was one of the rules of what you shouldn’t do, but I was exhausted. Anyways, back to what I was saying, it’s been a journey. I’ve been learning so much about my self. I’ve even started calling myself out on my bullshit. I got re-instated at work to a NEW role that will help me grow professionally and is so much more fun. I got accepted into a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship that will help me learn technical skills and will ultimately enhance my career. Last but not least, I’ve been working on my relationship with my family/friends but mostly myself. Getting myself together and giving ME the love/push I need. Although it hasn’t been easy, I’ve never been more excited/happy because I’m pushing myself to get to where I need to be. I’m working on not doing the most. Haha, it’s tough, but not impossible! I can’t wait for you to release the Love Thyself Package, I literally will have an alarm to remind me to purchase. But sincerely, THANK YOU, Vida, for offering your services, time, love, guidance, and more to all of us. I’m sure you know it, but the way you impact one of us changes how this whole world turns out to be. Keep killing it!

— T.D.J.

Good afternoon, Vida! Hope all is well with you! The ritual last night left me feeling drained as well as empowered. I know I’ve mentioned empowered in another ritual – but this time it felt different. Like I know what I need to do now. Last night, I also took some time alone and created a list of all the things I need to let go of. Then I burnt the list. I’ve never done this before and it was literally the most liberating thing. I’m a fire sign (Sagittarius, 12/11) and I’ve always been afraid of using fire 😂 But I’ve noticed the importance of fire and what it symbolizes, and I realized that I really need to get in touch with my element more. I also feel proud of myself for everything I’ve done so far. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve said I was proud of myself. And I feel that alone is growth 🙌🏽💕 All in all I feel great and I have a clear vision of the road ahead 💖

— N.F.

I just wanna say WOW” Mamá Vida, Que dios me la cuida y siempre me la ilumina. Since the New Moon Ritual so much has happened. Finally shifting things and opening the doors that are needed to help me grow. Put finances in order and investing into my practice 150%.Everything has been aligning so beautifully and FAST. That NMR jump started the season with a BANG. Making life more clear, decisions easier, money coming in gracefully & intentions set clearly. No more overthinking, scared or self doubt.Like the sea slug moving with intention, slow and steady wins the race with grace!I Love You and Thank you so much for the work you put into this ritual.

— A.S.

Hey girl, I wanted to know for sure before telling you, but this weekend before the ritual, I left town to work because I felt like I finally had enough. Ever since things have been coming together so well for me to leave this damn relationship. I wanted to reach out because you’ve been such a support to me during this personal time of mine and I’m so appreciative of you. I feel like you’ve been a mentor and a friend to me when I have otherwise felt really alone. I love you xo. I got to meet xxxxx and we were talking about how much we both love you. Thank you really because you’ve talked to me and gone the extra mile for me when you didn’t really have to. I’m so happy the Universe had us meet each other again.

— A.H.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the ritual you did on Mon. I have been going through hell the past two years due to the separation and divorce process with my soon to be ex husband. It had been so difficult on me and my daughter and I have been struggling with the decision from before I even pulled the trigger and went through with it. I have had so many panic attacks, sleepless nights and depression. And the pandemic has just added some additional strain to that. Since Mon night, I have finally been able to sleep better and not have the panic filled dreams or keep waking up in the middle of the night. I have felt a sense of calm even during some tense moments and have a little bit of strength when I would normally just crumble and weep. I hope to have the pleasure of a personal reading with you soon as I can only imagine the feeling I will have from that with the way the rituals have helped.  Gracias! Gracias! Gracias!

— C. S.

Subject: Cancer new moon ritual, thank you.

Message: Hi Vida, Thank you for doing the ritual last night and I’m sending you and your family love and prayers especially for little Oreo. It took me time to put a finger what I felt. I finally see that I’m just so grateful. Today I just took my mom to get out the house and ended up getting her to buy a new bed and let go of the one she had from when her and my father were together (divorced 20 years ago). Now as I lay in bed, I see I really helped my mom shed that layer and make space for new. I set up her bed right away and immediately felt like, a shedding so to say. I feel very motivated and confident of whatever is in store for me. I also saw many angel numbers today specifically 999 & 666. Thank you again for what you do for the community and sharing your light. I hope you get some good rest. Bediciones siempre, gracias.

— L. B.

Subject: Testimonial & just plain THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO

Message: Hi Mama Vida,

I hope you and your family are doing well, including the pups. It breaks my heart to see them hurting constantly – as a former Veterinary Technician I’ve seen first hand how the health of a pet (FAMILY MEMBER) affects the owners – know that I am praying for their health and recovery every time. Laser and PRP therapy for Oreo will be life changing – that I can guarantee – I’ve seen so many patients recover from those treatments alone. Dealing with that on a constant basis is not easy and I truly commend you for the way you handle it, even if you think you don’t handle it well.

I pre-ordered a Transformation Pendant last month and it came in on a day I was receiving an Akashic Records reading. I felt the need to get a reading even though I didn’t have a particular question but what came up was striking. Before getting into the reading, the reader told me to begin carrying Azeztulite – which I remembered it is a stone on the pendant. During the reading, I was told I was being a sent a grid of stones that will help relieve/calm my nervous system – which I remember reading on the description of the pendant. On top of that, my free gift was a dalmatian jasper bracelet. I read up on the healing properties and the meaning of the stone. It’s a stone for those working in the Veterinary field – though I left the industry last year to focus on my health. Luckily, I am still working with animals as a pet sitter. After wearing the bracelet, I am getting several jobs with those that require a little extra love. My boss and I are thinking of expanding her business together by offering care to pets who need medical attention, when their owners are out of town or at work. It also helps an over analytical mind (HELLO VIRGO SUN PROBLEMS). During my reading, I was also told to incorporate more joy into my life – which is the dalmatian jasper helps also. I have also been guided to work on my root and sacral chakra – again correlating perfectly with the bracelet. Since wearing the transformation pendant I have opened up about a lot of things I wouldn’t talk about – my sexuality and my repressed sexual energy. I had a profound reiki session with my spiritual advisor that focused on my sacral chakra. I just finished a session with my therapist, where I finally spoke about my love life and how I’m subconsciously holding myself back. I’m excited to see what the combination of the bracelet and the pendant have on my health. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2017 – as a 26 year old that was tough to deal with – but I am healing from it in a very healthy pace. I have faith that the combination will help me remain calm and allow my body to heal from the constant fight-and-flight I was placing myself in.

I’ve also participated on several community rituals. The last one felt like it didn’t apply to me, but after my Akashic records reading and the pendant, I have noticed how I have been taking on other people’s problems and not focusing on myself. I was the type to always help others before myself, I wasn’t aware how I was still doing that, emotionally, after receiving guidance and your pendant. OVERALL, THANK YOU MAMA VIDA FOR OFFERING YOUR SERVICES, PRACTICES, LOVE, GUIDANCE, AND GIFTS TO ALL OF US. I promise none of it goes unnoticed.

Blessed be,

— DC

I wanted to once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me and continue to do. You help me feel like I am not crazy and you allow me to feel human and for that I will always be grateful! I know it will take time to heal from my past pain but I have greater faith after our conversation today, that it is possible. Your feedback from the fire cleanse helped me gain insight, perspective, and clarity. Thank you for everything!!!

— LF

Hi Vida,

I just finished watching the card of the day as if the reading I received from you this morning wasn’t enough. It resonated with me and aligned with everything we spoke about earlier and the work I need to do to get right with spirit.

I know I cried most of the reading, so forgive me, but it was just like you read me and saw me for who I indeed am. I immediately took a nap after we spoke because it was a lot to sit with.

The crazy thing is this reading wasn’t the first time I had the opportunity to feel the magic that you are. About a month or two ago, I had found out about you through Ada. I read and watched previous videos you’ve spoken in and just felt pulled to request you on Instagram.

Throughout the last two months, I watched the card of the days, signed up for the last two community rituals, and even purchased some mojo envelopes and the transformation pendant.

Now let me tell you something not only were the card of the days always resonating with me and the community rituals genuinely showing me what I needed to see. But this transformation pendant though, POWERFUL! The day I received it along with the mojo envelopes, I got emails for two job interviews. Mind you, I was furloughed in April and had been job searching since then, and it was radio silent. I’m now at the final stage of interviews and truly feel like one of these will be the job for me.

This pendant has also shown me how strong the words I say out loud, and manifest can quickly come into fruition. My little sister even got it and immediately said she could feel the energetic pull. I can’t say it enough, but thank you! Your honesty and vulnerability have shown me that I’m able to get honest, open, and be with my higher self!

I know this is such a long message, but I had to share it with you! I’m going to run back to my notes now to try and remember every step on how to pray + meditate. Ohh and I can’t forget to do the homework you gave me.

Enjoy your weekend! Sending you lots of love and light ♥️✨


Good evening mama v,

Hope all is well with you and the fam bam (including the pups) 🖤

Sorry to get real wild and personal but I believe in a weird fucked up sense its connected…

After we had our talk yesterday about my sacral and root chakras being congested, I was trying to honor my feelings/emotions with a couple friends (Outside, fresh air, around a big circle table) over a beer and was completely shut down when speaking about a man whom I just started talking to. I instantly got no support so instead of arguing my point, I sat with my feelings. I really thought about how id be supportive of my friends happiness, especially in the fact if someone hasn’t dated in almost 4 years.. well, I spoke to my ride or die bestie about the whole thing shortly after. The second I started telling her details, she resonated with it due to a similar experience and told me to listen to my gut (like I keep being told to pay attention to 💖). She broke it down to me where it just made sense overall. So after listening to my gut and respecting my own emotions, speaking my truth and why I feel this way… I started my period today. I was about to hop in the shower to wash the day away and it didn’t start in any way I’ve experienced before in the whole decade of dealing with it.. it was a woosh that made its presence known right then and there. I felt this weird full body electric/energetic rush like a rotten outer layer peeled itself away. The shedding is real and in some messed up sense, I feel it in my soul that its all intertwined.

Thank you for everything mama.

Im learning so much about myself and really learning how to lean into loving myself.. its only been 2 weeks, I cant imagine what the next 10 have in store.

Have a beautiful night. Talk to you soon 💖

— EH


I’ve been paying close attention to your IG stories. It’s so interesting the different reactions to this ritual. I can only speak of my experiences but I felt I should share and help clarify if I can. I look at it this way: initially I would compare myself to other people’s reactions and experiences and secretly wonder why mines didn’t feel the same. It’s silly I suppose but  I guess If you had nothing to compare it to, and you’re new to this is experience you expect mountains to move and your life to change overnight. That wasn’t the case for me. My experience was almost like clearing the decks so to speak. Those first community rituals were so hard but they had to be difficult because now I realize I was shedding old skin and making way for a new version of me. The last couple of community rituals Have been the most telling as the mountains DID start to move and almost instantly my life shifted and changed. Things are happening more and more for me in a positive direction that was so direly depleted prior in my life. I’m different now and better for it. If your clients and newbies listen to the stories you explain in your candle work the changes that need to take place within you in order to make way for good things to happen. The weekend prior to Monday’s ritual, I was breaking out in sweats and having the worse restless sleep! I never experienced that right before a community ritual – I thought I was having an anxiety attack! Thankfully you explained in your ig stories some of the symptoms lol. The night of the ritual I slept so soundly and woke up with a beautiful sense of calm. In the days that followed the ritual doors opened for me that I didn’t think possible. These rituals are a gift, no matter what the experience. My advice? Prepare to shed the old to make way for the new, listen carefully to the messages of the candle work and remember not to compare yourself to others reactions to these rituals. Each individual experience is different but there’s enough positive light and love for everyone, you just need to be open to receiving it.

May god bless you Vida for all you do for so many of us. Thank you for what you’ve done for me. Until the next community ritual. Stay safe!

— CN

Subject: Moon ritual gratitude

Message: Hi Vida,

I just wanted to thank you for the work you do and offer to us. I’m so grateful that raygrid told me about you ! This is the third ritual I’ve done and all have resonated. I have more work to do but i have taken the time to just really understand I’m doing myself more harm than good. I know I’m close to fully grasping that and applying it accordingly. I popped up at 555 this am out of no where and yesterday for some reason I woke up to someone yelling Celia Cruz but no one was around.( random for now, i know lol) I haven’t been able to make that out but I’m sure it’ll come. Sending you & your family endless blessings. Again, thank you so so much for what you do. Have a beautiful day.

— LB

Hi Mama, I couldn’t fit my feelings into the little description box on IG, so thought I’d elaborate a little.

Thank you again, first off.

 I slept very well. Woke up content in the moment, but after my therapy session, then reviewing the ritual, I feel like shit.

These rituals keep proving that I’m giving and giving and I’m fucking burnt out. Because its covid, everything is obviously limited. I’m ok with being antisocial, but now that my son is home full time, it’s been very challenging. I’ve been so complacent these days.

I hear my Spirits, I hear them coaxing me, and I’m not sure wtf my problem is. I have had a lot come up from my past these days, and its draining trying to juggle my emotions with my child here all day.

I know what I need to do, am being honest, and just asking & praying for strength to get my shit together and make the neccesary changes I need in order to progress forward.

I appreciate these rituals, as it puts it all in my face, and makes me look at it.

Now to strive forward.

Love you, Ma. Thank you again ❤

— TF


I met you so many years ago and since then my whole life has changed. In such a way that I do not know where I would be had God not brought me straight to you and your family. I have watched you and your growth and consistency since we met prior to your wedding.

You have been more to me than you think and I thank you for being my LIFE Coach!

I love you all. Thank you for saying YES to your purpose. I needed to see a walking, living reflection of Love and Surrendering to the Lord looked like (especially a latina lol)

Thank you will never be enough. Pero gracias ️

— TT

Good afternoon vida.

 I just wanted to say thank you for the incense in my package.  And to say thank you to little for such a beautiful necklace. I was ready to adjust it but it came in the exact size she needed . She opened it and was so happy it was a kitty. I cried she was genuinely so happy for like she felt someone or I did. It was beautiful in energy. Thank you.

— JR

Subject: Transformation pendant

Message: Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the free gift that I received with my pendant (which I love) , I received the Rosophia stone earrings. First off my daughter’s name is Sophia which I knew right away that these earrings were special and then I researched what the stone meant and it is just what I needed. I started on my journey 2 years ago and most recently started finding myself working deeply within myself. I had a reiki healing and she stated that I was holding onto a lot of resentment and my heart chakra was imbalanced. Thank you for all that you do💗

— JM

Momma Vida,

I am so sorry for just sending this but I wanted to send you my testimonial for your Full Moon in Cancer Community Ritual.

I followed my intuition and decided to go back to college, my FAFSA came through the day after the ritual and it turns out that I’m getting enough to pay for some classes, in full, this fall!!!

Thank you for all that you do, you are so appreciated! 🖤🖤🖤


— CB


Felt guilty responding via DM, as well as there was definitely not enough space in that response box.  Where do I begin, today or better yet the last few days I’ve felt a sense of  confusion of emotions, confusion of choices, just very indecisive of about everything. Fortunately, I received my order yesterday which for some reason I did not put attention to. Today I have indulged in understanding clearly the purpose of the different crystals, sages, and jewelry(shocker always over analyzing). Lately the feeling of disappointment, failure, not being able to hold on to the good has been overwhelming. But it makes sense I am finally acknowledging it and working through it vs reflecting. I still have that sense of confusion on what my next step will be but i now feel grounded, a sense of reassurance that everything will be okay. I’ve spent my time praying and meditating this evening. Not so much thinking of a resolution, over analyzing any of the situations, but just using the tools you’ve provided me to ground myself. To trust the process and accept the changes that are happening because they now what I need. I know the anxious, indecisive feeling is temporary and it is making way for a better future, but boy is this tough. May I add i have added the transformation pendent and mojo envelopes to all this confusion. Thank you for providing the tools to help get me through this. Thank you for being raw with your explanations(I need this). Thank you for doing these rituals they usually occur when I need them!

Also I was hoping you can provided me with the description you had on the website for the transformation pendent. Just wanted to confirm I am doing my part correctly.

Thank you so much!

— MR

Message received! Thank you for your beautiful work and you are right. I am a work in progress and will continue to work on keeping an open mind and listening more than having the last word.  There IS more than one way to cook an egg! 🍳🗣🗣🗣🙌🏽 Best,

— MR

Before even making it to the time of reading, I’ve seen and felt a significant change in my life to the better. I just want you to know how special you are and how powerful your generous good impact that you left in my life. You guided me to my inner witch.

— MH

Hi Vida,

First of all let me just say that spiritual bath was life. I did it On Sunday night and have been feeling amazing. I’m having more focus spiritually and really noticing the energies and my thought patterns from spirit. Have all my mojo bags on my altar and one in my wallet. Still doing the daily tea candles. And oh my goodness I love that pineapple lip balm. I will be ordering more. Those black earrings are a true blessing. I alternate wearing both pairs now.  Thank you so much for all that you do. I respect and honor your work. Love and hugs from Cali.

— Ase LM

Subject: Thank you Goddess

Message: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you mama vida ! I got my mojo envelope in the mail today and I was so so happy. I also wanted to send an extra thank you holding so much space in gratitude and love for including a pair of earrings. Surprisingly enough they were exactly what was needed. I have been burning protection candles and been carrying all my protection crystals so that was beautifully orchestrated by divine timing.

I also had a dream that you were in about 8 months ago it seemed and you were telling me that you can either be the wolf or the sheep who do you chose. That was all. I really felt called to tall you that tonight. Again thank YOU so SO SO MUCH. You are wonderful and thank you for being you and holding space for everyone. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of july . much much much love – KO

Absolutely!! I’m seriously obsessed with those earrings, again my soul seriously says thank you. I’m glad I could shed a little happy to make your day even brighter. Hope you had a wonderful 4th even though our current climate of the country. Your energy is amazing and real with zero filter and for that I hold so much gratitude and appreciation and love towards you and all your practices. I’m an Aries from philly so it’s mucho relatable. You’re wonderful. Thank you for always being your authentic self. I look forward to booking a reading one on one in the near future. Much love

— KO

Subject: Thank you!

Message: I just recently purchase from you & wanted to say thank you! I absolutely LOVE your products & your vibe. I had purchased the protection spray a few years back before you updated it’s look. I savored & cherished that spray to the point I rationed it. When I used the spray I felt immediately calm & balanced. Super happy to be able to fortunate to purchase your products & hope to someday be able to purchase some services. Just wanted to let you know how your work is beautiful & truly touches many souls. Keep being the amazing dope soul you are. Much love & light.

— EL

You. Are. The. Truth.

Thank you for your work, dedication, and for sharing that knowledge with us. Your have kept me on point, every time I slack I come back to what you taught me that first reading and I re-align. This is the work. Thank you 🙏


— CR

Subject: Thank you

Message: Hi Vida, I participated in the community ritual last night and watching your stories I was crying because everything was on point. Even the crab totem as I am a cancer. I see everything I have to change about myself to be the best I can be to be of service to others. Thank you for everything you do. You have taught me and continue to teach me on a daily basis and I know my spirituality has been affected for the better because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! — RB

I COULDN’T EVEN FINISH writing my book or my album because I have missed his voice and the stories we shared before he died.  I HAVE MADE SO MANY POOR NEEDY DECISIONS BECAUSE I WAS LOOKING FOR A MAN THAT LOVED ME, LOOKING FOR MY DADDY. BUT HE WAS HERE ALL THESE YEARS HELPING WEED THEM ALL OUT ANYWAY – even when I was being a stubborn ass lol. THANK YOU and please PLEASE thank your husband. He encouraged you to fit me in on the call right after I left XXXXXXX and MY LIFE HAS NEVER CHANGED MORE.  THANK YOU FOR FUCKING WITH ME TOO!!!!  YOU ARE ALL A BLESSING,

— TT

Thank you for all you do, Mama Vida. I just wanted to reach out and say that. I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you.Also- my transformation pendant has already shifted many aspects of my life. I receive compliments on it every day- especially from younger children. They are drawn to it. I was at a doctors appointment last week and my doctor said “oh- what a beautiful necklace!” And touched it. That made me super uncomfortable.I will make sure to send in a testimonial in weeks to come. I hope you have an amazing week. Much love,

— HH

Hello Vida, just wanted to thank you so much for the reading I received form you a few months back. It was my first time and I appreciate the bluntness that came with it. I’ve taken everything you said who heartily and have been learning so much from you, you’re webinars,  and your IG page. Thank you for doing what you do. I thank you for your messages and your teachings you have been giving out during this pandemic. I’m so glad I came across you from Ada. I’m looking forward on booking another  reading soon!!! Also, the transformation pendant  is EVERYTHING 🏾 you said it would be. That baby is on me at all times at my job in the hospital. Thank you again

— MH

Mama Vida-I’m writing this to verbally thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I happened to come across you speaking on a YouTube video one Saturday a few years ago, and have been following you since that day.Recently, I had been struggling with sadness over the fractured relationship with my son. I’ve gained weight, and suffered serious depression for about a year and a half. Since participating in the full moon rituals, I’ve noticed a difference in myself physically, mentally and particularly spiritually. The circulation in my body has greatly improved and I’m not a sickly person, but heartache over disconnection with ones first born is a pain I can’t properly put into words.I thank you for assisting my continued renewal, I look forward to more to come.

— SL

Thank you so much Mama Vida for all the work you’re doing. I am feeling the shift of change and the ritual from last night has invigorated me. Blessings to you and your family. Keep up the good fight I’m with you <3

— VG

Hi Vida,I hope you’re doing well despite everything going on in the world right now. I’ve participated in just about every community ritual you’ve shared with us and I’ve seen so many great, positive changes in my life since then. Today is the first time I’m feeling something physically, and I am EXHAUSTED! last night around 10pm I was restless and ended up knocking out shortly after. Today I’ve been super slow with everything and I just feel like I need to keep sleeping. I’m working from home, so I can’t but I‘ve been working from my bed most of the day so far. I’ve also been really thirsty so I’ve been drinking a lot of water.I’m excited to see what comes up from this ritual and as always, appreciate and thank you for sharing yourself with us.

— SP

Hi Vida—I took a bath of yours a few days ago. I was so tired yesterday and I wanted more energy to do fun creative stuff but I was exhausted. Then I woke up this morning and in the middle of my meditation, I remember I had a dream last night. You know I had a miscarriage a few years ago. This is the first time I’ve dreamt of myself holding my baby. Lots of happy and sad tears. I know I need to be more gentle with myself. It was just a dream but it felt fulfilling to see myself as a mom. I appreciate you and your team. Love you

— AH

Hi Vida!I hope you’re doing well and your loved ones as well. I’m always thankful for all you do!

I’m just going to say wow, because yesterday a few minutes into the ritual I decided to do a guided meditation on YouTube about connecting to my soul energy, and as I’m doing it, it’s saying to imagine myself in a forest and to picture some animals and their colors and one of the animals that popped into my head and although unusual for a forest I would say, was indeed a flamingo! This is definitely reassurance of all the shifts I’ve been going through lately with my recent break up and adjusting to everything, and reassuring that our son can be the least affected. It makes so much sense.Thank you so much!

— WS

Subject: Full Moon Community Ritual 6/3/2020

Message: Hi there, I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your time and energy. Watching the stories gave me lots of confirmation of how I’ve been feeling and gave me great insight on how I can reclaim my power/ bring myself into balance. ❤ (it’s 11:11a as I send this ❤)

— AB

Dear Vida,

Thank you for always being for the human race. Thank you are always being real, vocal and compassionate. Ive been feeling the feelings and figuring my shit out on top of whats going on in the world during a pandemic. I hope Littles got the little note I sent her.  (It was raining the day I sent it out). I always think about you because you have been such an empowering influence in my adult life. You’ve reminded and encouraged me of who the fuck I am. I woke up really drained today. But I went on a live of a teacher I started following recently (that has really good and intentional content). She was saying things that I swear I felt it in my heart. She was naming all the things I do with my kids. It was a confirmation that I understand my purpose to a point that idk how to explain. This innate and intuitive love I use to guide me in this work. And you know that. You see that. So thank you for seeing me. Ive been feeling like I wish I could do more out there and protest. But my protest is internal. My protest is everyday. Its been a lifelong work. Everytime I went to a workshop on Culturally conscious teaching I left with my heart heavy and helpless. I always asked my guides what is my purpose here and without fail i see angel numbers 888 or 222 or 111. And that was always enough for me to remember that this is literally my purpose. Our educational system is built on a racist foundation and this is were I am guided to be. My future for my career has already been revealed to me but thats like in the fuuuuture future lol. I know you get a gazillion emails with everyone’s energy in our current social injustices. I just want to send love and thanks ❤️ 😊 love you very much!

— JM

Hey Vida.

I know you get a lot of emails every single day, so I’ll keep this short. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you guys all the time, especially since you live in a city and like you’ve said, your son gets racially profiled and your husband has experience with police brutality. I can’t imagine the way you feel as an empath as strong as you are, much less as a mother. I’ve been nearly sickening myself with worry, and hearing your voice on your live made me feel a ton better. You literally put me to sleep, lol, and not because you were boring at all, because that wasn’t it. I’m also sorry about Spike hurting his leg again.

I know you’re being careful. You always are. Knowing someone who lives so close to such an epicenter of action makes me so nervous, and all of my friends in big cities have been in my heart the last few months from the virus to this. I love you guys so much. I know I have never met your family, but they are just as important to me as my own. I don’t have any money to donate right now, but I’m going to a couple of protests in the next few days, and if there is anything I can do for you guys at all, don’t hesitate to ask. You have done so much for me and for others simply by speaking and being yourself for this many years, and teaching us all the time. INVALUABLE.

I love you guys.

— JL

Subject: Thank you!!

Message: This is a long over do thank you!!! I’ve been wanting to thank you for awhile now but recently your words have inspired me so much. I think I’ve followed you for a few years now on Instagram, I purchase things from you all the time as well (I love your products too). The past few months have been hard with losing my job because of the coronavirus but, I’ve been able to remain positive and calm through all of this with your help. I received my transformation pendant (it’s beautiful too btw) on Monday I feel like the work I put in the last few months in myself really has helped me along with the pendant. I know when this is all over I will come out even stronger and not fearful of anything! Thank you so much every day for your positivity and words of encouragement! On Saturday night I went to a peaceful protest in Brooklyn that ended up with the police attacking the crowd. I remember running with the crowd to get away from the pepper spray and police running after us with the clubs in their hands. I remained calm when I was running and it felt like my guides were moving my legs for me telling me where to go to be safe. At one point the crowd was so crazy my boyfriend fell down because the police hit him in the head with pepper spray then beat him on the ground. I thought he was running right behind me but something told me to slow down and look back I didn’t panic I reminded calm until I was able to find him again. We made it back home safe after that. What is going on right now is not okay. I’m Puerto Rican and Panamanian both sides of family are mixed. Right now a lot of people are showing their true colors silence is compliance! I’ve been able to open my eyes to see through all the racism even with people I’ve worked with in the past. And I’m sick of it this is the time to stand up, speak up and fight for equal rights. Black lives matters.

I fuck with you!!! Thank you again so much

— GR

Vida I just saw your post and I cried the last sentence you can never replicate an individual life this weekend I’ve been arguing with my family about all this. Im the first one in my family to stand up to them about how they think ive been doing it for years there’s moments where I walk away and tell them im not arguing with your ignorance and moments where I go hard but that line right there capt everything for me. There mentality changes with me for my kids and their future kids mama vida I sit here with tears in my eyes saying to you I see you I love you I wish I could hug you with all my love please take care of your self you are precious , you are loved.

— LR

Hi Vida,

When I first read this. I felt that spiritual beat down without even getting an actual reading. Ha. I thought I was never gonna hit you up again. I felt dumb AF for reaching out but missed the silver lining. I wanted to understand the unknown, but didn’t trust in it and was confused (ISTJ personality).

I realized I had to understand myself and accept where I’m at. You were right. Everything I needed to know is within, with my divine spiritual team that hits me up with dreams, I just needed to lean in.

Thank you Queen. You a real one. Next time I step, I’ll come correct.

Blessings to you and your family.

Best Regards, EH

Subject: *Testimonial*

Message: Mama Vida I want to express my gratitude for confirming and clarifying so much in my recent reading. Initially I was apprehensive due to prior negative experiences but once you spoke I was at ease, it felt like a friend who truly sought to help me in my journey. It’s no wonder my team led me to you! You gave me insight on things I need to work on to manifest my healing and blessings. There were things I felt in my spirit and I didn’t know why but after speaking with you it all made sense. I’ve dealt with other readers who are all doom and gloom, that never gave me any sense of direction or how I may work on myself. You on the other hand affirmed and explained how I could consistently utilize my abilities to spiritually level up. I’ve never had that before and felt so much peace after we spoke. I appreciate the honesty, gentleness and humility in which you conduct readings and really all the messages you share. Thank you for being a part of my journey and providing guidance when I need it. I look forward to continuously learning and maturing on this path and will recommend you to anybody who truly seeks guidance and needs more than a run of the mill basic reading. Much love, respect, peace and blessings.

— TR

Subject: New Moon in Gemini Community Ritual

Message: Good morning!

Wanted to first start off with saying thank you! Being a mother, wife, doggy mom of special needs dog I can only imagine how busy you must be, but yet you still find time to help others this to me is amazing and very much appreciated. I recently became a member of your ig page, I gravitated based on someone story who had shared how thankful they were for your reading. This is new to me as I’ve always been around it on a personal level but never realized the social media scene of it as I was taught to me it is something that you practice but not everyone should know. I am grateful for your page overall, one thing you always say is follow your intuition. I participated in the New Moon in Gemini Community Ritual not knowing what to expect but for some reason feeling grounded that this was what I needed to begin.I am one who always gives, this goes for money, love, helping others in their times of need, losing sleep, time, myself, etc I can go on. The week prior to your ritual I was literally running on caffeine but for others. I reflected Saturday a bit(I should have indulged more time) on what you had said on your story, but again I got the news of a close friends mom passing, and again I put myself on hold. Finally yesterday Tuesday I crashed in every aspect. I couldn’t sleep Monday into Tuesday(this is not like me, I’m normally a great sleeper). I had no appetite, no motivation, I literally could not stay awake at work. I thought it was a result of the lack of sleep, decided to drink an energy drink that contains 300mg of caffeine and still my eyes could not stay open. I felt drained, I had nothing to give to others let alone myself. I went home reflected on the notes I had taken, really took in what you had said, reached out to my angel, saints, looking for guidance, help. I went to bed early by 8pm.

Thank you for being so straightforward, I appreciate it more than others, I need to hear things without it being sugar coated. I woke up this morning and reflected more and began to write what I need to change to finallllllly be in a better place. I know I need to invest in myself more and stop making excuses! I can’t wait to be able to do a reading, I am ready for change!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and allowing us to experience what you were gifted! MR

Hello Mama Vida, I meant to send this yesterday but I couldn’t because of the emotion that came over me every time i tried to, I’ve been feeling bad for taking care of myself more almost guilty but you have absolutely changed my thoughts on that you have no idea how confirming this has been ❤️ I really want to thank you for helping me grow I’m in my 30s and for the first I’m coming into my own… Generational trauma is real and it will stop with me because my children deserve better. I never thought a stranger i found on Instagram would be the one to help change my life i hope this doesn’t sound corny but im being real. You are such a special person and I really fuck with you, Respectfully!! Lol. im still a work in progress and thats ok 👌🏽 Thank you for doing what you do May god bless you and your family 🙏🏽❤️  EC

Hi Vida, Thank you so so much for this live, for speaking your truth, for being a vessel for people like me. You help every single day, whether it be in your products, the card of the day, the moon rituals, the readings, just something everyday. I’d be emailing you everyday! LOL Love you, have a great day! YG

Vida,Yesterday’s ritual brought me stillness to reflect on my journey. I’ve been working on my healing, on myself the transformation is real. I always hear your voice in my head follow your intuition. Thank you for all you do. I’m not taking for granted the tools that are being presented. I haven’t stopped wearing my transformation pendant since I got it. So much awareness and gratitude. Thank you again. Regards, YM

Hi Vida!! I participated in your community ritual! Everything you said is true. I felt like that entire ritual was for me ! When I am in a relationship,  I always put others first and worry about them. I give , give and give to takers w/o getting or wanting anything back in return. Then in the end ,  I realize I’m always the one hurt with nothing left to give or offer. I worry about making others happy instead of putting me first and making me happy! I am definitely practicing self love !!! I need to worry about self and love my self more. I know I am worthy , and I know I’m a good woman!!!  Will continue to support you and your rituals. Thank you so much!!! I also received my package and I got so excited when I saw the cute pineapple packaging!! I can’t wait to receive my mojo envelopes. CR

Hi Vida, I hope your weekend is going well. Thank you so much for the community ritual last night.You are truly gifted! I woke up at 4:30AM because I literally felt my body tingling. Not sure if this makes sense, but the only way I can describe the sensation is that I felt my body changing on a cellular level. I was fully conscious but still in a dream state at the same time. I got so many intuitive hits about people in my life and next steps for a business idea. After some time, I eventually drifted back to sleep. When I woke up, I felt called to cleanse my entire home, take a spiritual bath, and start working on my business plan. Spirit truly works through you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the collective. Many thanks, JB

Subject: New Moon in Gemini Community ritual Message: Good afternoon Mama Vida! I participated in last night’s ritual and everything you discerned was accurate! Last night before I went to sleep I literally cried out for rest & for God to fill my cup because I knew I was depleted in every aspect. I’ve had difficulty sleeping this week and finally woke up this morning feeling rested. I’m ready to leave all the BS behind me & step into the future with an expectant and hopeful spirit!! Thank you so much for your guidance on this journey. Much love and blessings! TR

Hello Mama Vida, I meant to send this yesterday but I couldn’t because of the emotion that came over me every time i tried to, I’ve been feeling bad for taking care of myself more almost guilty but you have absolutely changed my thoughts on that you have no idea how confirming this has been ❤️ I really want to thank you for helping me grow I’m in my 30s and for the first I’m coming into my own… Generational trauma is real and it will stop with me because my children deserve better. I never thought a stranger i found on Instagram would be the one to help change my life i hope this doesn’t sound corny but im being real. You are such a special person and I really fuck with you, Respectfully!! Lol. im still a work in progress and thats ok 👌🏽 Thank you for doing what you do May god bless you and your family 🙏🏽❤️  EC

Hello Vida,I am so grateful to have been a part of the community ritual this time around. It’s just confirmation for me that I am making better decisions and taking steps to change what I am doing now in order to put myself first for once. I have a lot of work to do and old habits to break but everyday is another chance and a step closer. I originally included my husband and sister without asking (since you do good stuff, I thought that was ok) 😬 Well yesterday when I saw your video that I have to ask them permission, I almost fell off my chair. Luckily, it was before you started. I immediately told them that I included them in a new moon in Gemini community ritual and explained, they said that was ok.Now I know for the next times. Is it ok to share the results with them? They do not follow your page. I know I didn’t leave in the note about the $25, but that was for your cute dog. He looks great after surgery. Glad he’s healing well. KA

Hi Vida,I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing selection of colonias on your website! It’s been hard during the quarantine with all of the botanicas near me closed, but even so, you have some colonias on your site that I’ve never seen in the botanicas near me. With the selection of colonias that I was led by my egun to buy on your site, I was able to mix a spray that smells exactly like a perfume one of my egun would have me smell whenever they were near. And I love the Florida water soap! I was amazed with how fast it shipped in this pandemic and now that I’ve gotten around to using them, I wanted to say thank you 💜 Light Peace and Progress to you and your ancestors. Have a great weekend! Antonia (A forever customer) AG

Hey Vida,

I hope you and your family are doing well! I wanted to reach out to you and confirm something you said in the fire cleanse. You mentioned maybe I’d have a dream and I had a very intense dream and surprisingly woke up remembering a lot of it. I rushed to write it down. Before I went to bed I had a very emotional night. It started with a video reading in which my reader said a lot of very true things about my relationships and my worthiness wounds. Then I had a 2,5 hour convo with my mom where I expressed my frustrations but still ended the conversation feeling misunderstood and ANGER. Rage. I wanted to punch or hurt something but instead i cried and could not stop. I went through countless tissues and could not even breathe cause my nose is stuffed from allergies. I cannot remember the last time I cried so intense. It felt like a lot of grief and I was feeling feelings I try to forget about or don’t acknowledge. It was very different and I’m like what is going on with me!! Then I was like oh yeah that fucking fire cleanse!! I went to bed and fhen In my dream but the overall feeling was like another dimension where my ex and I were still seeing each other and having lots of sexual experiences but we knew it was not good or we had moved on on the other dimensions. In the dream there were a lot of angel numbers and my dreams feel like they happen in an alternate reality. It’s like this world but a little off. So very strange. I wrote down my dream. I’m going to go pray and meditate to get centered before my very busy day. Just wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for your fire cleanse. Even tho I was very RESISTANT it snuck up on a bitch and knocked me out. I am very grateful. Have a blessed day!! Much love to you and yours. CC

Subject: Community Ritual Testimonial

Message: Hey Vida,

I took some time to rest and I knew I had to write this testimonial for the Community Ritual. I am a Reiki Practitioner and my soul mate and I are connected which leaves a lot of ailments, a lot of understanding one another via the body. I’ve done 4 of these so far and the Scorpio Full Moon allowed to release so much conditioning that my mind wanted to believe was true but wasn’t. It was painful to knowing we hurt ourselves subconsciously. I feel a lot stronger, more in my power, more connected to myself than I’ve been before. So thank you for gifting us your services, your talents and abilities. My boo says thank you too. We love you Vida. Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I can’t wait for my pendant. Sending love to your family and Oreo. JE

Subject: Blessings & Gratitude

Message: Vida!

Your power is felt, heard, and appreciated beyond belief. I’ve been feeling unbalanced in my practice and joined your full moon ceremonies for March and May, and WOW. Within the week following the ceremony so many avenues of prosperity opened up, including some artists grants and unemployment kicking in. Thank you for your work, heart, and energy. Hope you’re well and that abundance and good health cover you and your family. Ashe. 🖤 CP

Hello Vida,

I’ve been a part of the last two community rituals and wanted to give you my feedback.

Taurus New Moon

For this ritual I felt a bit weird. I recall you used your snake’s skin for this ritual and I don’t know if subconsciously I had that in mind, but I had a dream that something was moving in the belly as if I were pregnant but the shape of it was not entirely round. That dream has stuck with me because it felt different (usually when i have intense dreams or dreams that feel different than normal I know there’s another meaning to it). Recently I remembered that my mother would always (and occasionally still brings it up) tell me she would dream of snakes when she was pregnant of me and an aunt of mine once was slithering under my crib (she has a connection with snakes or a santo that like snakes; not sure). Anyway, I would love to get your feedback on this? Days after that I had a dream with you and your husband lol, you were telling me he knew my mother as a friend from many years ago. That’s it lol nothing else.

Scorpio Full Moon

As others have stated, I immediately felt a sense of calmness, grounding, and self-awareness. Very peaceful energy.

Thank you so much for your service! I just ordered a transformation pendant. <3 GM

Good Morrning Vida!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Limpieza de Fuego. I am STILL feeling it and it is amazing!!! I felt so much joy and gratitude during my trip to work this AM.

Thank you for all your advice. Thank you for the reminder that I should listen to and trust my intuition As I said I have been following you for a long time and I appreciate how genuine and wonderful you are, and I am so happy I finally got to work with you ❤️

Thank you thank you thank you and best wishes to Oreo. 🤗 CW

I hope you had a great weekend! I purchased the one two combo webinar a few weeks ago and finally listened to it last night. It was so informative and made simple what I was complicating way too much. I loved your prayer steps (used them this morning) and I looooved the way you framed meditation. Thank you for sharing your perspective – it was eye opening!!

I am also reaching out hoping to connect with you on Instagram and wanted to ask for your blessing. Thank you again, I hope you have a beautiful day! DM

Hi Vida,I just wanted to tell you I QUIT THAT FUCKING JOB and I feel AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Most people will think I’m crazy for doing that now but my stomach says everything will be ok. And after I quit the person I was dating proceeded to tell me – ‘you know you didn’t think about us when you made that choice and you know this is going to affect our relationship.’ This man was a mother fucking GIGOLO and I didn’t see it. Many things were revealed with this choice and I was protected indeed. He was nothing but dead weight.You did a protection candle for me – all this happened afterwards. Sad part is this was my first ‘relationship’ with a ‘man’. But that’s ok, I learned a lot about myself in the process. I never thought it was possible!!! It was and it is.I wasn’t in a good place when we did the candles, I had shit energy but I’m much MUCH better now.Thank you for all you do, Vida! I.S.

Vida,Thank you once again. My questions were answered without needing to ask. I didn’t need the extra time, the cards said it all (but I did need the Valencia cake on the way out!!!!🤣). As I’ve had time to reflect on everything you said, current situations have been clarified – big time. …(and without sounding creepy) your energy and essence  are so very beautiful. I’m so happy to have connected with you in real time. I.S., NY

Good morning Mama Vida,I just wanted to let you know that I received my package early this morning. Yay   Since, I was unable to make your pop up event this weekend I ordered online. Thank you so very much for expediting my order, in time for the holidays! On another note, update on my transformation pendant I ordered from you. My older children were unhappy with their job, they quit and were able to get another job within a week or two, my comadre was stuck in a job she was truly unhappy with but needed and also landed a better job in her field of work all of them I’m the month of November. As for me, I have been feeling so much better about myself and about my past relationship. I am a working progress but feeling much better each day, like you say I am not where I was last year and in a much better place today. I can’t thank you enough for all you do. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! M.G., NY

Received the gifts for my friends! I am so excited to give them. They are EXACTLY what they need and know they will love them.  Custom blended oils, T.S., LA, CA

I feel like I’ve been fucking up and I’ve been pretty annoyed I don’t understand your adage of ‘spiritual meaning in the human essence’. Then last night I was speechless. This all coming off the heels of our mentoring session on business development. One of the panelists said ‘by only wanting to be comfortable instead of great, you are being selfish to the people who need you to serve in your full capacity.’ This happening from my ritual of smoking as my self care opened up this whole scenario which you also mentioned in my AM routine with the birds outside. I didn’t get to go the event which I was bummed about, but I still got to see you. It was like a holographic recording of you appeared and started replaying our most relevant memory like Star Wars lmao. Thank you to the many versions of your highest self who show up to me or at least my version of you in my head. 💜 AH, VA

Good evening ladies!!! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do and done that has helped me grow. Im always better at writing my deepest feelings then in person. Yea I get shy lol. It gets hard when you don’t have people who want to push you further then where you are. Honestly if it wasn’t for social media…. I’d be in the same place as I was before. I found XXX through someone’s IG randomly and through XXX I found Vida ❤️ the rest is history! I def spent the last 3 yrs working through a shit load of things and its not over. I started physically getting in shape then slowly things emotional, mentally and spiritually came up. Thank you for changing my life my 30’s have been a transformation for me internally. Yesterday I mentioned that Finances have been a really difficult thing for me to deal with. As soon as I graduated college my mom kicked me out of the house. The grace of God and my spiritual squad always came through because within 6 months of graduating I found a full time government job and had my 1st apartment. But I’ve been paying for the roof over my head, bills, undergrad school debt and now grad school debt all on my own ever since. Ive spent so many years angry at being 1st generation and having to do all this alone. Frustrated bc I saw how other children like me have been able to do more financially bc their families had their back. The thought of making it this far always seemed impossible. But here I am. Proving myself and a lot of people wrong. This year I finally found the guts to do one more thing no one in my family has done before. Im going to be a home owner. (Something that I always thought of to happen a lot later then soon). Ive been worried about rent prices spiking. And how am I going to figure this out. So its been what I’ve been praying for guidance. Boom!! My friend posted info on 1st time home owner programs/ grants. As I research I realize I need to get my finances together. Boom! I meet a girl at church… she’s been posting her debt free journey on her IG. She’s super insightful, kind and approachable. She’s been doing segments on tv for the bilingual community. I was thinking about her soo much yesterday at the good vibes and chill event! Today…. guess what! She posted that she finally paid off her 215,000.000 debt. Gave me a lot of hope and confirmation que si se puede! Also her tips have helped me come up with a plan and budget to pay off debt and bring up my credit score. About 2-3 wks ago I got approved for loan forgiveness. Some of my Student loan debt was forgiven! (When you are a teacher and work in a high need school for 5 yrs you qualify for a certain amount of loan forgiveness depending on your specialty. Its been harder and harder to get approve lately) So 2020 I WILL BE crying tears of joy because I’m planning to pay off 10,000. I’m on the road to home ownership!! There’s other plans that have been placed in my heart that I need to prepare for. But I will Definitely be keeping you updated ❤️ JM, BX, NY

Wow……Vida I have to tell you, for two weeks I’ve been in a holding pattern. Yesterday (the day you lit my candle) all my files that were “hanging in the iCloud” went through to various resources. I also got a call from a task force officer that is coming to MD for 2 days to help me! It’s like the portal has finally opened!!!! Today I’m home in bed with stomach issues and I know it’s my own doing.

I will work on hard on grounding myself. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!. ER, MD

Hi Vida, I just want to say thank you for your help. I showed up in court today and found out my court date was moved last minute to February of next year. Now I have enough time to figure things out and get my life in order. Thank you for all that you do. Peace, JF, NJ

Happy Monday Vida, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.I just wanted to let you know I received my custom oil and the themes which were channelled for it were exactly what I knew I needed. Thank you so much! I immediately feel more calm and taken care of when I put it on and can’t wait to experience the rest of its magickal blessings. TS, LA, CA

Prayed, meditated, followed my intuition then real lifed it!! Thank you so much babe. One step closer to freedom thanks to all your help. NEW CAR, NEW LIFE! You played such a crucial role in my life evolution, I really had to let you know what they showed me because that shit really blew my mind. I know you’ve been having your own stuff going on, but I had to show you proof that I really would be a felon without you. I love you.

Your live was on point. I noticed my appetite is low and enjoying pleasure is difficult then I had these weird pains in my stomach. I realized I’m still grieving my miscarriage and ’the loss’ of my relatives that occurred this time of year. I’ve also just smoked for the first time in awhile because I was letting the opinions of others get to me. It hit me so hard that I’m standing in moments I’ve been praying over for a long time and I’m pushing myself when I should be proud.

During the live, I saw a license plate that said rhino. I noticed I’ve been more sensitive at work especially now that I’m consistently performing better. Serving myself has been a process. I definitely failed a test at work for cussing out this girl who threatened me, took money from my pile and was bullying this other chick. I left work early on a weekend night to sit in my car alone and just let myself be with my feelings and I yelled a lot lmao.  After I vented via my stories today, my throat and head congestion has mostly gone away. Ive been blaming myself for these losses so much and during my dream last night, it was them telling me acknowledge and enjoy the progress you’ve made even if it doesn’t look how you expected. After an action packed escape from this palace, I saw the sky open up to me and all these colors and faces show and a peace in my chest while I was standing in this meadow.

And since I had older people over for the holiday, I had to make a turkey but everything else even the sausage stuffing, Mac and cheese was vegan and the 88 year old man was happy as a clam!

I’m so grateful to your advice to confirm what I already know and to keep reminding me to keep confidence in myself so I don’t feel like my humility is getting me fucked up. AH, MI

Hola Vida, Just wanted to send you a quick email to say Thank You for being you! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Thank you for sharing your resources with us (had a Reiki session with Shannon and she was amazing!!) Thank you for helping me grow, For teaching me how to trust and listen to my intuition! Thank you for all the love. I am a better human because of you! MD, BK, NY

Hey love, Hope you are good. It’s taken me some time to write this, because of everything I had to process. The mentoring session from a few weeks ago was sooooo deep I didn’t know what to feel, or how to cope with everything I experienced. I have taken the time needed and done some meditation to ask my team and ancestors to clarify. You don’t know the impact you have made on me. My ancestor(chief) has come forward a few times since, and I know what I need to do. I know I’m not alone and I now know that I have the strength to do it. I finally saw what it was he gave me during the session, a medallion of some sort…with a tribal sign. I asked for more information on it and He has been giving me information slowly. After the mentoring I was overwhelmed with messages but I asked for them to be patient with me and give me time to learn what messages they are sending. I feel a sense of ease, peace and strength that I have never felt. I thank you for helping guide me through this journey and love you for all you have done for me. No words can express what a difference you make in my life. I appreciate, admire you for how u have helped me and so many in life. LOC, BK

Thank you so much! Your message came on perfect timing! This morning was a bit stressful getting to the location and read your message reminding myself I got this .. I passed the exam I am officially licensed.. your amazing. Thank you thank you! DL, NY

Hey Vida,Happy Monday!!! Hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help. I feel so fortunate to have you helping myself and others with your beautiful gifts. I been focusing on working on myself and doing some self healing. Some days are so much harder than others but I keep pushing through. So wanted to tell you that you are simply amazing!! And love love love your real and brutally honest personality. You are incredibly talented in what you do. Sending you cyber hugs 🤗. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season. JD, NJ

I’m so appreciative of your help because I get so frustrated and feel villianized while I really want to just mind my business and chill. You are such a blessing to me. When I don’t know what to tell him sometimes I repeat the stuff you say because it’s the nicest thing I can think of when I’m too close to smacking a bitch. I know it’s also what I need to hear especially to chuck it in fuck it bucket. You are so unique even as a spiritual advisor. My esthetician mentioned thinking about me and shared her experience having a spiritual advisor. I said about how through your mentoring sessions, I learned independence in meditation, journeying or seeking past life knowledge. She was shocked like she had never heard that before that she was under the impression you needed someone with you step by step. Not to tell her what to do, but I was like yeah my mentor is the shit and consistently recommends ways for me to return to my own power as a source of wisdom and strength.Vida, you are so special to me, I’m so grateful that I attract people who want to know about your work and how ethics and integrity translate into your work to promote self-sufficiency. Much love to you! AH, DC

Hi Vida,First I want to thank you for the reading you gave at the Fall Into Self Care event in October. I have been an avid follower of yours online and have attended an event of yours (One-Two Combo) and gotten a reading (among other services) but it was a very different experience getting a reading from you in person. The energy was wonderful, more warm and supportive than I had realized via online and in bigger settings 🙂 This is not a criticism of my impression before – I am also a Sagittarius so I value honesty even if it comes off as blunt. I had just recently had a candle reading for Love so I did not bring that up. You did pick up on my energy being all over the place, which is the major issue that I have worked to on. I was in the processes of finding a CBT therapist and a doctor for my ADHD and I am finally seeing improvement and am able to function much better. AC, NY

Hi Vida, Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I absolutely had to write you an email to tell you how incredibly comforting and affirming my new pendulum has been.The first time I had a reading it was the tool that spirit used to communicate because it said I like clear answers. After that reading you did encourage me to buy one given the clairvoyance a card that came up and my wanting to reconnect with spirit because I shut it off from fear. I think a big part of me never believed that spirit would want to communicate with me directly or that I wasn’t special enough to have the gift of their response, but over time the more I’ve begun to trust and the way I’ve felt the difference in life when I’m not praying and meditating consistently, I started to get a strong feeling that I was robbing myself of the opportunity to lessen my anxiety and have a tool at my disposal to simply ask a question and get the affirmation for things my spirit tells me can be true, but my ego can be a bully about and convince me isn’t the case.There aren’t words to describe how powerful your gifts have been in my life I am so eternally grateful for you sharing them with us all. Thanks to you and spirit for really helping me take control of my life. JC, NY

Good afternoon Vida! Happy Saturday! Its been 3 wks since my despojo 😀 definitely been feeling different (in a good way) which is also why it feels weird. I know it feels weird because I got use to carrying so much weight. Now the majority of the weight is gone. Change always makes me freak out. New things make me freak out. But I haven’t. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for a really long time. My depression was always at its worst from Oct- January. The holidays were always rough for me. Normally thats the state I would be in this exact moment BUT Im very happy to say that I don’t feel that Overwhelming weight/ burden of depression right now. I haven’t all month. Im so happy that I feel more like myself right now. I feel grounded. I feel in tune with myself. Im not saying I haven’t felt sad/mad/negative these past couple of days…. bc I have but it hasn’t taken over my entire physical existence. I understand I will always need to continue working on myself. I have to continue practicing relearning alot of shit. Shedding season has been a good one for me. Bc its nothing new to me. I’ve been dealing with hardcore shedding these past 3-4 yrs. This yr Ive been running into the same ppl that left my life. Of course its all a test. Im proud to say that I recognize whats going on but its not distracting me from what I have to do.There’s so many things that you spoke over me and my life that day (of the despojo) that I’m being reminded of daily. I can still hear your words loud and clear.Btw I felt that weird growing feeling while I was awake earlier this week. It wasn’t scared. But I thought I was going to fall off the sofa hahah Thank you so much for your time, love, patience and work. Have a blessed weekend! 💕 JM, NY

Good evening Mama Vida, I just wanted to let you know I got my pendant and the earrings as well. Thank you so much…..tears literally ran down my cheeks as if you knew that’s what I needed.I am looking forward to wearing my items and will keep you posted and provide you with an update. Once again thank you so very much for the earrings and everything you do! MG, NY

Buen Día Mama Vida, I just wanted to tell you your IG story today with the “Namaste Motherfucka” was everything today! I love you! Keep shining! In my eyes you are more than enough. Real talk you share so much free game, are both authentic and genuine about who you are and with the messages you deliver, and you are really put here taking care of all of us in so many different ways. When I get caught up I literally check in with myself and I’m like I need to hit up Mama Vida then I’m like “sis have you been praying and meditating?”… “are you remembering to clean yourself and shield yourself consistently?” … you have given me and so many of us a blueprint. And as I level up I get more from your messages because I’m at a level to both understand and receive it. I appreciate you and to be real I don’t think that honestly conveys it enough. Thank you for being you! Also as I was finishing this I was thinking about my MPH and how we talked about that a lot and that you helped me help myself with that process and the first thing that just came to mind was “look Mama we made it!” Shine on, EH, Boston, MA

Vida my love, thank you so much for the guidance. You are helping me slow down my mind to really listen and tune in. Your insights after the session are so on point because it made sense of all the bits and pieces of these past weeks. 🙌🏻 I want to share the traditional Peruvian sweet bread (Guagua se pan) I baked this past Nov 2 for día de los difuntos. And the altar we celebrated my ancestors as well as my daughters. Have a lovely rest of the day, VM, BK, NY

Good morning Mama Vida,

Today I decided to burn my Road Opener & Money envelopes…

Usually when I burn these babies… I have to keep lighting them up to keep burning! But today! TODAY! I lit the flame on them once and they burned til the flame finished on their own! I felt the power of these babies watching them burned with one flame!

Thank you Mama Vida! You’re extraordinary awesome 🖤! RA, CA

Hi Vida, Thank you for the pictures and the update. This makes so much sense to me as I know I have a wall up because I fear getting hurt and I find it hard to believe that ppl have good intentions and with that I have attracted all the wrong ppl. I struggle with prioritizing myself because I really don’t know how to do so. So this is something I really need to start working on. I will start working more on myself and letting go of my past.  truly appreciate you. I swear you are amazing and spot on with everything !!!! I’m so grateful for your help and all the info you are giving me. Im literally looking into ways to self heal and prioritize myself. JD, NJ

Hi Vida

I would like to continue with a healing candle for XXXXX. I have seen an improvement in his temperament especially while I’ve been purging and XXXXXX is having surgery. I brought up some terms and conditions to change and he said, oh well I see where you’re coming from. I appreciate all your help and services. I took XXXXXX to the vet because I wanted to calm my worries about her condition. The vet said that she is fine, this is just all the more reason for her to get spayed. However, I’ve noticed a while that she has a tattoo and vet brought it up saying she was likely involved in show competitions for animals. The Internet confirmed show competition animals are often tattooed in one ear. It also confirmed what you said about her likely choosing me as much as I chose her as my familiar. It came up today with XXXXXXX that when I was her age, I used to compete in martial arts tournaments because I learned Brazilian jiu jitsu. Then obviously with me having a stage presence and being in entertainment it was like a double confirmation that this is where I’m supposed to be right now. I mentioned watching anime is relaxing for my inner child. Well I remembered my gift they offered me while we were ending our chat. They gave me a scroll and it was amazing because I saw it manifest while you were saying those exact words. I still imagine that vision in my head sometimes with my hands. They have given me a break in dreamland, but I definitely feel a change in our communication channel. I also feel more at peace with balancing my personal values with my job. I feel like a lot of my worries were settled and made me realize I’m giving myself a harder time than anyone else is putting on me. I know you have told me this exact thing so many times and I guess I had to make a personal trip to make sure lmao. I am so appreciative to you and loved ones for your support and services. AH, VA

Hi! I would like to continue with a healing candle for xxxxx. As difficult as he has been, he has been talking about getting a trainer. He listens to the motivational videos I send him and even sends them to his workers. He has also been getting up early and goes for walks on his own. I’m grateful to you for your services and assistance. AH, VA

Hello gorgeous Vida, You had performed Bay leaf spell for me about my pregnancy struggles and miscarriages. I followed your advice and here I am pregnant again but this feels different! Thank you so much for your services and I look forward working with you again! God bless you. AR, CA

Thank you for your guidance and services.

Thank you so much Vida! All that came through was perfectly what I needed to know—it aligns with my intuition as you said, I let my anxiety override my intuition. I’m going to spend rest of the time I’m here in Italy on me, taking the time to get to know what I like and building a relationship with my guides. I’m going to begin each day the way you taught me—and I’m going to write!! Thank you for that beautiful reminder of my first love (writing). Thank you for setting me at ease and helping to guide me. I appreciate your candidness and how you helped me feel like I was speaking with a good friend. The whole time with you was amazing and I’m so grateful for the reading!! Spot on is not even close enough!!! SJR, Rome

I was overwhelmed with tears yesterday. I read your story and saw about your family’s situation, which I send prayers for. Then I was surprised I felt your presence and like a what are you waiting for type of look. I reached out to set up an apt viewing and the person who called me back (is with a company) and is going to set it up for me to see all the viewings in one day. I had only one spiritual advisor who helped me do work before you. It ended up a nightmare. I won’t even go there to pick up products anymore in DC or the family’s other locations near me in VA. I wait for you to ship them to me.I never told anyone what was happening, but I saw posts about this and I felt I should share. The people there were trying to motivate me to initiate and go to Cuba but I didn’t feel ready with myself, so I kept waiting. I started having dreams of being in their shop and what they wanted me to do. Then they told me I shouldn’t work with darker skinned people because some karma about them fucking me over. I didn’t know I had a dark skin guide, which is why they said it.I didn’t give them personal items of mine but I was having experiences where my physical reality felt altered. It started to terrify me. I felt energies pass through my physical body and damn near take my breath away when I walked down the street or even in my own home. I won’t detail how I was intimidated or threatened beyond this events, but it was the first time since being a child that I considered binding my powers again. I said this to say you’ve never made me dependent on you for my own evolution, but since working with you, I’ll feel your presence when I need comforted. I won’t even know I need it until I’m able to look back at myself in hindsight. It’s a separate notion than knowing I need to purchase a product or service. I’m really so appreciative of you for being a dope ass individual and really helping me in all the ways you surprise me by showing up. ADH, Washington DC

Hey love. I am emailing you because I know it’s your day off. Your webinar yesterday was amazing. I don’t have words to express how much info I took in. As I had mentioned during the webinar, I knew someone was with me listening in, and prior to the webinar I prayed and asked that anyone who wanted to come through to join me. My energy was completely depleted towards the end, so much so that I missed the last bit of the webinar cause I fell asleep. Can’t wait for the recording to finish listening in. You have provided me with so much throughout these years and the webinars are helping me grow in a way I never thought. From the knowledge you give me to the help in healing. Can’t wait to book my mentoring this week. I love you for who you are, what you do and for what you have helped me with. Thank you. LC, Brooklyn NY

Hola vida good afternoon hope you’re doing good and you’re feeling well I just wanted to tell you that the card of the day that you did live today it was really good and the message you gave to the person that it was for I just like felt like it was for me too but I know it wasn’t I know you said it clearly that ,that messages was only for the person that you were giving it to but wow it was amazing and I also wanted to let you know that I love what you do and the products you sell to help other people too well to help us thank you. VM, IL

Good Evening Vida. This will be my first reading with you. I was introduced to you through the Morado Lens podcast, and have been following you on IG ever since. I purchased a Money Mojo envelope from you in February and am way overdue sending you a huge “THANK YOU!” for your work. The experience with the Money Mojo envelope has reminded me, again, to expand my thinking of abundance outside of money and material wealth. Even though, money has come exactly when I needed it since buying your envelope! I also bought a sage stick from you and smudge my home at least once a week with it. I’ve been wanting to get a reading with you for some time now, but ironically, I was stressing about money most of this year, and delayed it. I saw today that you only have 13 openings left for the rest of the year, and I was going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow, but something in me was like, “just book with her NOW. You know what you want to do.” So here I am past midnight starting the process, and looking forward to working with you when the time is right. Thank you so much! MD, NY

Hi Vida, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making the mojo envelopes they are truly AMAZING! I purchased the Prosperity, Abundance and Success envelope and let me tell you doors are beginning to open up for me. I had been feeling stagnant for a few months. Ever since I got your envelope I have seen things shift for me. So thank you soo much for all that you do! I always wanted to tell you that you came up in my dream Saturday night going into Sunday. In this dream I was hanging out with a friend and we saw you and you automatically came up to me and said Hi. I said hello and we just started talking as if we known each other for a long time. As we continue to have a conversation something happened where a “ misterio” ( spirit in Spanish) was among us and I felt a bit hesitant and ask “ who are you” but didn’t wait to hear the response and I just walked away to the bathroom. You soon after came up to get me and asked me “ what happened this misterio was here to communicate with you through me” I replied “ I got a little scared because I witnessed things like that when I was younger in DR” you then replied by saying I completely understand, it takes some time to get use to and understand why that happens. As the conversation continues you start to tell me that I needed to let go the two people that were causing me stress in my love life that there was something sooo much greater and better for me right around corner. I just need to learn how to let go what doesn’t serve me and I was going to see how everything in my life will begin to shift in alll areas. Yes I was going to go through the heartbreak but you expressed that it wouldn’t be for too long because this was something my inner self has be working on for a while. I just need to let go. After this dream vida honestly it was the angels answering my prayers. I truly believe that in my heart. As you mentioned in your live today, I should ask my divine team for clarification. If it’s purchasing a service with you or buying a product. Once again thank you for all that you do! The card of the day, your posts of motivation, how real you are! Thank you for being you! M.M.

Vida, Thank you soooo much for our house blessings last Saturday in astoria .

I really LOVED our straight forward conversations and very much appreciate all your honest advice and feedback .I m still laughing how “to the point “ you are and already took your advice to heart and feeling happier and “lighter”. Actually Our home all over felt much lighter after and I still feel the energy shifting still now .., in a good way and mixed way .

Did the fire energy cleaning on 1 renter floor as well this am .

Btw the leaves totally burned down on our floor after you left . It was crazy they were nearly off when you left and then suddenly started again w a big flame and smoke so we didn’t want to leave the house . 🙂 Thank you again and till soon NH, Queens NY

Mama Vida, I’ve been sitting on this email since you sent it trying to think of how to express my gratitude! You are someone I value and appreciate so much, I trust and believe in you and know you are always looking out not only for me but for everyone you are in contact with! This message holds so much value! Thank you! For my birthday this year I am focusing on gratitudes and sharing my appreciation! I wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you! I firmly believe people, places and experiences happen for a reason! I am so happy I found one of your posts on the explore page way back in the day! Thank you for always being real with me and providing me with tools to be successful! You are one of one! EH, MA

PART 1- Vida, First, thank you for your words of encouragement. I have been purging my own pain and everything is hitting me. I stopped crying a few years ago, but I’m crying now. For everything, I kept bottled up and eventually closed my heart center.I wrote a letter to my previous acknowledging, in detail, how my actions hurt her and specifically what those actions were. It’s one thing to apologize but it’s another to be clear and let the other person know that you understand what it is that you did, when you did it and how you did it than just giving a non specific ‘sorry.’  I have not received that from her, it’s always been nonspecific, materialistic apologies. Whether she ever realizes it takes two or not, one will never know. I’m still working on this and it’s hard when you’ve been villainized, and no one knows the depth of why I ran for my life with no shoes. People don’t do that for just any reason. I did not have any intentions of doing this, but I was sitting in front of my altar, in some other space and “Write an Apology,” came up clear as day. So, I did. I am addressing my own pain and hers and the loss of what I thought was my future. Myself, as my own enigma, as I have only had emotional relationships with women, but have recently begun to experience men. My life is changing.Thank you again for your encouragement and support. I don’t really feel like I have been heard until now.

PART 2-Vida, There aren’t enough thank you’s. I have not met you, yet you have been instrumental in my spiritual journey. IS, NJ

Vida, I honestly cannot put into words how grateful I am for yesterday’s session, so here is my best attempt. At the end of our session, you apologized for the wait, but Spirit knows what they’re doing because yesterday’s session could not have been better timing. For the past few months, I have been working on being more self-aware, so a few months ago, I would not have actually HEARD and UNDERSTOOD the message. Thank you for being so transparent and forward, for not holding anything back. This afternoon, I received a text message, somewhat of an apology, exactly 26 hours after my session with you. It wasn’t the apology I would have liked, but I put my phone down, I collected myself, and politely accepted the apology. I promise you, that’s not how I would have handled that if it weren’t for your advice. But how crazy is that?!?! 26 freakin’ hours later –heard you Spirit!! Vida, thank you for sharing things you didn’t have to, I didn’t comment on certain things you said because I would not have been able to control the breakdown that would have come from it. But you mentioned your suicide attempts, and though I have never tried to harm myself, I often question my purpose and importance in this world and if I should be here anymore. You reminded me that no one is going to answer that for me, that I AM IMPORTANT and I have to believe that before anyone else does. I woke up this morning, I prayed, I blasted music and sang (meditated), and did my homework and one of the three things I woke up grateful for were your words to me yesterday. I know there is no doubt in your mind that you are amazing at what you do, but allow me to remind you of it again. Sooo grateful, thank you! I look forward to another reading with you. TR, Queens NY

I would like to start off by expressing gratitude to your divine team as well as mine for the message that was given today. 5 nights ago, I had a very vivid dream. Though this is not usually uncommon for this is the way spirit speaks to me, the dream was based in the ocean/ sea. Bright blue. No land in sight. Just a very long, colorful, horizontal float and a CROCODILE. It was as though I was watching myself get swept away in the tides with the crocodile. Your live this morning gave more insight and awareness into the message I received from my dream that night. Much needed. I have asked my divine team if I should book a reading with you as I feel I need more insight in a certain area. I feel as though my team was telling me YOU are the one to book with as our divine teams worked hand in hand today. I will continue to pray about this until I have the ability to book. JB

Good morning,First off thank you and thank you Spirit, for allowing Mama Vida to do this work. I didn’t reply sooner because I wasn’t open to receiving the message from my candle – I didn’t understand it. I thought for sure Spirit was not hearing me cause I was doing the work. I just watched the live for Card of The Day, on IG “Coming to Life” and Lorrrrrrrrt! It opened my heart up and I see it now. I micro manage spirit because I am impatient, I don’t show up for myself fully. Which then ripples that effect towards my family/my community. I do not serve whole heartedly. I do so I can say I did it. I have a hard time accepting love and showing myself compassion. I am working on shedding those old thought patterns in therapy. I will be booking a 30min session when I put the time and effort in to save for it. Your website is like Christmas Morning to a small child. But I know now I have to do my spiritual work to be able to fully receive the gift. Thank you! MA, CA

I saw a post after watching your live last night that confirmed everything you were saying after pulling the daily card. That message resonated with me so deeply. I will be joining you on the 19th for the ancestor connection webinar!!! Its been something that I have been praying about. Your card pull yesterday put a lot into perspective. I got up for the first time in months and prayed and meditated before I did anything else. Thank you for being a channel and sharing these messages!!! GG, Alfred Station NY

Hi, I hope that you begin to feel better. Saw the live today and I’m grateful for you and your honesty. I would like a healing candle for myself. I set an intention last night to see what I needed to purchase from you and indeed I remembered the smallest details from my dream which was pretty cool. I got goosebumps when you started talking about Lucifer in your live today. I bought the transformation pendant on Friday and haven’t wore it yet but the changes ensue. There was an incident at work on friday where a girl threw a drink at a guy and it hit me. The girl, her friend and I were counting our bag to split and she was talking about the incident to her friend, so I told her she hit me. She then started verbally coming after me loud as fuck in a room full of people and I let out the craziest and loudest laugh I’ve ever heard from myself so I didn’t punch her in her face. I took it as a hint to take some time off which I transition from one job to another. I finished meditating right before I saw your live open and you just hit on so many points where I need to boss up on myself. I didn’t want to ask for help because it’s ego I should be able to figure it by myself because that’s how I’ve had to do it, but honestly I have to admit I can’t right now. Thank you for being you and a source of laughter for me today among the bullshit. AH, DC

Thanks you so much for the prompt reply. You are absolutely right and I tend to trust all instead of myself. Which is nuts because I’m a sentient, and have a keen intuition that I forget to slow down enough to use….I’m a bit vintage so the web stuff is difficult. I’m just getting my instagram skills up. Lol 🙂 I’m going to stay practicing the practice and marinate on what I desire. Also. I wanted to validate so many things you said during the class , that hit me in the soul. So many affirmations and authors that I resonate with….. and go too so often. Sending you love and light from me and my team, thanks for reminding me I have one. R.M., NY, NY

Hi Vida, Something told me to look at that the cards drawn on my reading back in April and it felt like validation for the decision I had made to quit my job with no plan. I was very unhappy dealing with issues with my coworkers, the toxic environment and knowing deep down this is not the career path for me. I would not want to come to work, I couldn’t sleep, I nearly cried at my desk several times and it had only been 7 months. I had been talking about quitting for some time but never felt that I was ready because I was upset. I took your advise and prayed, meditated, and followed my intuition; I saw the clearest image and knew that I would be okay if I quite. I have had a job or 2 since I was 18 years old, I’m 26 now and I am scared/ nervous about what is to come.I am supposed to be making strides in my career, but considering that I’ve hopped around 3x in 3 years, I think I need to sit down with myself and see what I really want. The card drawn for me that eased my nervousness was “Yes — Your intuition is correct. take action accordingly” and I did; this time for me and not because of what is expected of me from my family.I have faith that I will figure this out. Thank you again ! These cards, spirit, myself are still surprising even after our reading. K.T., Yonkers NY

So let me tell you all something. Vida dont play.

She’s not the advisor to be like “mira you need this because you have brujeria being done on you”or the one to sugar coat shit. When you get a reading with her, what she says can have you boohoo crying. But she will look at at you with a straight face like “alright koo you done? K. Now pull up your big girl/boy chonis and handle yo shit. She calls you out on your shit. Now for some hard headed folks like us, it may take us a while to remain consistent with the messages she sends us. But trust and believe there will be something to take out of the reading and learn from it. Build from that .She is giving you tools to empower us. Changing us to become better people on step at a time. So we can help ourselves and then one another. I love you Vida. JSR, Torrance, CA

I know I have been quiet, since we last spoke, which was for my reading. I have been working on a lot of the things we discussed during the reading, especially on my relationship, and shielding my energy so that others do not drain me anymore. I also have been working with my husband, as I know spirit came through with messages for us both. I can’t even express how much emotions have been released on his part, when it comes to his past, and how much opening up is helping him, and us, because his energy has changed so much. In him opening up, so have I. I just got to listen to your webinar, Live in Love (every time I have tried previously something came up and interrupted me, which I knew meant it was not the time), and as much work as I have been putting into us, I have been taking time to focus on me. I can finally say that I am who I am, and I love who I am, and I deserve the love I receive, and I finally can say I am worthy of the love I receive because I always had doubts of receiving love, that I was not worthy of it. I still have a way to go, and so does he, but between our date nights, and our conversations, our bond has grown and our relationship has as well. I still need to work on a lot more for me, will be ordering the banos for him, as for me I feel I need more, but will contact you about that. I thank you for your guidance, for your love, but most of all for being you and not holding back. I have so much more to learn, and more to grow, but thanks to you I am not where I want to be, but I am a better woman than I was. Love you Mama. L.C., Brooklyn NY

Good Morning! I want to first thank you for taking the time to do my candle reading even though you say it’s your job; the fact that you take the time to help everyone that comes your way as best you can is highly appreciated. I want share with you that I have been connecting with myself and my Divine Team. I have also decided to move forward with a reading I will be going thru your website in the next couple of days; as soon as I feel calm and extremely collected. I understand most of the time you need to be in connection with yourself and team for a peaceful and accurate reading.I want to thank you again for you honest advice on spiritual advisors; it’s one of the main reasons aside from your spirit and honesty that I have decide the best thing for me right now is to move forward with you. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day! Look forward to working with you soon, C.H, Mineola NY

Hi Vida, I wanted to let you know I’m so appreciative of those webinars because I know I’m putting myself first. I went to work for the first time since April and I followed my intuition despite everyone telling me to partner up and it worked out! I’ve dancing for 6 years but I felt so different in my energetic presence among the crowd and on stage.I even started to have some talks with my partner about his daughter and his family. I can tell he is releasing from going to the gym last week, which is a confirmation from our reading that he needed to go through it first to avert a potential landslide. Yesterday I took a baño then dreamt of taking two baños which is also a confirmation from our reading that my dreams and visions would serve as a source of information.I’m so grateful for you and all you do. I saw your post on Instagram and wanted to reach out because I really felt that performing on stage despite my scars.


Hi Vida!I know you’ve been telling me not to put so much pressure on myself and to already see how much I’ve changed and it’s true. Once I started realizing all the little things I’ve changed to be the woman I need to be for my future, I started to move different and I got his stubborn ass into the gym! As if we didn’t know that you were right, I was blessed enough to hear him say with my own ears how he’s going to go back to the gym because he sees how out of shape he is after his first workout. GIRL I STARTED TO CACKLE IN MY HEAD. I know he was focused on himself, but him seeing me work out alone in my own element then how other people engage with me I could tell had him thinking about how he has been treating me.This is my first moon cycle in over a year where I haven’t thrown up or lost my ability to function. I cried so much yesterday in being so happy that all my senses are intact and I can continue to enjoy eating without fear. This alone just for myself is so gratifying because I’ve been battling this alone since I was 10 years old. My parents and doctors said I was just being dramatic and attention seeking, so I used to have to go to school and deal with it until I blacked out or started throwing up. I secretly started birth control at 14 because I couldn’t take it anymore and struggled with those symptoms until my early twenties. I can’t explain how much time or money I would at any point, would have been willing to pay to improve my quality of life and have these parts of myself and my life back. I’m so grateful to you and your loved ones for all you do and offer, publicly and privately.  A.H., Oakton, VA

Madrina,  Thank you so very much for my Auralite 23!!! 😭😭😭 it’s beautiful 😍 Not to mention, I just received it yesterday and have it tucked in my bra. I already feel the difference. I work in retail, 99.9% of the time I’m a total introvert! I make some to NO eye contact. Today it was like i someone turned me inside out! I was even told to never stop smiling, no matter what life throws at me. Thank you for all my goodies they are very greatly appreciated. Like always you are the real MVP madrina, the light i needed in my life. Bendiciones! D.B., Buena Park, CA

Hello Vida, the package arrived today and I’m so happy about it!! I even did a little happy dance 🤣 Thank you for the Desert Rose!! I immediately looked it up on your page and what a surprise – it fits perfectly. Thank you sooo much

much love and healing to you (really hope your injury is getting better quickly) F.B., Germany

Hi Vida! I know you’ve been telling me not to put so much pressure on myself and to already see how much I’ve changed and it’s true. Once I started realizing all the little things I’ve changed to be the woman I need to be for my future, I started to move different and I got his stubborn ass into the gym! As if we didn’t know that you were right, I was blessed enough to hear him say with my own ears how he’s going to go back to the gym because he sees how out of shape he is after his first workout. GIRL I STARTED TO CACKLE IN MY HEAD. I know he was focused on himself, but him seeing me work out alone in my own element then how other people engage with me I could tell had him thinking about how he has been treating me.This is my first moon cycle in over a year where I haven’t thrown up or lost my ability to function. I cried so much yesterday in being so happy that all my senses are intact and I can continue to enjoy eating without fear. This alone just for myself is so gratifying because I’ve been battling this alone since I was 10 years old. My parents and doctors said I was just being dramatic and attention seeking, so I used to have to go to school and deal with it until I blacked out or started throwing up. I secretly started birth control at 14 because I couldn’t take it anymore and struggled with those symptoms until my early twenties. I can’t explain how much time or money I would at any point, would have been willing to pay to improve my quality of life and have these parts of myself and my life back. I’m so grateful to you and your loved ones for all you do and offer, publicly and privately. Keeping you and your shoulder in my prayers. A.H., Oakton, VA

Because of you I FINALLY went and got an official eval on my shoulder after 5 years! And now  I can treat it on my own. Thank you for inspiring me to do that physical work too because lord knows sometimes I push that shit aside. I love you. B.H., Cleveland, OH

Part 1:Good Afternoon Vida, I came home and my love Bano has arrived! Thank you for the fast shipping. Your updates are really starting to open my eyes a lot more. Praying is not a strength that I have and it is something that I need to work on, I just don’t know how. Meditating, I try to shut my eyes in the shower, and take deep breaths but I still feel some stress on me when doing so. You are right about talking does not mean anything action does! I do want to focus on me first and it is time for a change. I just have to start within myself. I just purchased your One Two, Combo Webinar to help me with prayer, and medication. Hope you have a good day, and thanks for the update. can’t thank you enough!

Part 2: I just got your email and just finished the first half of the one two combo webinar. Your really help me understand what prayer is and how to pray. I just prayed and I can even feel my whole mood is different! Thank you for your candle reading. I do understand the message and your right. Action speak Louder than words. I will pray for him but of-course after I pray for myself and take care of myself first. I look forward to going to one of your event one day to meet you. May you have a blessed weekend with your love ones. S.R., Bethlehem, PA

I felt it in my heart this rising to express my gratitude for you ! The information you shared with me through our mentor sessions has helped me so much! And day by day I am integrating the things you’ve taught me in order to heal and connect with my team.You give so much of yourself to everyone else even when your team kicks your butt for it (they be trying to sit you down to relax mama Vida!!!!) lol. And I just want to say thank you! I’m not sure you hear it enough but thank you!! Thank you ! Thank you!I know the cards of the day take so much energy and I’m sure going live and doing collective readings take loads of energy as well as your schedules sessions you have with your supporters and I’m just here to say thank you for your dedication to all of us. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to receive the help that you need for your shoulder! A.A., Camden NJ

Vida, I just wanted to express to you how grateful I am to have found you along this journey of mine. After today’s webinar I laid down and reflected on your words and allowed everything to soak in and as my body started to relax that’s when 3 HUGE revelations slammed into me like a damn wave. No shit, I had a real HOLY SHIT moment.It came from your statement “It’s not your fault” and no matter how many times I have told that to myself over the past three years. The reason I couldn’t believe it or for better words HEAR IT was because of the whispers of that’s of my oldest daughter and my ex and his family saying, ” it’s her fault, she brought it on herself. She must have done something to cause the end of another marriage.”I always felt defeated and believed their words over my own. But that changed when I finally heard my voice over theirs, shouting “I didn’t cause the rape. I didn’t give my husband permission to rape me. It’s not my fucking fault.”From there things just started to reveal themselves it was such a profound moment. I knew there was a reason I kept seeing this webinar this past week and I’m so happy that I listened. Your words have always brought clarity in one way or another.Thank you again, J.C., Papillion, NE

Thank you so much, Vida. She will be out of the hospital hopefully by Monday. Today, she was moved from the ER to a private room in the hospital. She has an aide who is really sweet that will be staying with her 24 hours now and will be monitoring her. I am hoping that will calm things down. I will relay the message to my dad and we will try to surround her with some good energy. I am very grateful she is pushing through. Thank you, again. Thank you for always helping me keep my head up and reminding me to have faith. Love you very much <3 M.P., NYC, NY

Hi Vida, Yes I am. I read them over and over again throughout my day because this has been soooooo insightful for me. I just wasn’t sure if I should reply everyday so I was waiting till the end to reply in a sum. It’s so powerful to me that you used brushing teeth as a metaphor because one of my goals is to brush my teeth day and night which is directly tied to my past and holding on to how I use to present myself to the outside world as a teenager. It is true, I hold on to EVERYTHING from my past and blame myself and others over and over again trying to figure out what happened so that I don’t end up where I was two years ago. The truth is, I feel like I am in the same exact spot that I was two years ago in terms of my spirituality and intuition and have wasted too much time thinking unintentionally or without healing. Whenever I’ve felt overwhelmed or conflicted in the last few days, I read over your emails.Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots and lots of love and healing. J.C. Miami, FL

Hi, Vida. St. Barbara church here in D.R. was thinking you. Very grateful for god putting you in my life. Grateful for your fertility candle just one week for my grand baby to be born. After trying for so long. Thank you. N.I., Brooklyn NY

Celtic Ancestors, after our reading, I have been following what Spirit shared with you during my reading and I just wanted to let you know Im planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland next year. Im going to do an authentic experience not tourist, not sure how I will pay but I know Im meant to go— its been calling me for so long.Thank you, hugs 🤗 ♥️ L.A., Austin TX

Vida, Thank you so much for this service. Every single message from this candle reading was so spot on and has provided me with the clarity I was seeking, as well as informed me of the work I must continue to do for myself. I look forward to my Skype reading in September.PS. Who you are and the work you do is deeply appreciated always. D.V., Bronx NY

Good morning! I hope this email finds you in good health (I know i drained the shit out of you yesterday! Sorry!!!)I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do. Last night was the first night in a very long time that I actually slept and got some rest. I didn’t even hear when my phone went off 9 times with work issues. Sorry not sorry!I woke up this morning and looked at my mother and wished her a good morning and a good day at work. I swear she looked at me like there was a stranger standing in front of her! I am determined to take back control over MY household and not allow her (or anyone else’s negative energy for that matter) to effect me let alone INFECT me! I greatly appreciate all you have done within these past few months even if you don’t even realize it. You are absolutely amazing and I pray for an abundance of blessings to flow over your life as well as your family’s lives. Sincerely, C.C. Jamaica NY

Subject: Thank you!-Again!

Message: Hi Vida!

Hope you are starting to feel better and getting enough rest during your recovery. I wanted to take some time to share some news with you! I emailed you, late May about my Mojo orders. I had ordered the Road Opener Mojo envelope and told you the same I ordered, I got a call for an interview. Well that one interview did not work out! But.. I did get a call for another interview at a location I was really wanting! I got the call a Wednesday afternoon, showed up to my interview Thursday morning, and got offered the job right then & there. I am so excited for this new job and the positive changes it will bring to my life. To top it all off.. I got a new car! i had the same car for almost 10 years now and the poor thing started to act up, the AC stopped working and so on. So we went to a dealership just to get info on possibly getting a car, and we left with the car of my dreams!! So, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for helping us live our best spiritual life! Thank you for being who you are! May you be blessed always!

Gracias, M.C., Houston, TX

Thank you for the reading, it was validation of many things. I did the offering to Gaia before a cleansing ritual and the power I felt after being in the soil and with trees was very powerful. Thank you so much for the encouragement and guidance, I feel blessed to “fuck with you” ♥️♥️♥️ Hugs. L.A., Austin TX

I did also want to say that since our reading, only a month ago, so much has changed for me. There was only one day that I missed my morning prayer and felt hella off all day. Thank you so much for everything. Our reading gives me more and more every time I go back to it.

Looking forward to hearing from you! M.M., San Francisco, CA

Subject: Thank you!

Message: I just want to say thank you! I received my purchase today and I felt all the goodness! As soon as I open the package, the amazing , beautiful smells put my soul at ease. 🙂 I really appreciate it! M.H. Los Angeles, CA

Hi Vida,

Hope you’re feeling better! I just got my package today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the rose bath bombs. They smell so good I can’t wait to use them! I just want to say thank you again too for the reading. Everything you said resonated with me so much. I have to say, even just in the couple of days since I talked to you, things have been so much better.  I will definitely be booking an unlimited in the future! You truly are phenomenal! Keep up the awesome work!!! S.R., Goshen, OH

😘😘😘😘 just wanted to say hi and that I hope you are feeling better. I love you, truly I do, for how you give yourself and your energy to the community. I’m glad I met you and I am so happy to be on this hard ass road of growth. But it feels good to evolve. Xoxoxo, say hi to the fam, Y.G., Bronx, NY

Sweet Vida, you lit a candle for me for a new job I was applying for. It was lit for financial success. Not only did I get the job but they gave me a raise!!! I’m speechless! Thank you so much! ❤️ Love, N.B, Houston TX

Hi Vida, Your final recap of the candle burning is very resonant with me. In reflecting on WHY I have been unhappy in my chosen career, it has primarily been tied to the people I was around. It was a great career at first but then I could no longer tolerate the people I was around, as they were all anxious and unhappy and it was making me feel the same. It made me too narrow focused on what defines a “good career” instead of what makes a good career for ME. And you are right – I need to be better about protecting myself and my space as I can be easily sucked into what others are feeling and projecting. This week I had 3 potential job leads pop up but every single one fizzled out, making me wonder if I am just done with that chapter. I’m still unclear as to what spirit is asking me to do next, but I am continuing to take time to pray/meditate/communicate with my team, and am trying to listen to my intuition more.

THANK YOU again, Vida. Some of these insights I already knew on a gut level, sometimes it just helps to hear someone else say it for validation. It’s tough to see past your own convictions I suppose. I really appreciate your time and the insights that spirit has provided!! Hope you have a lovely weekend. A.S., Westerville, OH

Thank you for being a constant guide in my life, Vida…

For kicking my ass when my ego needed it, being gentle when I was vulnerable, and always putting me straight.Everything with my job worked out in the sense that I was able to walk away with some dignity. They acknowledged all the contributions I’ve made in the school/community (volunteering), and encouraged me to continue… and I’ve personally accepted any wrong, and have held myself acceptable I’ve decided it is going to be a summer of facing more inner child issues, including my anger, triggers, forgiveness, and have made an appt with my therapist. Clearly I have shit I need to deal with.I have been meditating daily, prayers go without saying, and I’m listening. You were in one of my meditations this past week (you were preparing me and tattooed me), and it reflected one of the lives you had last week on IG (Hunter/Wise Woman cards). Mind blowing synchronicity!.I truly needed to hear the messages!.

Thank you again Mama. You’ve really guided me so much, you’re always an inspiration and I can never thank you enough for holding space for me.Words cannot Express the respect and love I have for you ❤❤❤ Forever grateful,T.K. Canada

Good morning Vida

This morning as I was looking through my phone talking negatively I heard a voice as clear as day calling me by name. Funny thing is I was alone. Maybe it was a sign to stop talking shit lol! Then as I get into to work I see my road opener envelope on my desk! I can’t wait to burn and see what’s coming ahead. Good thoughts only!!Thank you, Have an awesome day, L.R, Jersey City, NJ

Hi Vida! I just opened my road opener mojo envelope and I’m going to thank you in advance for the blessings that are coming my way. As soon as I opened the plastic envelope I got chills and teared up. I thought people were exaggerating when they’d say they got these feelings with certain spiritual products, but man… this was intense! Thank you for all of the work you do to help us all live our best lives and for all of the love you put into everything. It is definitely felt. Have a blessed and happy weekend ❤️ S.P, North Bergen, NJ

I just need you to know how much I love you… Your guidance and mentorship sticks with me daily. You are such a blessing and I am jus so thankful for you. So much has happened since our first few sessions, and I was sinking + all over the place trying to act like I wasn’t. You called me on my shit and served as an awakening away from the oppression I had bought into. I am infinitely grateful to you MamaVida Love you to life for life! Ok… mushy email over. E.D.C., Albuquerque, NM

Good morning Vida☀️, Thank you for that. I’m not sure if this influences the flame overall but I am leaving a long term relationship- going through it as I’m doing all this work stuff. I am extremely emotional, fragile and fighting back tears throughout the day. I am struggling. The success and the drive for it is not for the sake of success alone, my personal life has left my financial life in not the best shape so I am fighting for this to move forward and get my life back together. Promotions are later this year. This may not have anything to do with the flame but this is where my emotions are right now. I was walking through the woods over the weekend and looked down to find a huge white/grayish feather with a very thick quill and it was perfect. I know I am not alone. Thank you, Vida. You have no idea how you are influencing my life. I look for your posts and messages and they mean a lot of to me.

Part 2 Follow up after candle reading: Vida,Thank you so much. It so happens that today l received news that the project was very well received and my work is just about complete. I will be moving on to other projects soon. I am sending hugs and will most definitely be in touch.God bless you and your family. I.S., NJ

Hi Vida, Hope you and your family are doing well! I’ve been recently going through issues at work with co workers saying things about me when I mind my business and just do my job. I’m new, I’ve been at this company for 4 months and I don’t know how I became a target for these comments. Those that are making them discussed the issue with my manager, and all though my manager said as long as my work is not suffering there should be no issues, I sill feel like I’m being harassed..Thinking all these events over, I realized that I don’t stand up for myself. I brush off those situations as I don’t have time for them or I try to avoid conflict all together, But, as I was thinking of all this, our reading came into mind that I still hold on to things from my childhood. My father used to tell me crying is for the weak and I realized that is why i avoid conflict. I’m afraid I will cry during an argument and I don’t want to appear weak. But, I’m only hurting myself by doing that.and not dealing with my emotions or standing up for myself. I need to respect myself enough to speak up so others don’t walk all over me. Thank you for my reading a couple of months ago; I didn’t think yours and spirits words would come through months later ! K.T., Yonkers NY

Hi Vida!!! Just wanted to let you know things have been flowing really well. Saying my protections, prayers and gratitude! Enjoying my forms of meditation.Also, just got some life changing amazing news, I landed that job I’ve been interviewing for this past month. That along with my jewelry line is all coming along as I learn to practice patience more.Thank you again for all that you do and share. E.M., HI

Hi. So I’m just go with the flow when it comes to this egg freezing. I didn’t know my calendar to do anything but… my bloodwork said I should be producing 5-10 eggs per month. I did the fertility bath. And had an ultrasound today… 15! The doctor was like where you been hiding all them eggs? Lol 🤷🏿‍♀️

I’ve just been trying to have faith and trust the process. Also do I need another bath or are my ovaries supposed to keep this same energy? Lol

Also thank you… you’re such a blessing to know and have in my corner.  D.D., New Orleans, LA

Good morning Vida! I can absolutely confirm what you have said about my being too “one sided” with my thinking, and when I look objectively at my situation I can see how I have been trying too hard on the physical/mental aspect and not putting enough effort into the prayer/meditation/following my intuition aspect. I appreciate the insight that Spirit has provided me in that I need to tap into my spiritual inner guidance and start communicating with them better! I used to talk out loud to my team a lot during the day but was never sure they were hearing me, so I will do a better job at making space to communicate with them again.I do pray and meditate, but reflecting now I think that I pray and meditate for specific jobs, when really I would be better served to ask for the feeling or result that I want from those jobs (eg, financial security, creative freedom, etc) and stop being so rigid with the way in which I get those results. I do get intuitive hits on what to do, but get frustrated when the logical side of my mind tells me how impractical those actions are, as I am so focused on making sure that I have “proven, logical, and actionable” ideas. (For example – in my personal life, I really enjoy working with plants & plant energetics, but I am in no way “trained” to do so. Every hit I get to work with the plant world is strong, but I get so derailed by my logical side).I am interpreting this as my lesson in learning to balance what goes on between my HEAD and my HEART. That lesson has come up for me time and time again throughout my life, thank you for the reminder to focus on that. I am mentally and physically exhausted from trying to force what might not be in my best interest, so I am thankful for a new perspective.(Two days after the candle was lit, I did get a phone call from a recruiter for a job that seemed like it had potential, but then no follow up once I sent my resume and portfolio. Perhaps that was my answer that was my petition being granted that was short lived.) Thank you again for your services and your time, Vida! I will keep praying/meditating and reflecting on the insights that you have shared with me 🙂 A.B., Westerville, OH

I really do appreciate this opportunity to work with you and with Spirit.


Good Morning Vida, I have read the emails and have been working on my self love, self care. Like always spirits are always dead on….  I will continue to work on loving myself as a whole… Thank you. E.B.,Hamilton City, CA

Holly molly! You told me I needed to stop trying to control and worry and to follow my intuition and that’s all I’ve been doing and it has been absolutely amazing! About the guy I was asking about who you said was a past life connection and it’s been clear we have a connection in this life but our paths have never completely crossed. Well I never felt the need or desire to text him or try to hangout other then when we run into each other and after our reading there have been obvious signs that we can rekindle and our paths can cross. All of a sudden I was writing in my journal and I had a very strong urge to text him and ask to start things over( since we were both partying and maybe saying/doing things that weren’t ourselves) and grab a drink or something. I have never done this before and without thinking to hard (just quieting my brain and making sure I heard this right and this is actually what my intuition wants me to do) I did it!!!! I trust completely in the outcome and know that this is a step in the right direction for me! Thank you for my reading again it’s only almost been a week and I feel like I’m back on my path and ready to dive deeper into finding myself. R.K, Portland, OR

Hi Vida!I received your envelope a few weeks ago and watching your live today I remembered to email you to tell you how it’s worked for me!When I got it in the mail, I actually waited a day to open it so I could open it in and automatically introduce it to my altar. I was then called to just open it once I got home. I felt the magic right away and was excited. I was tired that night so I fell asleep having left it in the package it was mailed in. The next day I woke up early to go to Target and found $20 on the floor. I could feel even though I hadn’t introduced it to my altar yet, the envelope was already working. I felt that very strongly.That same night, I did my own ceremony introducing the envelope to my altar with the intention of integrating your magic with mine so it may work well living in my wallet.

Well, I felt your ancestors come in to communicate with my team right away. I even was told after my ceremony to leave and let them talk. I could overhear my team discussing to your team how I am learning very specific lessons around money so while y’all are there to help me be abundant, I also must learn these very specific lessons.I definitely still had my trials and tribulations with money. It’s been rough but I know these are tests so I haven’t given up. Long story short (without the craziness of mentioning these rigorous tests) I was blessed last minute 3 days before my trip $888 to pay for my plane ticket to XXXXX. I am excited to see what else comes next but for sure now I want to thank you and your team respecting my path but also showing up when I needed it to remind me that I am abundant in all. Really just thank you for your work and your magic ♥️✨🌈 Sincerely, J.R., Aurora, CO

Subject: Last Night’s Reading!

Message: Mama Vida!  I literally just had my reading with you last night and I’m still tripping over it. Actually, I over analyzed some things I didn’t bring to the table. Human shit: work, paranoia about what’s next, and yada yada. I made a list for my new morning routine per your suggestion. I woke up this morning went through my list and knocked back out – HARD. When I woke up, again, my energy felt SOOOOOO different. I felt like me and am feeling driven to do things versus sticky with old energy. That’s when I knew why I didn’t bring up the human shit because I can do whatever if I’m feeling aligned like this. I cannot thank you enough. I fucks with you! M.M. San Francisco, CA

Subject: Changes!

Message: I had my reading done on Friday the 7th and you told me to do my work for 7 days and see what difference it will make. It’s only been 3 days and things are already starting to shift and I have been given opportunity’s I didn’t think would happen and although it is stepping out of my comfort zone I am going for it and am excited to see what happens! Thank you for explaining so much for me and putting my mind to ease with things I was so caught up on! I appreciate all the work you do and how much you helped me in just one hour!

(Sent via The Almighty Pineapple) R.K., Portland, OR

HI Vida! I hope all is well! I received my order and I absolutely love the lavender soap. I used it for the first time last night, and I had a very vivid dream and YOU were in it. I was so surprised  so I just wanted to pass that along and the fact that you make a great product. 🙂 Best, S.A., Bronx, NY

Subject: Thank You

Message: Listening to your webinar today on Intuition has confirmed for me I am on the right path! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your webinar.

(Sent via The Almighty Pineapple) T.G., Murray, UT

I saw a post on Instagram that made me think of you. It said to check in on your maternal figures so I wanted to let you know I have love for you like big sis, auntie vibes and I am so blessed to have you in my inner circle. You are always reminding me to embrace myself and you don’t judge me, so I’ve never felt bad about being honest with you which is fucking rare. One of my past judgey friends reached out to me yesterday and it dawned on me how much I’ve grown by reaching out to you. We’ve been working together for at least 6 months now and you’ve helped equip me to reparent my inner child and hone into my inner guidance system. It’s hard to find a culturally appropriate therapist who will deal with, let alone laugh at my antics. When I went to therapy multiple times before, they told me I was too self-aware and high functioning for me to have anything wrong and I didn’t tell anyone I tried to kill myself around this time.  It’s a miracle I found you when I did and I’m so appreciative of you and all the progress I’ve made with your help. I like being alive and so much of the shit I’ve went through is coming up to show me how I help other people and not be ashamed of my abilities and passions. Thanks for fucking with my hoe ass and staying true. ADH, VA

Email #1:You sent the email at 3:17p and at 3:19p they called and said they wanted to interview me sooner. I’m going tomorrow for the interview. WOW!

Thank you!!!

Email #2:Vida, I finished the interview. They said they had only done this one other time- they had an offer prepared for me already! I don’t have the specifics yet, but will receive them soon! I will keep you updated! 😊 N.B.,Houston, TX

Good evening, Vida!

Ive been thinking about you since Sunday! Becauseeeeee when I went to church service the pastor said something that you say alll the time. I swear it felt like you said it in that moment too!  (Its not the first time this happens to me at church) he was talking about the things we need to do for Soul Care. Without his sermon he mentioned something his mom always says: “ We are physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.“ and you talked about it last wk in the card of the day. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the screen but I didn’t react fast enough. If I find it through one of my friends I’m going to send it lol. Anyway Vida thanks for your always being genuine and real. I appreciate you very much!

Have a good night ❤️ J.M.

Hey Mama Vida, Sorry this is long. You’re amazing. Even though your message in the beginning of your live wasn’t for me. It resonated…I never wake up this early. And my mind was like yaaa. You up ,check out Vida..and no lie yesterday I was like where’s her card of the day😓 and then I was like oh in her live. Dis will be interesting. I wish I had money to give you but I’m in a tight space rn. I never in a million years would think I’d get an abortion…but I learned a big lesson about over indulgence 🙄 and could not afford to raise a kid. It was Thursday/Friday. I didn’t tell anyone but my cousin and partner… I felt like part of me died. For the best though… I haven’t been grateful. I keep steering away from my purpose. And honestly. I try to sabotage my own success. I love you so much because even though I feel ashamed with my life at times. You somehow make me feel accepted and proud to be who I am. I started forgiving my step mom and dad since Friday. And realized how much their expectations of me hindered my success. They were never parents to me as a child. They did what they knew and hurt me a lot. And the habits I had to cope…involved hurting myself. And now I’m in a relationship that actually holds me accountable for the damaging things I do. But I forgive myself kind of now. And it’s going to be a journey. Because I have taken on so much that wasn’t mine…and unloading is trying as fuck. I have no one to talk physically to so I guess I’m venting now. Feels way better than a journal knowing it’ll be read. I talk to my ancestors and guides it isn’t the same tho. Because I am still working on my mind and triggers. But ever since I started to try and forgive myself life’s gotten better but like more challenging. Guess it’s the spotlight my guides and ancestors are putting on my self work. My work is also very hard…to accept, to do…to even talk about. I guess socially part of me wants to be normal…(all of me feels the desire to be accepted…especially by my parents). And I hate it. Honestly I wish I could be something else. But I’ve tried so hard to not be what I am. And it only pulls me back to what I am and in a not so gentle way. Oh they fuck my shit up… you are such a strong guide for me because even tho we don’t do the same thing you help me remember what I want is human..what I need is Divine…and the work I do is divine…because I do it better than anything…it’s so natural…who would’ve known my kind of work…could even be something beautiful…I guess it is because I know I’m just a spirit in a meat suit…I wish people would understand that my work is valid…my job’s so delicate…I wish everyone especially the one’s who work in the field were more conscious of that healing power…and if done without passion and compassion…it is destructive as fuck. I know my last step is doing something similar to you(but completely different) but as in reach people in a somewhat online way. There’s still so many people in my field who fuck shit up and aren’t true and I just know that if I do what spirit tells me… I could potentially reach those workers and clients in a way that would make our work more safe, real and hopefully push us in a direction that actually heals rather than masks. You also remind me that it’s okay to turn down clients…even tho technically my contract tells me not to. You really are the best spiritual mom ever. Thank you Vida for being the honest light and Mother I always needed. I always tell myself I’m my mom and I’m good. But you serve that maternal energy I’ve never had. Your confirmation is what keeps me sober. I am thankful I stumbled across your page and got access to it because you pulled me out of a very sick place. And I don’t think I’d be here right now…without those little nudges telling me I’m safe. To keep persevering…to fucking REST AND EAT. To slow down. Giving me permission to care for myself. If it weren’t for you…I wouldn’t know that caring for myself would help me serve others more efficiently…and better yet I found it even led me to the right people that truly reciprocate that energy. Huh who woulda thunk. You taught me that real love only heals even tho I somehow feel like my feelings got hurt (typing this spirit was like bitch that’s your ego that’s hurt..lol)…not because the person hurt me but because I was hurting and the people who love me help me identify that pain. You taught me the difference between intuition and fear. And how to get over my fear so that I could be where I need to be and have the space to actually receive my blessings… You taught me that I am deserving of love. You taught me what love is. Unconditional, forgiving and without a limit or time stamp. I’m better and stronger for you have guided me for like what…3 years now? And even though I haven’t gotten to a reading yet the energy you put into your page gives me enough to understand and remember my purpose. I am forever grateful for you and love you so much. J.D., Clearwater, FL

Good Afternoon Mrs.Vida, I hope this email finds you well. I’m emailing you to tell you that after our reading, my body did go AWOL. Right now I’m taking the steps to take care of myself. I wanted to thank you again because the reading did resonate. I was a little stubborn afterwards, but that was because of denial. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and your reading helped me with that. Thank you again, M.M., BX, NY

Hey Vida, Hope all is well in your world 🌎, I’m loving my Mojo envelope! So as soon as I got it, I got a call than XXX had gotten a spot in the summer program he was in last yr, and I was able to get the funds to pay right away, I also had two people book through my website, the first two ever, I feel official lol.That Friday, went out to eat with a friend she paid for me unexpectedly and then later when I was out with another friend the bartender forgot to ring me up so my drink was free.  It also feels like that apartment downstairs is going to be mine so who knows maybe this summer I’ll be signing my first lease, which you did mention by the way lol Met with the lawyer today as well and since XXX has yet to file for visitation or make any attempt to reach out, so my lawyer said the judge will most likely not give him visitation at this time. Small beginnings but so grateful to you!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Loving my AURALITE 23 necklace by the way and the lavender incense 😍😍😍😍 Love to you and the family, R. L., BX, NY

Hiiiii Vida! I hope you’re amazing! The MOJO envelopes are definitely working. They are fantastic, thank you! Road opener definitely just worked harmoniously w money envelope and things started flowing again.  I love shaking them over my candles and myself when I do my prayers in the morning, then leaving on my altar. T.S., LA, CA

Subject: A long time coming THANK YOU!

Message: Hola’ Vida! I want to start this off by saying I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I also want to apologize now for how long this might be. I came across your page last summer when I was at one of my lowest points in life and I feel in a way seeing your posts and listening to you daily helped save me in a way that I so needed. I need to thank you for that. Listening to you has always made me feel like you’re a real friend and the cards of the day have ALWAYS resonated with me on such a profound level. Sometimes I feel as if you’re spying on me lol..

There has been so many times that I have wanted to reach out and tell you these things or say thank you but I knew if I did, I’d be bombarding you all the time with emails.

I want you to know that today 5/28/2019.. you have helped me in such a way I could never repay you. You’re card of the day #TAKE A MOMENT… I have been living in such fear and chaos and heartache for months now but specifically the last week. My baby cat whom I have had for over 16 years is dying and it’s destroying me. She is my entire world and I would do anything for her.. We are at the point now to where I have to decide and make a decision and I have been struggling like you wouldn’t believe. Not knowing wether to do it, maybe she will get better but ultimately knowing it’s going to happen soon. Wondering if I’m making the right choice and wondering how I will get through it.. then today.. take a moment to connect with my higher self and ask for clarity on the situation.. I needed to hear that more than you know so I thank you.. not just for todays card but for every single day you selflessly put yourself out there for all of us. You’re time, presence and wisdom is so incredibly appreciated. Thank you for being you and for allowing me to be apart of your community on the gram. With love, N.B.

So lemme tell you lol. Yesterday was my first day back at work. Remember that chick that I told you about with all the negativity. Well I wasn’t able to go get the black tourmaline for my cubicle was going to a store this weekend. Yesterday I learned her last day here is Friday ( yes as in mañana) because she is RETIRING FROM THE STATE. She’s walking around like her shit don’t stink, nose up in the air, and basically giving ppl attitude because she’s out of here.  Yesterday, she was telling me and another girl basically jodete because she’s going to make over $50 an hour and we didn’t pursue our master’s. I wanted to run the bitch over with a car but remembered people depend on me. Anyway after her debacle, I looked in my drawer for my bitch be gone spray.  And it was still some left. I sprayed it after she went to another room. Then I remembered that I bought this specific bottle when I learned she was coming to my office. I’ve been spraying it since January lol and then I learned she leaving tomorrow :). So gracias..Bye bye bitch lmao…Thanks again… M.T., NJ

Hope you’re well!!! I just wanted to let you know that you told me I should speak up about money at work and I did. And basically got a 115k yearly increase. Like, huh!!! Don’t ppl get like a 5% increase (I made that up, idk what ppl do lol) I don’t even know how to feel! Thank you for the extra push! D.D., New Orleans, LA (no this is not typo in the amount of money and I will not disclose my client’s profession)

Hi Vida! In April 2018, when you and I met at the event in New Orleans with XXX, XXXX and XXXXXXX, we were all sitting around the table chatting. Clipping out pictures for our vision boards, talking woo woo things. The usual. You said, “Write that book. I don’t know who that’s for, but Spirit told me to say that.” I thought it was for me, because I’d been wanting to write a book about my mom’s life, comprised of vignettes like in The House on Mango Street. But someone else thought it was for another one of us. So I didn’t say anything. But I kept it in the back of my mind. My 33rd birthday was soon after, and my mom’s best friend took me for Honduran food at one of my favorite spots, Casa Honduras. She gave me my mom’s journals that I thought drowned in Katrina! So now I could write the book and put journal entries in it. Awesome! Other wonderful, divine things have happened to get me to where I am now with the book. I became friends with Jesmyn Ward, my friend Maurice Carlos Ruffin is becoming so famous and still was able to give me excellent book advice.THE BIGGEST NEWS: I applied for a Jack Jones Literary Arts Retreat fellowship, giving them the first 20 pages of my manuscript described above, with a recommendation from Jesmyn Ward, and I got in! It’s HUGE! A three percent acceptance rate and I got in! I’ll meet agents, learn how to shop my book, etc. One of the retreat’s founders even said I am her pet fellow!  NYT best-seller and National Book Award-winner coming soon! So thank you again, Mama Vida, for letting Spirit work through you for us. Thank you for always reminding me of my “unseen squad.” Have a great week! Love always, Megan Braden-Perry, New Orleans, LA

Hi Vida, Thank you so much for doing the webinar today! It was insightful, fun ( I love you’re energy) and you looked beautiful! Today you received an IG request for someone, that’s my Mom. I told her about you and how you’ve been such a wonderful guide and advisor to me. My family is Caribbean and embrace your spiritual practices. I’m sure you’ll here from her. Many thanks, Vida! You’re fucking awesome!!!!!! I.S., NJ

Hi Vida!  So since our meeting and business blessing things have been going so great! I got my  permit and I have state board inspection for June . So things with the business are moving along and I’m getting a lot of Inquiries for events too. I had to write you because this weekend I’m out of state  and today I met someone. Omg this was our first time meeting in person but we have known each other for over five plus years. And I know you said end of the year I’ll meet my love of my life in December but I have never been so sure of something in my life with this guy. We just clicked and it was such a nice time. He lives out of state now and i don’t know what the future holds but I know he is the one. I don’t know I just had to tell you. S.S., NJ


I got mi caja !! (The Almighty Pineapple Box)

I could smell everything through the sealed box, it all smells sooooo good i can’t wait to try everything out soon (currently deep cleaning to have everything clean, cleared and cleansed… hmmm maybe my new motto  )

Thank you soo much!! J.R., CA

Hi Vida,

First of all thank you so much for your service! You are truly such a magical human, thank you for sharing your blessings with us all. Just wanted to let you know that recently I have been torn between some decision in my career. I have been feeling stuck and unsure of where to head. Yesterday I ordered your door opening mojo envelope and have been praying for clarity and a sign as to what direction to take. This morning I got a call for an interview which is a great direction for my career! I am nearly in tears! Again thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us and helping me see the importance of prayer. Gracias, M.C., Houston, TX


 I would like to just tell you that I appreciate your promptness in sending my order. I got it within 36 hours from when I ordered it (that’s from NY to CA in 36 hours!!) I truly appreciate it! That shows that you value us. It was impo6for me because I’m needing a cleanse and my vibe to be cleared and being able to do that with in hours is just awesome! J.R., Chico, CA

Hi Vida,

Me again. Just dropping by to give you a testimonial. I burned my money mojo envelope last week because it was approaching 1 year of having it. I sat outside and burned it while I whispered a few affirmations. Fast forward to this week: I received 2 separate offers for the same summer job, a coworker offered me an opportunity to do a side gig, I was approached to proctor an exam by another coworker and my sisters friend also reached out to me about a possible side gig. As this all happened I remembered your words on how people ask their team for things and then don’t want it because it isn’t perfect. It was so easy to see how what I asked for was being given , all I had to do was accept it. I asked for monetary gains and the opportunities have walked themselves into my life without me searching for them. I want to thank you for the magic that is the envelope but also for the magic that is you! The wonderful content you put out each day through IG helps me check myself and seems to always be what I need to hear.

Have a great rest of the week! N.A. Laurel MD

I love your baños. They are straight liquid gold. I went to the craft store and ran up on some pineapples. I would like two baths, a love bath and healing bath. This also served as a confirmation to add some color into my wardrobe.

Ive traded my regular shower routine for your bar soap (roses or lavender) and dragons blood salt daily or twice daily for some months now. I used to get a random hive on my face or my neck or chin when feeling some type of way or resisting how I feel. I haven’t had any hive breakouts and even my hormonal and cystic, stress related acne has reduced. Much love xo A.H., Oakton VA

First I want to apologize for the draining energy you picked up for my reading, I am appreciative of you and your guidance. Everything you told me is confirmation for what I have been realizing within myself. Since your reading I have been getting confirmation from everything around me that I need to put me first. It’s going to be a challenge because for so long I have doubted myself and my inner guidance because of external factors. Now is my time, I am going to trust in me and move forward following my intuition. I had a moment I heard my intuition tell me not to feed into something. And I told myself XXXX listen, my hard headed ass didn’t and a small situation spiraled from there into something big, but out of it it’s like enough is enough XXXX. My ego is killing me and I am starting by setting boundaries with it. Telling my ego NO and to SHUT UP! So I can trust and follow my own guidance because I know that where my greatness lies. Again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! In healing myself, I can only hope that I can be a positive impact in others live the way you have been since I started following you. Sending lots of light and love, J.A., NYC, NY

Hello Vida,Hope all is well?! I know Oreo is sick but I pray for a quick recovery and I know God and the ancestors will help in his healing. I was writing to say thank you for all the hard work you do. I purchased a few baths from you not too long a go and wanted to say I love your packaging, I can see the effort you put to your work and how fast it arrived really took me by surprise. I did the “wipe out bath” and I just wanted to share how good it was and I have never had a bath make me feel so good and really cleanse. I will be doing the “prosperity & abundance” bath next on Sunday night and start my week right. May you be blessed with many years of health, love and more wisdom to share with us and help us heal. You’re hands are one of a kind!

Stay blessed ❤️🍍Yours truly, M.D.J.

Hi Vida,I hope you are doing well!I wanted to take a moment and share some great news with you. First and foremost, thank you for keeping it real with me when I asked what service I should get. You reminded me to, not ask what services you suggest because I could definitely get ripped off. And as you always say in your videos, you reminded me to pray, meditate and get in touch with my Divine Squad (as I like to call them). I recently purchased some mojo envelopes (Love, Money, Healing and Intuition) and WOW! I lit a candle, prayed, invited my divine squad,  wrote my intentions on my envelops and placed two of them in my wallet and the other two on my alter. That same night, I followed my intuition and used your 4 Leaf Clover Lucky bath bomb.

I was waiting for a call back from a potential employer I had interviewed with the week before. The very next day, I received a call with a job offer and way more money than I expected! Woot woot! Not only that, but I have had the most random lucky breaks! Yas!  I’m looking forward to using the Amor Eterno bath bomb! As a matter fact, let me go replenish the one 4 Leaf Clover Lucky bath bomb I used and buy some extra ones! 🙂 Thank you, Vida, for sharing your gifts and to your guides for allowing me to be part of your Instagram community! All the best, V.A. NYC

Hi Vida! I wanted to thank you again for my amazing reading last night ! I mean they are always amazing but last nights really touched me and was major confirmation!!!! I really have no words for how much it means to have you be part of my journey . And when you said you were proud of me WOW! Driving to work today I got emotional, in the best way! You’ve helped me grow beyond my expectations. Thank you 🙏 ❤️ Have a fantastic weekend !  S.M., NJ

I have so much love for you and your family (animal race included). I imagine your voice all the time and it’s saved me so much money on bond stg. I’ve survived shootings, murders, set ups and assaults, in 24 years but for the first time after something like that happened I could go to sleep when I came home. I still haven’t talked to anyone about it, even my past. In college, I used to check my windows and doors hourly and wait until sunrise to sleep. While living alone in XX, I had a stalker who confessed he murdered to scare me and it worked. I felt like I would pray to anyone who would listen and keep me alive another sunrise. Having you in my environment really has changed how I think about myself and my vulnerability to forgive and keep thriving beyond survival. This is a lot and I didn’t expect to write this much but I feel like meeting you has changed my life and what I feel I deserve. I didn’t know when I was a young girl that I would live to see 25 years old. This in itself has done something for me. Much love to you + loved ones. A.D.H.,  VA

Hi Vida, I just wanted to thank you so much for my goodies I just received. I am almost done with my first custom blend oil you made and blessed for me last year and wanted to continue. I just wanted to share with you that the messages you have been led to in order to customize my oil really resonates with me so much at this time in my life. When I read what the oil is for I became emotional. There are certain things that are going on in my life that I keep to myself and just knowing spirit led you to create this custom oil to things pertaining to my current situation moved me. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you, your team, my team and your gifts. This oil will help me as I enter the next phase of my life. Gracias por todos, blessings to you and have a great evening. E.N., Bronx NY

Hi Mama V, This email is long overdue and I’ve been meaning to send it for a month now. Nevertheless, all things are in divine order and Spirit is allowing me to send you this message now. Since our readings began and my consistent efforts to follow your guidance and trust my intuition, so much has shifted around me in a truly positive way. Everything from thanking my team/ancestors before I get out of bed to writing the letter to my rapist, I am fortified and powerful. My relationships have strengthened even though my firm stance has pissed some members of my family off. Those who support me have honored my newfound self. I know you’re super busy so I’ll keep it short by letting you know the agency came through for me as you said they would. I found a really good doctor who’s confident in helping me become a mommy even though surgery is necessary. I have an MRI tomorrow but I’m so positive. And finally, we’re in contract on a home that we’ll be doing serious renovations on. That said, realizing how booked you are and in preparation for your time off, we expect to bless our home.Thank you for your love, your guidance, your generosity of Spirit. With Divine Love, R.B., PW, NY

Lovely Vida, My package arrived immediately as always and I can’t thank you enough.  My candle is lit and I’ve already received a message from Spirit this morning.  Your tools are powerful and I’m thankful to have you to learn from, you give so much in service and I truly appreciate you..it is not easy to find Spiritual advisors with honesty and integrity but you have that and then some 🙏🏼 Love you, L.T., DMV

Dearest Vida- You read me for filth in wanting to go back to Pittsburgh because all I was thinking about was how expensive the cost of living is here and how the fuck am I supposed to get the paperwork to square away this shit. I asked my ancestors to send me a dream and I saw myself driving a boat out at sea with a man and a woman on each side. Then today I made an intention to connect with my intuition as my main priority, so I come home and pick up the rabbit to confirm that you were right. I found her true condition almost enough to push me to tears and will now spend most tomorrow at the vet clinic with her, which she is not happy about. I’ve never held and picked her up before today. I found an article online talking about how rabbits were the favorite of many goddesses and known as a trickster in indigenous traditions, but also a guide on shamanic journeys lol. In a weird way, I’ve been thinking of my mom and letting go of my resentment on how I raised my three siblings and gave her credit. A voice keeps telling me I knew I would take care of them and show up on the daily, just like you confirmed with the rabbit. A.H., Oakton  VA

Hi Vida! Last month you did a dream analysis for me and that was EYE OPENING. So much of what you explained was very clear and resonated. You’ve really helped me focus on finding my inner truth and manifesting abundance. I’m so excited, I’ve purchased an unlimited reading! After lots of talk with my unseen dream team, they told me to jump in. Thank you for everything that you do. Looking forward to hear from you soon! Have a great day! M.M., CA


Hi Vida, This FUCKING WORKS!!! I live with the hater and no matter how much he’s trying to get under my skin, I’m calm. Can’t wait to talk. Just had to tell you. And my envelopes too. Because my intuition is on 1000. And I’m putting my energy on the kids and work, and it is helping. Ok I know we talking soon, but had to say this. Thank you for what you do!!!  Love you! Y.G., NY, NY

I just want to say thank you and what a blessing it was to have a reading with you. It was conformation on a lot of things/circumstances/behaviors that i know, and it’s really helped me already and it’s been an eye opener for sure. It made me so happy that right away you knew i had some anxiety and helped me calm down, and that my grandma was also present. This reading and talk with you means so much. Again, thank you, and for all that you do. I have so much gratitude towards you and everything you do 💕. C. E. LA, CA

Dear Vida, I had purchased your bath bomb, envelope, gem & necklace to help me with self love.  I have also started to read about Chakra and just started yesterday with yoga.  I use the stone & wear the necklace to help me with the energy.  Well, this morning I remember my dream of snakes. I was in some kind of attic with my sister and she screamed was afraid,but I was not.  I just stayed there open a box & watched all the snakes come out.  I thought this was odd ,so I looked up the  dream & then saw your instagram about snakes. Timing couldn’t have been better.  I honestly never thought snakes are part of healing and your story about your snake skin & healing emotionally really made me even more curious.Turns out dreams of snakes  has many meanings, but the one interpretation that speaks to me is the one that represents the awakening of Kundali from my Root Chakra & the healing, which you confirmed in instagram. Your stones, gems & the few word that you said that spirit said on my leaf reading are totally correct.  I am trying to be consistent with taking care of myself  through praying  ,meditating & follow my intuition.   I guess that’s what my dream is confirming.  I am headed towards the right direction to be healed.  Wow this is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to use my bath bomb.  I can’t wait to get a massage, relax in a bath with the great smelling bath bomb.  Excited on your products & can’t wait till order next month.  Thank you again for sharing with us on your amazing gift of communicating with spirit. A.M. Bayonne, NJ

Good morning Mrs. Vida, Im sending immense love & light to our family & friends during the difficult times you all face. I pray that this email finds you well. I wanted to take a little bit of time to thank you for your time & all the effort you put into your products. Let me back track a second, I was led to your page through other spiritual workers & was apprehensive at first about products because through the years I have tried a few with other people and there were very few that stuck with me. So I bought ticket to the Nomad Bazzar event & saw that you would be there & I did not want to miss the opportunity to greet you & purchase one of your products literally on hand. The day of the event my personal life was just so hectic, I almost didn’t make it! I was so anxious & just feeling overwhelmed by the time I got there all of that went out the window. I was able to enjoy the atmosphere & feel at peace. You answered all of my questions & took the time to explain to me the things I needed to know. Needless to say I walked away from your table with a few products. But one for each member of my family. SINCE that day, everytime we step foot out of our residence, there is a sense of peace & clarity that follows us. Especially me, my husband had told me of similar things he faced through out his day as well. I really wish I would have been able to buy one of everything you had, but I see that coming in the near future, so long as God continues to allow you to shine your light. I’m not sure what it is, the scents, the feeling & the overall juju of your products, your energy & work truly is a gift. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I look forward to working with you in the future & continue to keep your products on hand. By the way, it was the dragon blood, rose toner, & baby azabache bracelet. Y eso que también compre a sage & still have yet to burn it. Again, thank you so much, many blessings & so much love!! – A.F. NY, NY

Hi Vida, It was great to see you today. 🙂

Your business blessing has truly been magical for me and I want to thank you so very much for your help and for being part of this chapter in my life. My inspection was approved, I received 2 checks… (a total of almost $900), and I hired an amazing employee which means I can stay working a little longer until business starts officially booming. (OMG all this happened 4 days later). My candle was very resistant at first but now its dancing flame that is burning beautifully.Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you and I want to wish you great health, love, happiness, abundance of wealth and success, … I can keep going.. may you continue to be prosperous in everything you do. You are such a blessing. Keep doing your thing. Best wishes, S. S. Manhattan, NY

I am not sure how it works (the proper way to say it) but your energy resonates with me, beyond having lived my whole life afraid of embracing my wholeness, because the faith I grew up into (Catholicism) has no space for anything else… And by that I don’t mean that I have any special power(s), beyond my intuition  (or maybe I do)… But long story short,  I was drawn to you, and I respect and treasure that… Drawn to you without even knowing you before, or about your work, until I asked Ada to ask you to accept me on IG… I don’t know why I write all this, but either way, the most important thing is: thank you! We’ll talk soon, Blessings, ET, Aventura FL

Hi Vida! I have been wanting to email you since the day of the reading to thank you but I followed my intuition like you said and waited. Today I heard it clear as day “email her”. So here I am thanking you for everything you taught me to do in my reading. I’ve been working really hard to do my wake and sleep gratitude moments and protecting myself and it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m still working on being more disciplined about it but I started to allow myself to open my minds eye and not block my connection to my team. Just a few minutes ago I had the most amazing moment while sitting in car before work and doing my gratitude and protection prayer. I saw my team! Now I didn’t see faces but my spirit knew and they confirmed so much that you said with just actions. Every time I ask for protection I immediately see wings wrap around me and it’s the most incredible feeling to know i have my own personal protection. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t thank you enough. I’m constantly getting confirmations about our conversation. I can’t wait to update you again on everything else we spoke on. But for now my extend my gratitude towards you and your team. Have an amazing night! You’re the best!  Best Regards, SM, NC

Dear Vida, I am longer overdue in saying Thank you to you.  You have been an amazing influence in my life and in my spiritual growth (have much work to do in this area). Last week I ordered a money bag and in with my item was a small crystal as a Thank you from you.  What?!  I couldn’t believe it.  It’s me that should be thanking you! This morning I received my second shipment – Road Opener.  As soon as I read the instructions, I was overcome with emotions. Even as I write this I feel tears in my eyes.  So I sincerely want to thank you, for being you, and for sharing your gift with us. 🙏🏼💜🧡 EG, San Lorenzo CA

Hi Vida, I just wanted to say thank you! The event has been great,  and I have received clear messages through you. Thank you for being so respectful. I don’t know why, but I feel I should tell you that the way you present the 1:2 combo is so in alignment with the way this world was meant to be:  Inclusive and respectful of all, creating community, understanding that as long as we love more, do not overstep boundaries,  and stop judging others, we can peacefully coexist, learn from each other and become more powerful individually and together. You beautifullly convey this message, cursing and all. God, our higher power, created all things to help us in our path on this life space, why wouldn’t we embrace it… Ego gets on the way.Thanks for that hug! It means more to me than you will ever know… When I saw this hug in my mind earlier this morning, we were outdoors,  and we were both under a big tree, covered by its shade and the tree that looked exactly like the tree of life (similar to the one in Disney) but we weren’t there -on Disney. We were in a place with a lot of land, not too much green, we were resting, like taking a break from work, and we were talking about something that made us hug.  The actual hug in person brought a soothing and peaceful feeling to me, thank you! Thank you for letting me know something that the overthinker I am never thought of before: Faith and Fear cannot coexist! Thank you, thank you. Many blessings to you and your loved ones. With much love and respect, ET, Aventura FL

Hi- So this is more of a confirmation and thank you from our last session. I went to a museum today in an attempt to relax. There’s this political/art beef in Europe and Italy is pulling its art from France (currently). Today to my surprise, there was a whole Italian Renaissance era section of galleries debuting, which affirmed what you said to me about some of my past and French Renaissance collections (including a bust of King Louis XIV whose estate I visited at the Chateau of Versailles in France a few years ago). I cried when I saw the Da Vinci piece for what seemed to be no reason. Van Gogh passed to the spirit realm on my birthday and I’ve studied art before, but I know I have seen some of these artifacts before. I really needed this companionship today. Thank you for your help. AH, Oakton, VA

Wow , I am blown away!  Thank you so much for your prayers and working with spirit. It puts our minds at ease and I am excited to read him the final day.  I’m am truly blessed to have this done by you, Vida. And I absolutely will be coming back when guided to! Everything has been spot on , I’m excited for this custom spell work! S.A., Scotch Plains, NJ

Hey Vida,Hope you’re well. Hitting you up because I had a car accident recently and in my catscan they found a brain tumor that’s probably benign.  It’s on the left side of my brain. The pressure of it and the removal can end up impacting speech and language. I was talking to a friend about it today, and your words from  our reading came to mind, it was something like, “Before you touch the ground, speak, Pray to God out loud. Thank God that you can do the basics like talk.” It gave me chills. I’m definitely praying and meditating on my voice and my language- God knows it’s taken forever to become confident in it. Thank you for being a vessel and allowing the message to come through you to me. Thank you for a small warning so far in advance. Love, LA, Oakland CA

Vida, First and foremost, I want to say that you’re a beautiful soul! Ever since coming across your page, I have to say that my life has truly changed! At the time I was in this different space in my life where I started to be mindful, pay more attention to the things and people around me, attempting to be at one with myself and truly listen and follow my intuition (something that I questioned for years). And oh boy! Those simple things changed the way I viewed a lot of things. I purchased your love mojo envelope on 10/10/18 and since then my boyfriend of 8 years and I have really started to make moves to help us move into the next chapter of our relationship (marriage). We went ring shopping and talked to the family about seriously taking this next step. I get goosebumps thinking about it. At one point in our relationship, I questioned if this is something he even wanted. I am so happy to see where we are now. I have a feeling he will pop the question in the next few months! I followed the instructions, I wrote my intentions on the envelope and it feels like I am manifesting my wants into reality. Then on 11/19/18, I purchased the money mojo envelope and boy or boy does this thing have some serious power! Again, I followed instructions, I wrote my intentions and I placed it in my wallet. Since then, I was approved for a home equality loan (which is unheard of because my home lost a lot of value over the years making it almost impossible to take a loan out). This HE loan allowed me to pay off some debt, saving almost $300.00 a month. Then I won a civil suit for an unpaid water bill that an old tenant left me with. The courts awarded me $750.00. I mean there have been countless things that have happened financially that have been mind-bottling to me! However, the most mind-bottling one yet was, last week I decided to burn my money mojo envelope after seeing one of your IG stories. Today I get an email from my job saying that on tomorrow’s paycheck I will see a Spot Bonus of $750.00 for my performance! Thank you for spreading your love and energy! I am truly thankful for you! I can’t wait to get an unlimited reading with you! You have awakened something in me that sees things differently and my life has not been the same since! Thank you! DA, Silver Springs MD

Hello Vida! I already thanked and hugged you today, but I needed to follow up with more gratitude! Gurl… lol! Look, today was amazing! You answered questions without my asking them! I am so thankful to my Spiritual Family for making it possible for me to be in that room! Thank you for your transparency, and for all that you do…  thank you for being YOU. I would like to set up monthly sessions just to have an opportunity to talk to you – I enjoyed your energy and it would be more of a Spiritual check-in…  a chance to review things that I reserve only for my spiritual team.  Don’t worry, I will go through the appropriate steps to set that up. Thank you again and please enjoy the rest of your stay in Florida! Warmest- VP, Orlando FL

Vida. The first post I read this morning was the repeat message you told me in my reading. Since my reading, I have been in contact with (name redacted due to privacy). Between emails I told him everything you said to me about him and his addictions etc. Which I am happy I did. It made him break it off between the girl he was using and made him realize he needs help. He went to meet a therapist yesterday already. I wanted to tell you this because the work you do not only helps the people you are doing sessions with but, also the people around them. You touch sooooo many souls indirectly as well. You are an amazing healer and guide. As for the IG post. It’s confirmation that I can’t go back. I don’t know why but, I really felt that post was for me (I’m sure many others as well) however, they were the same exact words you had just told me last Thursday. I’ve been crying everyday since because I admitted to you that I’d go back to him if he got help and he’s doing just that. And, I truly still love him and his potential. It’s a VERY hard test. I have so much love for you and what you’ve helped me through and are helping me through. I hope this email finds you well. C.S., Canada

Vida, thank you. Thank you for the sense you have brought into my life. I need to do a lot of work and grounding and all this I recognize thanks to the messages you have shared during my readings, your card of the day post and the most life changing of all The One, Two Combo event. Thank you for all the hard work you put in behind the scenes that comes with putting an event together, or channeling someone’s energy or finding time to post on Instagram, etc. I appreciate all you have done for me, my sister and all who seek your guidance. You rockkk, many blessings to you and your family❤️❤️❤️😘 E- NY,NY

Dear Vida, It’s been over 1 month since my reading with you as a first time customer and I just want to thank you for being that guide to Push myself towards self love and appreciation.

Not a day goes by when I thank spirit and always have the thought of putting my needs first before anyone else. I still show love and support others close to me but I always make sure I’m tending to my own needs before making time for them. I remember when you told me I have the power to manifest everything that I want and that it would all take time. Well I would like to let you know that I bought a brand 2019 model car.My SUPER old car I’ve been holding on for more almost 15 years  broke down on me on a day that I least expected. It was a difficult few days since I really depend on my car to get to and from work. Instead of getting mad about it, I took it as a sign and jotted down a day on the calendar where I’d make an appointment with a local dealership. As far as my relationship with my family, it’s been calm these past few weeks.

I’m also thankful for spirit sending me messages at moments when I need it and also in dreams. Much of it being the theme of light, and shining through. ✨I’m learning to feel how rewarding it is to celebrate myself, my progress and dreams. As of now, I am strengthening the few close friendships I hold and I have to say that they’ve grown stronger over the past several weeks.

Now that I got my new car, (a little earlier than I expected), the next thing to tackle on my list is my own space, my own apartment closer to my job.Thank you so much for being of great guidance to all of us. ❤ I look foward to working with you again soon. EG, NY, NY

I’m writing this as the water is running out. I am beyond grateful for this healing. I hope one day we can meet and work together. I cleaned my chakras with the bag, laid in the water and they told me to dunk my whole head in. I’m so glad I got this. I’m not sure if everyone receives a healing on this level but I can tell you it was much more than abundance and prosperity that I received in that tiny bag. I’m in shock and awe. So much gratitude and I expressed it already to your ancestors, guides, lineage, angels and your higher self as I feel she was here with me. Baffled by the healing I received in this bath. Heart wide open screaming THANK YOU! K.M, CO

Vida, From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. This was a rude awakening for me. I feel like I have been in an overall good place since the start of 2018, I have put in the work, learned lessons, and have asked my team for support and guidance and signs of all sorts (and listened), and I manifested SO much amazingness in 2018, yet I didn’t take myself into account. I have indeed been an emotional roller coaster since September, full of anxiety because I have so much going on (good things) and have been adjusting to a shit ton of changes. I haven’t been gentle with myself and I’ve definitely been mentally hard and critical on myself. Thru this candle Spirit definitely gave me a spiritual smack in the back of the head! Message has been received and I have already started to do  the work. I am committed to myself, my love, my joy, my well-being from this day forward. THANK YOU FOR THE WORK YOU DO AND TO SPIRIT FOR USING YOU AS A VESSEL TO DELIVER THESE MESSAGES. Thru your spiritual work, You and 2 other practitioners (they are not mentioned because The Almighty Pineapple does not have legal consent to do so) have helped me heal, grow, and evolve so much in the past few year, and for all of you I am extremely grateful. Finally, I don’t know WHY I waited this long to order a roll on! Now I wish I would’ve gotten the spray! I used Flower Power this morning and I have had an overall sense of calm and peace since I put it on. I brought both flower power and Bitch be gone with me to work for an extra boost throughout the day! Love you, and many blessings to you and your family. I’m looking forward to checking in in a few months and seeing what spirit’s got for me next. D.V., Bx, NY

Hello magical woman! I follow my intuition now, well I try my very best to do so and this is the reason why writing to you. I just wanted to tell you that speaking with you almost 2 years ago changed my life. I didn’t know it then but as the months went by the more and more I felt myself changing and evolving. Of course, there’s much more work I have to do and much to learn. I want to thank you for the way you deliver the message and how bold you are. I am a completely different person since we spoke. I have found someone else within in .. I found my magic! I have never felt this way. I thank God, the Universe and all my angels who guide me day by day! They are so strong btw! They are loud!!! Lol they know I’m stubborn! And maybe just a about a month ago you said “get out of your on way!” And I finally listening and I cannot begin to tell you how fast my life changed in such a little time! Every day I look forward to your daily message guided by that powerful team of yours. I pay close attention and even if it feels like it doesn’t resonate with me I still listen! Thank you again you are an angel on earth! I always go back to what you told me that day and I carry it with me and I hope one day I can reach a spiritual level that can allow me to reach true “deep knowing”✨ My hope is to maybe not change the world but at least chance somebody’s world! To make a difference in their lives! Or fuck it maybe even change the whole world 🤷🏻‍♀️ who knows! By the way yesterday was my birthday and I turned 33 on the 3rd and that alone is magical to me! I know this new chapter will be a life changing one and I believe in it with all my heart and soul! Love, N.R., NY

Vida, Okay…I finally feel like I’m processing my reading. With everything going on I really had to take it in bit by bit. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are such a real and genuine person and your soul shines through in your ability to connect with others and show us there is more to all of this than our emotions and our day to day routines.So much of what you said resonated deeply with me. I wish I could remember all of it because it cones back in bits and I’m like “yessss…that’s what Vida meant!” it was so crazy to say the words to you- “I wish I just had a blueprint (for life)” and then have you read the cards using that exact word. You hit the nail on the head with me so often during our reading and you really clarified my need to spiritually dig deep which I had been thinking about often lately. You understood where I had been emotionally and where I was now and what I had been accustomed to and taught to accept as “normal”. The fact that you mentioned a generational curse after my oldest had expressed that- still shocks me. There is no way you could have known that was in the back of my head the way it was! I just really wanted to say- as I said quickly on Skype…your putting yourself out there the way you do, knowing it will affect your energy to feel ours, just so that we can benefit from the guidance- it’s beautiful and very much appreciated.I continue to pray and meditate and list what I’m grateful for… and cannot thank you enough. (One more thing- If you remember- I had asked for an earlier reading and you wrote back saying our date would come before I was up on the wait list…had I moved it up I wouldn’t have had the same message of healing that I needed after the day before. You are so right about Spirit’s timing vs our human “wants”). Thank you again. You are a blessing. T.H., FL

Vida, I just wanted to thank you so much.  I felt drawn to your Instagram page immediately. Your posts have really helped me in the past few months of my life. I literally felt like I was lost and was going deep down in a depression. I started reading your post about asking for help and being thankful and I did just that. I just want to tell you that your posts have helped me so much. I purchased your money and justice bags and I have called on my spirit guides for help and I recently got a new job and I am leaving a firm I have been with for 15 years. I have been learning to accept the brujaness that runs in my blood and trust myself. I really felt the need to reach out to you because I was ready to give up but you made me realize, I couldn’t let myself do that. I had to try to do more for me and my kids. Again, I can’t thank you enough. May your blessings multiply a million fold. Soon enough I’ll have the money to get a reading! I can’t wait Vida! Keep doing what you’re doing! V.A.

Hi Vida,Wanted to say, thank you & your keychain is something serious. I almost didn’t grab it with me when I went for lunch. On my walk back from lunch, it fell when I went to snap a quick pic of message that caught my eye and the eye chain came off. Praying now, and will walk with the protection mojo while I receive more guidance from my spiritual squad and God. Praying to see what I am missing and that whatever is in the dark comes to light. In the meantime, calling on my angels. When I went to pray using the Akashic Records, angel numbers popped up.

With my Catholic/Christian upbringing, would’ve never explored this level of protection and being proactive about my spirituality in all it’s depth and faith if it wasn’t for you – everything you offer, all the posts I’m able to catch (will be checking today’s after this email), and ESPECIALLY that reading in May where you checked my lil ungrateful/chip on my shoulder butt by reminding me of who I am/long to be free to be. I was stuck for so long, having progress, but not having consistency in my life when we had the reading. And it’s been a process like you said, I was still going to fumble more before getting to my healing and taking it seriously. Now starting to just begin to see the fruits and purpose behind the stagnant period – all the ways God loved, protected, and corrected me – all the ways tools and gifts were being deposited and molded out of me. I was just tolerating life for the most part, but too scared to face and allow myself to not only accept the pain, but feel it in order to change the circumstances that needed to be different in order for my life to work for me, to nurture me, to feed my soul & my connection to the divine. Will definitely be sending you a longer thank you coming up, but had to share now just how powerful the experience was. And how grateful I am for your magic, your ancestors, and your offerings. Thank you for letting God work through you, definitely feel the difference it makes to tune into all the divine & magic instead of questioning and doubting and wrestling with the fear – no matter how inevitable  – at least dealing with it with God instead of without. As I’ve been going deeper, the doubt has been stronger and being able to turn directly to God and the divine about my doubts has been POWERFUL. I end up humbled by all the memories that come to me throughout the day & night of when God and my team has had my back over and over again. So I’m sorry for the length, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Feeling dramatic, but really know and trust enough now to know there’s no coincidences, only miracles. To know I’m being protected is what helps me feed my faith instead of the gnawing fear coming at me stronger and in such a different way than before. Thank you again. D.M. NYC

Aloha! As one of your followers from Instagram, I’m always deeply moved and enlightened by your works and how absolutely crystal clear your spiritual teams work with you. My ancestors want me to thank you, and they also want to introduce themselves. As you introduced your teams on your live earlier and was speaking on how you work, it was almost like a thousand voices in my head were agreeing with you. I honestly could go on, but on behalf of Goddesses Papa, Pele, Hi’iaka, Poliahu, and Lilinoe. And Gods Kū, Kamahoali’i, Lono, and Awakea. Thank you mama Vida. I. A.- Hawaii

Hey Mammavida, Just stopped by to say, Thank you for being real and being you! I’ve been a quiet follower for a little while, First came across your page from a co worker.  And felt compelled to send you a follow.   I’m from all the way in Australia, but honestly resonate with your soul and who you are as a person so much.  I come across your videos daily and the cards of the day are always so spot on. I finally got to see a live video today and I loved it. Happy anniversary by the way!   As bizarre as it may sound, your videos have given me my confidence back through a dark time, and I wanted to say Thank you.  You may not see it from time to time, but gurrrrl you’re helping people all around the world. Sending lots of love and positive vibes from Aus.

G.Z., Australia

Hi Vida! I have been feeling this joy and positivity in myself lately. It has been a tough 2 years and meeting you was the BEST thing to happen to me in the last two years besides having my daughter. You woke me up, you reminded me of who the fuck I am! You broke me down and gave me a fucking wake up call!  Although my healing journey is not complete, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! Thank you for your time and your energy and your work. I’ve been getting back to the person I once was but I am so much better than her and I am loving the outcome.You asked me a question. If I had to do it all over again, would I? And I told you “no I wouldn’t”, you questioned me, “why, not even to have your kids?” And again I responded “no”. I have an explanation for that and it is because “I felt that having both parents together is so important and if they aren’t together I felt like the kids suffer, my kids suffer. They become scarred and don’t have the best life they should, well the best life I always wanted to give them. Now that I have life in me again and am feeling better and doing things that I used to do and I’m in a better space, my answer to you is YES! I would do it all over again! I would suffer and hurt and cry and heal all over again to give them life and to have them in my life! Having one amazing parent who gives you the world, is better than have two half ass parents that aren’t happy.”

So once again, THANK YOU! I appreciate you and it was GREAT that we met! F.B. Bronx, NY

Since 2012 life put me on this path of seeking spiritual guidance. I came across a few people, they most certainly weren’t right for me. When I saw someone’s post about you, I sent a friend request and only realizing it after the fact I began to say in my mind, please allow Vida to accept my friend request, I need her help. The next morning I woke and you accepted me. I missed our first reading, we agreed it wasn’t time for it. During my reading about a month later although I didn’t speak much, I didn’t have to. Your story clarified everything I needed at that time. Even the numbers 7/11 match my story. It’s been 10 yrs of marriage and hopefully, by year 11 I will be divorced. That number 7 boy is that number true to my story. I thank GOD and every member of my spiritual team for your event Saturday. I once messaged you that you need to write a book, I am more convinced of that now. The platform you belong on is much larger than you imagine. I’m glad your team pushed you. During your workshop, my tears flowed. When you spoke of your daughter and her binding her abilities, it brought me to my family’s home in the campo in DR during my summers there. My dreams as a child were so vivid I can recall them now, and I recall my family praying over me. I was given medication for episodes of “seizures” that disappeared suddenly. I recall being a kid and having electrodes placed all over me because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My mom recently told me a story of a man saving my life after seeing my mom in desperate need at a bus stop with me limp and throwing us in a car, then running into the ER and bypassing all security to bring me in the back to the doctors.  These are all things no one speaks about in my family, I’ve just recently been piecing them together. In my dorm room in college, I saw an old man and a little boy dressed like the Amish. Shortly after I started dating my husband anything spiritual stopped. No more visions, no more intense DeJaVu, no more dreams. When I left my husband in 2012 and moved out I was visited numerous times by what felt like good and bad entities. We got back together, it all stopped again. September 2017 I realized I had to leave him. Physically, the stress began to take a toll, mentally, I was drained. I began to seek spiritual consult. Baths, candles, and a lot of faith led me to leave January 2018. No place to go but my mom’s with 3 kids. On Saturday, when you spoke about toxic energies and blocking I realized at that moment it wasn’t his toxic energy that blocked me, it was my spiritual team interceding so that his toxic energy didn’t further hurt me. During your workshop, I realized I had to put in work to get to fulfillment. I purchased the items on your table that called out to me. Didn’t know what for or why just went with it. Sunday morning the emotional abuse and manipulation began. I decided to light those candles. The candles are now both fully ablaze. My experience on Sunday was life-changing. The energy I felt, as I was on all fours on the floor was so intense. My arms felt like they were on fire, my head kept going in and out from feeling fully congested to feeling intensely clear. The coughing up sensation felt like it came straight from the middle of my chest. The shaking, more like vibrating was indescribable. The phone kept going off and I knew it was an intentional distraction, I ignored it. I kept focused on my prayer and didn’t let up until I was done. After it all I felt more at peace, empowered, and sure of what to do next. This is a super long email, but it’s my testimony that my intuition was 100% correct in pushing me to request you. Although we haven’t had much one on one interaction the way you have changed my life has been so amazing. There are so many additional “coincidences”  that have occurred since my initial request. I look forward to continuing on this path and will be following through with additional services with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am moving towards a better me and you played a big role in that. Sending blessings, love, and light, B.J.P., NYC

Long fucking story short… First thing first.. The Ascension Struggle is REAL!!! In Jan of 2017 I declared it would finally be all about Me. That was a challenge in itself because I wasn’t in the conditioned vein of doing for me, only for others.. In the past, I experienced a grand guilt whenever treating myself which was few & far between. I was physically, spiritually & emotionally enabling myself to get sick from stress from biting my tongue, not sticking up for myself & speaking my truth. I was doing this to myself. I was hurting, withdrawn & simply desired to be set free from the conditioning I had allowed myself to put into daily practice for decades. I was serving from an empty cup instead of my saucer. I had a conversation with God & told HIM: GOD; Show me where I am meant to be or let me go!!! I AM DONE!!! I cannot & will not live like this any longer!!! I placed myself in solitude & detachment. Right when I was ready to thrown in the social media towel for good (I had no FB) I was lead to a Spiritualista, Bruja & Medium @readingsbyvida . I was lead to her via a repost. She spoke from the heart & I felt a instant connection to her energy & message. This Woman carried me through the beginning of my Spiritual Awakening/Ascension with her catch phrases Pray & Meditate aka The One Two Combo, Ask Your Team & Follow your intuition. I first reached out to her on 03/22/17 @ 9:11pm. And through her Lives, Posts, various spiritual products; she brought me clarity & understanding via her countless personal testimonials, personal candle readings, gear for my alter, for myself, & a vision board workshop during the course of 2017. She resonated with me so much so I got one of her quotes #VidaQuotesForLife tattooed on my body: Feed Your Faith & Your Fears Will Starve to Death… On 03/26/18 @ 9pm I had my one on one with @ReadingsByVida. She confirmed everything I had been questioning over the past year to the point of even connecting with my transitioned loved ones & uncovering the time of my birth right before my eyes. I literally was in awe & humbled by my personal experience with her.  R. T. FL

This is just a few words I have for you this am..

V, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for what you do, the love and truth, the time and energy you give. It is truly a gift. You are truly a gift. Thank you for sharing yourself, your gift, your thoughts and power with all of us. Thank you for being the Spiritual Guidance Counselor that you are. I’ll be scheduling some time with you when I feel it’s right again. Just wanted to say hi and thank you ❤️ the cars of the day hit me in the Soul and it was exactly what I needed today to get thru the day. No words for how grateful I feel for those words are some days. K.M.

Hello, I hope this email finds you well . I wanted to let you know that you have done several candles for me road openers and a unlimited reading. You confirmed that the house was ours to pray and meditate to stop letting my emotions get in the way. This Friday we closed on our home. We were able to pay in cash no mortgage. I have your money envelope also. Thank you so much!, D. L. Bronx NY

Good Morning Vida, Hope you are doing Amazing! Let me tell you, you are such a blessing. I can’t help but love you and see you as a mother figure in a sense. You’re exactly what I’ve always needed. Snaping me back into reality. I’ve been meditating everyday, trying to keep my thoughts positive. I repeat the afirmation you sent me everytime. I can be very controlling and over think things And get depressed and horrible anxiety but my mind just keeps getting quieter, more positive and I’m going more with the flow. I have never felt more.. like myself again you know… I ordered the money, and abre camino and love mojo envelopes and…I just got hired at this amazing spa and I’m going to be earning so much more, the manager and owner are the nicest people in the world. I start Monday!. I’ve been loving myself so much more too, like it’s like this rush of confidence and self love has entered me and just changed my entire mind set. People are suddenly extra nice, just blessings on top of blessings.Thank you so much for everything vida, I send you peace and love and blessings. I am So grateful for you. Hope you have a beautiful vacation. Thank you for all that you do. M.P. FL

Good Morning Vida

Took me over a day to truly process everything that was said and guided by spirits in my reading with you! Universe truly did send you here to help souls like me. I’m glad I came across you and patiently waited for our reading. I haven’t felt more relieved and alive before. You are very comforting and truly amazing to read me like an open book. You knew exactly what to say and how to say for me to truly understand where&what all I need to work on and how important self love is. Thank you so much for your confirmation and with your guidance I made a promise to myself to be a better version of me that I know I can be so I can get to where I want to be. I’m praying and sending you nothing but good vibes all the way from Cali! I’ve opened myself up to my spirits and angels to guide me and I thank you for helping me get on the right path to help me with my spiritual journey and life! 🙏🏽 🙌🏾💕

Mamá Vida.

This Cho Ku Rei 7 chakra pendant is LIT. I have scoliosis & osteoarthritis throught my body & spine & have noticed I am standing straighter as well as have decreased pain throughout my body. Between my Mini Orgone pendant & Cho Ku Rei Green Aventurine Orgone pendant have me feeling centered & calm/peaceful & not so anxious. I absolutely LOVE these pieces & wanted to thank you for all of the time, energy, love, light, blessings & attention you put into all you do for me & The Pineapple Gang.  Bless you for being you & for doing all that you do. You are respected, appreciated & loved more than you know. Love you Lady!!! #PineappleGangForLife🍍 #☝🏽✌🏽Combo #PUSH #AllHailTheMightyPineapple🍍 #MyFavoriteBruja🔮

Hey Vida,

I’ve been watching your stories and I hope Spike heals soon. You are such a devoted mama to all your babies. It is truly inspiring af.

I was guided to come to you for candle work when my mother told me she was looking for an apartment for me. The process was very emotional as you noted. However, your work and spirits came through for me in the best way possible.

Every weekend my mom and I were driving to locations, but none were a fit. Like you said, parking was an issue or it wasn’t a good school district. About two weeks ago, my father noted a sign in town. A sign my family drives by every day multiple times a day. Im not sure how long it was up, but I feel like a mighty long time. By the divine time my father saw it the price on the rent was lowered from 2800 to 2300. It is still a little over my budget. I was hoping for 2100, but the location is EVERYTHING. Its two driving minutes from my parents house in a small, safe, town in Xxxxx . Its a central location. NO neighbors, I am above a xxxx and a xxxxxxx. Right across the street from the xxxxx which I visit frequently with my online shop and I have a beloved big rooftop. I feel like its going to get very magical in my place. Everything is BRAND newly renovated. It is a dream and I know 1000000% YOU and YOURS, my angels, ancestors, guides are the reason why that this perfect place is soon to be mine. I sign the lease tomorrow!!

I also received your transformation pendant in the mail. Yesterday, I finally got a chain for it and today is the first day I am wearing it. This week has been very emotional but I do feel lighter wearing it. It is super gorgeous and I think this is the perfect time to wear it as I am going through so much transformation. Especially, this week!!

Thank you soul much for all your dedication to all your babies and clients. We love you dearly. Sending you and yours much love and blessings, beloved!


Hi Vida!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This transformation pendant works fast!!! I removed it from my mailbox after 9pm last night. The person I’m dating is amazing but had been reserved in declaring their love and it was making me anxious. By 11 pm this man was on the phone professing his love to me.

I’ve also been thinking about earning some additional income. I walked into the office today and a colleague informed me of her side hustle, which is totally doable!

I was denied a promotion yesterday and old Me would have been in a fit, angry, and emotional. I took it in stride. I recently wrote down an intention to have a lucrative business that will allow me to come and go as I please, being tied to a 9-5 wouldn’t allow for that. Honestly, not getting this promotion is helping plot my next step. This is all in the first 24 hrs of getting the transformation pendant. I’m so excited for what’s to come. Thank you for sharing your abilities with us!

Con amor, BP, BX NY

Warning this quick note turned into a long testimonial, but it will be worth it.

Gracias Mamá Vida!!! I should also share that spiritually I have been able to connect in super intense and amazing ways with my ancestors and guides.  Since you came to bless my home the growth has been massive. I feel, see, sense, and hear now. My home feels like a sanctuary. I created my bóveda and altars as we discussed. I performed my own trabajo releasing everything that was not for my highest good and calling all the blessings for my highest good. This led to meeting the person I’m dating who has a spiritual background and loves me for me. My sister and I now have a real bond and are working together to heal the trauma we experienced growing up, not to mention the generational trauma we have been learning about within our family tree. I’ve also looked in the “mirror” and acknowledged many of my own toxic behaviors. It’s led to a better relationship with my little ones as they had started to imitate the negativity. My best friend since 1st grade and I stopped communicating when I went back to my ex in 2014 and without my knowledge he called her and basically said I had chosen him and she had to go. In December we were able to reconnect in a chance encounter and it’s like we never left each other. None of this is coincidence! Every positive thing that has happened is due to putting in the work.

That faithful day I saw you on @allthingsada page was life changing. When I saw you were selective in who you accept I prayed before requesting you. I said please let her feel my energy and know I truly wish to connect with her. This led to my first steps into positive change. I had so many revelations and confirmations at the LaBrujasClub event where I first met you in person, the 1-2 combo event totally freed me of guilt that stopped me from praying in the past, and the readings I have experienced with you always point me in the right direction. Not to mention your products! From the herb bags I use for spiritual work, your candles that allowed for an intense spiritual experience, the amulets, and soaps that I use for my children. The help you have provided for people I care for and sent your way… I can go on and on!

Gracias!!! Your impact on my life in immense, never stop being you! I hope your fur babies feel better soon and that you and yours continue to be blessed.BPJ, BX NY

Subject: Group ritual

Message: Hello Vida!

I just wanted to message you and tell you I definitely felt the energy from this ritual. All night i felt hot (temperature wise) and i usually run very cold. All I wanted to do was dance and my spirits were very high. I felt the energy coming though.

Thank you for all you do! <3 CE, CA


I also want to thank you for every thing you do. I’ve gotten so much from our previous readings and I appreciate it so. It has brought so much clarity into my life. I got my transformation pendant back a few days after our last reading and I must say that it has shown me that a certain person has to be removed from my life, at least in the emotional/partnership way; since I know we’ll always be in each other’s lives. I know this because before having my pendant I would get so much anxiety at the thought of it and so much restlessness; but now I just feel this sense of peace within me; and I know for sure it’s ok and it will be okay to let go and even though I know it’s not time to completely part ways at this moment of our lives, el tiempo de Dios es perfecto and I know things will fall into place when the time is right. WS, NJ

Subject: Ritual feedback

Message: Good morning Vida!!! First, I want to say thank you! I was holding a grudge towards certain “friends” of mine and one in particular whom I was very close with for years sent me a text message at 10:23pm last night and we spoke the way we use to before our falling out this summer. It’s feel like we were never upset with one another and it’s flowing naturally the way we use to be. Amazing! I can’t wait for what’s yet to come. Thank you again! 🙏🏻 Xoxo. LC, BX NYC

Subject: Group Ritual

Message: Good morning Vida! First let me express my gratitude to you & your squad ! I love your bad bitch vibes & your bluntness! After watching your live yesterday it resonated with me in many ways! I’m one of those that purchased a transformation pendant & feel like nothing has happened buttttt ….. in reality digging deep I find that nothing major has happened but little things. I need to be more open to receive what I know is for me! Like you said, I need to do the work. Sorry I’m drifting off lol but anyway … I joined in your group ritual last night & let me tell you giiiirlll … orgasm … orgasm, ORGASM ! my hubby & i have sex every 2 or 3 days or so, we’re pretty regular but last night it felt different, it was different. i was different. thank you truly for all that you do & i hope blessings continue to rain on you & yours! <3 DV

Good afternoon Mama Vida,

The first time I listened to the videos my heart dropped. It was validation of what I had been feeling that week. After not speaking or seeing my mom in close to a year I reached out to her last week, and took the drive to Big Bear to go visit her and spend some time. I can’t explain the feeling of peacefulness I felt this past weekend. Like I was finally able to breathe and accept the woman she is today, not the woman she was when I was younger. I now realize she did the best she knew how, that she could only love me and be there for me as much as she could herself.

I see her in her new relationship and see how happy she is, and I see my father in his new relationship and see how happy he is, and I’m grateful they found that love that brings them peace. I strongly believe it has given me peace to let go off the past, heal and move forward knowing all is well with my parents. 37 years later I owe it to myself to be the good parent to me and be whole and happy and light hearted. Not to carry anything over to what has been done and can’t be changed. Thank you Vida, for all the guidance You provide and difference you make in this world ♥️

Forever grateful, VG

Hi Vida,

 I would like to say that your posts have always resonated with me since is began following you a few years ago but now the messages you have for the collective hit even harder now. I am aware of my guides and so grateful of them watching over me, making sure I’ll be ok. This whole situation the world is going through really pushed me to tell myself I need to give them more of me than I have lately, I can do better. I am tired, we are all tired. I am one if the very lucky people to still live a semi-normal routine. I drive to work and back home so I am still leaving my house, grateful to still enjoy air outside of 4 walls. It’s helped me cope. I am so excited to have received my order on Friday. My intuition led me to purchase palo santo, sage some bath bombs and a pendant from you. All I can say is WOW. The energy is unexplainable. All I can think of saying is the word STRONG.

So far I’ve used everything except the bath bombs – I feel it’s not the time to use them JUST yet. But the sage and palo santo was like a smack in the face and a kick in the butt for me 🤣😂🤣😂 Kind of like when our loved ones with the best intentions give us advice and say “SEE?? I 👏TOLD👏 YOU👏 SO!!” It was a reminder that these forces are HERE with us, ALWAYS.

One thing is hearing it from you, but another is FEELING it. I needed that. I meditated before using them as well. As far as the pendant goes. I started getting acquainted and asking simple questions to get the feel of the movements “yes” “no” etc. Afterwards I felt dizzy, but it was a different kind of dizziness, not sure how to explain it. Since Friday, I have been trying to get acquainted to the energy, it’s an energy that is so soothing and has brought so much peace into my mind, soul, body and environment in just these last days.

Today, I understand why I was led to do all of these steps to get in tune with my own spirit guides. It was to prepare me for an unforeseen decision at work. I just found out I am being furloughed, it’s tough news to deal with but I heard a voice tell me I was going to be ok and to not throw all that worry on myself. I actually cried, not because of the bad news, but because I felt a sense of relief and calm as if my own body and inner self was saying “Thank you for that reassurance.” I’m starting to pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come in to my mind like a random flash and I know it’s them. ❤

You always communicate with us and tell us how we’re so much in our own heads and how we take unnecessary burdens upon us and the importance of setting boundaries. And also, try to separate ourselves from our own egos. Another message I’ve been getting in these “flash ideas” is the word “community.” This is why I am writing to you, I understand we are always going through our own shit, but you, you are one of the most powerful woman I have interacted with and as part as the Almighty Pineapple posse, thank you and spirit for always being there for us. We may not always like or listen closely to the messages channeled by spirit through you, but when it hits and connects, it feel like a full circle.

Again, thank you for your service. Please stay safe 🙏 EG

Subject: 30 min reading, customs oil, community rituals and just you in general

Message: This is so overdue and may be a tad bit long, every time I come to tell you how thankful I am that I found you the words just don’t come out right. I have participated in your community rituals, had a one on one 30 min Skype reading and have purchase some products ( custom oil blend, sage, and littles protective bracelet). When my mom first brought you to my attention to seek guidance I was so lost, so sad, so unmotivated I had been going through so much and was going through a lot while trying to take care of my infant daughter. I had my 30 min Skype with you and honestly that is where my life starting changing slowly but surely. You didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear you told me I needed to hear, it wasn’t some generic crap that I have heard in the past you were truly speaking to me. I couldn’t afford much at the time but made sure to always atleast participate in your community rituals, I would always feel more calm. I finally finally ordered some custom oil as well and it smells fantastic I love it and whenever I put it on I truly feel protected.Mama Vida, I seriously can’t thank you enough. From reading your post and watching your videos honestly just helps me so much. I went from living with relatives with my daughter out of suitcases, in and out of a toxic relationship with my daughters father, having money and fighting my way back into school before you were brought into my life. Now my daughter and I have our own place, I love myself more then i have in a while, am able to provide the things my daughter and i need and I will be finally be graduating college in December! You are the best and I really can’t explain how much everyone needs Mama Vida in their life!! TW

Subject: New moon in Leo community ritual testimonial

Message: Wow wow wow!!! I need to share my testimony… the night of the ritual I couldn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned and was in and out of super light sleep. I had some dreams but only recall one which was a voice and it said “we are never alone in this house” 😳. So many ways I can interpret that, it gives me chills.

 I woke up with energy and not drowsy despite the sleep issues. Based on what you shared I felt a lot of confirmation. I felt a clear message to not be scared and to move forward one step at a time like the sloth.

I had a job interview the next day and it went drastically better than the one I had the day before. I was more calm and able to express myself. I didn’t choke up under the pressure how I did the day prior. I don’t know if it was the ritual or the fact that I used my protection oil or even a mix of it all but wow the change I felt! I even feel more at peace with making the decision to change my current job.

 Fast forward: I got the job and didn’t do my usual over thinking and I simply accepted it. This is my 3rd week there and it has brought many positive changes. Thank you for your work! NA

“Vida is the real deal, no bullshit. She is always booked months in advance, is generous in consistently offering live videos and content, but has strong boundaries. If you’re ready to hear the fierce love & what you need without the sugar coating, book a session or buy one of her products now. You won’t be sorry.”

— R.N.

Vida, I see you. You are truly an extraordinary, strong, beautiful being. You are LOVED. You are CHERISHED. You are generous to our community, you gift us so much value. We are vessels you have filled, who are also helping to fill the vessels of others. The work that you do expands on this plane, in our hearts and our souls, in the most divine way. I can see your message is helping others to break numerous generational curses. You truly are changing the Human Race, Animal Race and Environmental Race, one heart at a time and one day at a time 🙏 I am grateful for you. I am grateful my intuition led me to work with you. 5 weeks into the ‘Love Thy Self’ package, and I’ve been able to really harness and step into my power. I’ve been able to channel such an intense energy that is literally attracting others, who told me they have been called to me (also being cautious of energy vampires). I recieve messages from others randomly saying they can feel my energy, that I have opened up thier heart chakra. Our thoughts are powerful, and the very intention behind these thoughts is what you taught me makes a huge difference in the outcome. The One Two Combo ! I believe in myself and my abilities a whole lot more, and have witnessed so many changes within my self just in these few weeks. One thing that I always struggled with was a feeling of disconnect, of not belonging, not knowing my ancestry or my culture. The ‘Meet Your Ancestors Guided Meditation’ really did a number on me, I cried after getting off that call with you. It was a profound experience, and very necessary to my healing and stepping forward in my journey. Your message is always on point, loud and clear. Ok a confession, I used to pull my own tarot until I heard you say it’s not for yourself it’s for others. Crickets lol. My cards would literally fly out like yours do. I can imagine how very busy you are day to day, so I want to Thank You for the card of the day videos as they help keep me checked in (and I love the little intro video on youtube, suave!) Always sending Love Gratitude and Peace.”

— J.P.

Dear Mama Vida, What an incredible 12 week journey I have experienced with you… The transformation that has happened within me..I’m beyond humbled and blessed! You helped me… guided me…supported me and have given me such incredible life tools!!! I have found my power…I feel safe in my power again!!!  Boundaries and sticking to them is such a life transformation for me!!! I truly can say that I love myself again… I’ve been feeling lost & empty emotionally mentally & spiritually for a few years!You have helped me… nurtured me back to feeling and finding the “Love within Thy Self!!!     Your package has been a God gift blessing… I trusted my intuition to invest in myself when you first announced it on instagram! I’m so so grateful to you…your work… Your gift!! I love Fucking with you & your powerful energetic ability to heal!!! Blessing love & light!!! Much much love & respect️.

— Rita NY  🦋

Subject: Reading Yesterday

Message: Hi Vida,
I just wanted to say thank you again for our session yesterday. After we hung up, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. You helped me release the guilt I had held on to for over 4 years from my best friends death. You reminded me that healers need healing too and that’s ok. I can not thank you enough for all you did. It was truly, truly life changing and it reminded me of why I got into doing spiritual work myself and how therapeutic it is. The icing on the cake was that the transformation pendant I ordered came in the mail today and I just know in my heart good things (and a new apartment!) is on the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to speaking to you again soon!

— R.P.

Vida, Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone. This message is long over due. Let me start with the first time I met you at a pop-up shop, My sister had made all the arrangement. While I was a little uncomfortable I was open to the experience and what a great moment that was. You said some things to made me stand a little taller, trust things would work out.  While I don’t quite remember the exact words I knew it was the start of something I should look into. So I continue to listening to the IG stories. Soon I purchased a protection bracelet. I was so not sure that it was actually working until maybe a few months later when I lost. I say lost it because I know I left to work with it and when I got home I thought I had it on. Lol started looking for it in my laundry basket with the clothes I had taken of , nothing!!! I continue to look but did not find it. I do recall  that at work while outdoors with the class a bee was after me. I continued to doge it. and I touched the braclet, and I realized the bracelet had fallen to the floor so bend over to pick it up, the bee was gone.  that was the last time I saw it. It did something it made me realize that I was going to be okay.The second bracelet  I recall the day it fell apart. While I was at work taking with a co-worker I got a funny feeling and had a feeling someone was looking at me. When as I turned to look in my co-workers direction, it feel apart beens all over the classroom floor. I was like on wow it broke. OH WOW IT BROKE!!!!!  WHAT NO…… I was so surprised it was and had happen. Then I decided to treat myself to a reading back in November. You were so on point with everything you said to me. So I can say I feel more confident, I was moved from my classroom to a new room in a new building. I’m feeling more creative and learning to love myself first. Im doing it loving all my flaws. Work in progress but I feel happy. During my reading you said my finance was strong. And I purchased a money envelope and yet my savings account and how I handle my finances had greatly improved. And during this time of COVID-19 I feel good to have a little savings.
So thank you for all your talents. I am a lucky person to have you in my life. Thank you !!
Sorry I took so long to write this email to thank you.  Love you Mama Vida

— N.D.

Just wanted to thank you for your card of the day. It resonated with me because it deeply related to what we spoke about during my reading a few weeks ago and the mojo envelope I revived from you, the abre camino/blockbuster, which I burned last night. Fingers crossed and prayers high! Thank you for all you do! What an amazing person you are! E.T.

Thank you for your pre-cautious measures truly appreciate everything that you do & how you do it. P.S: I received my transformation pendant today. IT IS DIVINE. As soon as i touched it my body experienced a beautiful feeling which was easy for me to recognize because when i woke up today i was feeling gloomy and disoriented…I kid you not Vida i felt a warm hug as if someone held me tightly and told me i was safe, happy tears started coming down my cheeks it truly was a magical moment . THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— A.M.

Transformation Pendant:
Launched my business
It’s flourishing
10k surplus
Approved for everything
Qualified for everything
Had $25 previous to this
Yo, idk this sounds fake and made up  BUT BABY! No confirmation needed! It’s in the works thank you! Holy shit. Products coming soon to you. Holistic organic. Certified.

— C.

Hey Vida!  Hope you and the family are well.Wanted to share something with you quickly that happened to me yesterday. Things have been going so well with my biz, no new clients for a few weeks, but that’s ok bc I’m getting traction. Just created my free private FB group (got about 40 women to join), got accepted into an influencer program so now I can finally earn a little commission from products I already recommend to people and I got accepted for a podcast interview! The downloads have been off the chain & then I get the attached text. AN OFFER OF A 90k FOR A JOB!  My ego wanted to take it so bad bc we so need the money, but my soul was like nope! There’s bigger and better things waiting for you and so I declined the offer.  It was the scariest yet most freeing thing ever bc I just knew in my heart that the universe was testing me and it just was not the right decision for me.  The exchange that would have take to place for that salary-not worth it plus it’s no longer my purpose – never was actually. This reminded me of the mini reading I had with you at the last vision board workshop and I smiled. Thanks Vida for reminding me who the fuck I am and the gift I’m meant to share with the world! Btw I told XXXXX about it and he gives me a high five walks away and says…”we don’t do old jobs around here!” 😂😂😂 he’s too much! Love you girl! ❤️Ps – I also raised my prices 😉🙌🏽

— J.J.

Hi Vida,

First of all I have been purchasing your items for months now and using them daily.  Every product that I use has been very helpful to me. I started with the protection earrings and a few spiritual baths. The personalized spiritual bath ( ordered in June)  was very cleansing, helped me release, feel grounded and more at ease. I also felt so much lighter which helped me stay in a higher vibe. With all that has been happening in my life, your products, including the mojo envelopes are life savers. I keep them on my altar , the abundance one is in my wallet and I see movement happening in all areas of my life. It happens so quick that it caught me off guard a few times. However I know it’s important to protect my energy and be mindful of my vibration.  The protection roll on, money and success oil and pineapple lip balm are daily staples that I will restock. Another great item ……I missed the transformation pendant twice..sold out… so I was determined to get it the next time it was offered. I successfully purchased it in June, it was shipped out to me on July 24th and it didn’t arrive ( due to USPS holdups) until August 10. I was anticipating its arrival and actually waited a few days before I started wearing it. Cause I could feel that things were going to start shifting. I hesitated and then on my Dads bday  8/13 I placed it on a chain and started wearing it all the time.  From when I first received it, I sensed the energy from the pendant and knew there was no turning back.This pendant has helped me stay focused, activated my throat, upper chakras and my heart. I feel that I have gained my power back in all areas of my life. Situations that normally would cause me to react in one way is the old me. It’s barely been 3 weeks. My intuition and dream state has been more vivid….and I take time to journal when I remember.  No room for indecision and success comes daily in various ways as I complete tasks on time.  There is no hesitation in saying or preserving my energy and maintaining my self care. I love and know that all of the products that I have purchased have served me well and I will continue to support you. Thank you so much for all that you assist me with. I look forward to doing a reading with you. Vida…..you are an amazing soul and Im blessed to have you in my world. Blessings and love to you, your family and your incredible lineage!!!!!! Love, hugs and immense joy.

— L.M.

PS… this email was long overdue.


The results from the ritual was so on point it is not even funny. My ex approached me yesterday at our exchange spot about trying to settle ourselves and not do the mediation scheduled next week. I wasn’t sure what to think about it, but I decided to be open to it and hear him out. I called him at 8:54 pm to discuss and it went better than I expected. It was also very cathartic for me bc I was able to really express my feelings on how things have went throughout this process, as well as my needs for making our co-parenting relationship better for our daughter going forward. I also stood firm in what I would and wouldn’t accept in the terms. It felt healing to hear him affirm and acknowledging the hurt he caused and how he knows the bond our daughter has with me. We spent over 2 hours on the phone, and I went to bed about an hour or so after, around 12:15 am and I was super restless. I was in and out of sleep and ended up waking up with my daughter about an hour earlier than I normally do, but I didn’t feel tired. When I saw your stories on Instagram and you said you went to bed late, but woke early too I was like whoa! And when I saw the messages from the ritual, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Thank you for sharing your gift and with such an incredible outcome that resonated so much with me I feel honored to have exchanged energy with you for this ritual and end up on your altar.
Con mucho amor, abrazos y bendiciones.

— C.S.

Subject: Full Moon in Pisces Community Ritual Message: Good morning Vida,
Wow. I just have to share. So last time for the new moon in Leo, my body was physically releasing. Spent the whole morning in the restroom. My guides told me “you need space to receive.” I had a rough time since then honestly. It’s apart of the necessary shifts and learning leading to shedding September.I almost didn’t participate in this ritual because I have to pay my rent and I didn’t know if I “needed” it. But I needed something so I just trusted & went for it. When I purchased the service and saw my email confirmation, it was 11:11 as was the total $11.11. So I knew something big was going to happen.Well, yesterday I had a terrible day but it made me really look at things. My body felt so weak before I slept and I was praying for my body to feel better. Somehow, I woke up feeling fine. I thought I’d still feel physically broken but I don’t.To read how things have gotten more smooth and the masculine is starting to hold up the weight was huge confirmation for me. Especially the messages from the ancestors. I’ve been working with them heavily/more than usual since that new moon in Leo.I know something has to change. And this made me feel better about my ability to actually DO what I need to while calmly receiving what comes with that.I am extremely honored and blessed to have been apart of this ritual. My team never lets me down. You never let us down. And what a bigger blessing than to have the wax of this ritual on your personal altar. Thank you again Vida. There are no words to express how magical you are. Best,

— J.R.

So this New Moon Ritual was liberating. My husband and I broke through a couple MAJOR relationship patterns, always creeping up when we have altercations. He finally opened up. It was beautiful to know that we are BOTH deciding to be receptive to change, to shift individually, to connect on a whole different level, and break DAF patterns and old narratives.This conversation was tough! At one point I felt like someone was squeezing my head. I took it as a sign to STFU lol! It was confirmed later by my husband that he didn’t feel heard. Before he opened up though I kept saying to my divine team ” I surrender” and felt goosebumps all over my body! After that everything fell into place.Thank you so much Mama Vida! Though at the moment it was tough, I’m fucking grateful! I am beyond GRATEFUL that my team led me to you. Muchas muchas gracias!

— Z.G.

Subject: New Moon in Cancer Community Ritual Message: Hola! Thank you so much for all that you do and you are a very very strong human!!! I felt your tears through the IG story and just wanted to send you love and healing energy 💕As for the ritual I have done the past 2 rituals the first one was tough but loved the confirmation I got. I have been moody because when my head is all over the place I don’t like how I feel so I can come off harsh, insensitive and mostly because I want to dwell alone. I’m weird but that’s how I cope because my energy becomes too much and I feel like I can suck the air out of the room. This week’s ritual kept popping up and I saw the meaning behind it and liked what the ritual was about and made a note to join by Monday. Well Monday came I cried, vented to my sister on things I have been feeling and she spoke on not being scared to let go. I had a weird day like I was tired, did not want to work, be on the phone and joined the ritual before it could close. The following day I felt very light and clear minded, was energetic/ recharged (which is weird because I’m not a morning person) and happy like really peacefully happy. The sleep was amazing, waking up the next day was incredible, my day went smooth and so fast. It’s helping me let go of the old (specially my what ifs), saying no it’s hard but I’m working on it and just going after what I desire. Sorry it’s long, just wanted to share my experiences. Again thank you for all you do and a big hug from me to you.  Lots of Love,

— M.D.J.

Subject: Full Moon Cancer Ritual – thank you!! Message: Thank you! I felt a calling to this ritual right at the moment I was going to shower so I added it for myself, daughter and husband. I don’t know what happen but i slept trying to catch my breath (husband said it sounded like I was taking in air), have a headache all day but I feel happy!! just happy! And the candles reminded me of a dragon and the figure at end I could swear it was a simuari. Gracias! As always.

— K. A.

Message: Hi, at first I prayed about at 7ish yesterday, I couldnt sleep last night but didnt think of it until I saw your Ig story..However I feel more relaxed…just trusting in what energy you received from the exchanged..

NOW I wonder if last night I was just sense the exchange of energy. Thank you in advance and for whats to come.. pray for healing for your puppy and my you rest well tonight.

— J.C.

Vida !!You changed my life !!! I wish I would’ve meditated the first we spoke!!!!!!!

— M.F.

Vida,Thank you for the work you do. This community ritual was spot on. I finished my workout around 8:30 PM last night and decided to do a meditation. Coincidently, I felt pushed to do a guided meditation on how to deal with regret and overthinking. I also received very good news this morning, something that I had been waiting for quite some time- I got accepted into grad school!Just wanted to share my personal feelings in result of the ritual and thank you again for being you.

— A.S.

Subject: New moon ritual in cancer Message: First and foremost I want to say thank you and I’m holding you with such unconditional gratitude and love 🙏🏻 This new moon was a very transformative one for me and while watching the candle burn of the skull it completely resonated. ON.EVERY.LEVEL. I have been trying to release this specific story that I keep reliving but now I no longer have the desire to even give it attention. I’m going to be very transparent with you as I feel Called to not only email you but to tell you this. I had to terminate a pregnancy in December and I have been at war with who the father was and it’s been a very turbulent stressful ride and today would of been my due date. I woke up today with such clarity because for the last 9 months I’ve been trying to logically dissect why he acted and continues to act the way he did. Today I can say for the first time since that happened I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore. That’s not my journey and he has only been holding me back from my next step in this lifetime on the physical plane. I used to get angry for the words he would say and now I know I’m past that and it no longer serves me. This burning ritual was a clear big neon sign as to what I was releasing subconsciously. Thank you Vida 🙏🏻 For all you do and your magic that you share with everyone and the world. YOU ARE MAGIC and you are AMAZING. Loving you and holding you in my heart with prayers for your fur baby as well ✨💕🙏🏻

— K.O.

Thank you so much for everything you do! This is my third ritual and the last new moon and full moon was very transformative on my feminine left side. And hard on my physical body as well. Im a reiki master so I’ve been working relentlessly on trying to shift timelines and finally with your help i did! So last night wasnt as “hard” on my physical body cause i felt a lil more prepared. Last night i felt alot of negativity cleansing out and my whole left side energy channel ached when i woke up. I felt more grounded in my analytical side and was able to listen more to what my partners perspective was instead of being judgy. He was also in the ritual and he said he experienced alot of lower back pain.

— A.M.

Thank you so much Ritual ; I slept like a log my day was up and down ; but on my way home something Incredible happened  I felt a flood of power , empowerment , one with the universe , love and positivity ; I feel nothing can stop me – then I came home and read the ritual and saw the face and thought woah I am even more connected then I originally thought – I am transforming in a big way and I’m loving every minute ♥️ Thank you for always being you and showing us the good and the bad ♥️♥️ Love u to the moon and back.

— Y. M.

Thank you for first off. I have come to have a love for you and respect . This thank you might not be much but I sometimes feel like I know you and can be protective of you . Even though we’ve never met in person. That has created a love for you that it kind of hurt to see you cry because you were sad for Oreo.  I know he will be ok but it’s scary to go through that. Hes got alot of spunk to give out still. Hes gonna be happy to see his momma when hes all done.  I thank you for sharing that with us.

— J.R.

Hey,I can only imagine how you are feeling today, especially after a long night but I do want to say we appreciate all that you do. I wanted to start off by saying thank you.  Last night I was tired, drained fell asleep early, its been rough emotions wise this past month. Today I feel like the weight I had on my shoulders this past month was lifted. I have a new sense of motivation to tackle all the things I’ve been putting to the side done. Taking charge of my financial situation, my health(I’ve been inconsistent with the gym and eating horrible), and focusing on my prayer and meditation. Most importantly keeping my faith. I feel like if I start now today I will get what I want but more importantly what they know I need. I feel grounded and I know what I have to do no more feeling confused. Let’s get sh** done! Is my mood lol.I pray everything goes well with him.Much love.

— M. R. .

Hi, I just want to say thank you!!! I just read another testimonial that they heard drum like music so did I too. I slept so calm and woke up refreshed and motivated. I haven’t felt like this in a while. I’ve been letting work drain me and realized it’s ok to put me first.

— S.S.

First of all, I wanted to thank you (again) for all you do. Finding you has been a g-d send and I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time. Also, I have to thank you for the community rituals. The community rituals have become something I look forward to and I truly feel better, enlightened, lighter, all good things after the rituals. I feel like I truly belong to a part of something and it’s a great feeling.

— R.P.

Hey love, Last night was intense, I was completely exhausted all day, but once I hit the bed around 8pm, it went out the window.  I prayed, and forced myself to sleep, and had some crazy dreams, with issues from past relationships, trust, my self esteem, everything we have discussed in the past…issues I have to resolve and those I thought I had worked through.  I woke up sooo emotional, but also realizing that I have come a long way, but I still have a way to go…the healing process is not easy, but it is worth it.On another note, throughout the dreams one thing was constant, a big long haired brown/grey dog, who stood by my side, and loved me, and always made me feel safe.I know I am protected, loved, and guided at all times…I just still have work to do.Thank you for everything you do. Prayers for you and the fam (especially Oreo today, but Spike too)

— L.C.

Hello mama! First and foremost, thank you for continuing to offer this service! I’ve been feeling super drained and emotional these last few weeks. Almost instantly, I felt a calmness wash over me, like i was done “purging” and ready to understand. Today, I woke up extremely refreshed, even though I didn’t sleep well. And I feel great emotionally!Also, praying for Oreo and your family at this time. Sending lots of healing love.

— C.E.

Greetings, Mama Vida-As always, I thank you for the services your provide the community. Since I’ve been participating, I’ve been noticing a marked change and wanted to share my experience with last nights ritual.Typically during new moons/full moons, I feel the need to sleep.Though I am working from home, I took the afternoon off to rest and just be quiet, read, and take time for myself.Usually, during the rituals I have been asleep but since I took an afternoon nap, I was awake on the phone with my boyfriend and we chatted until about 4am, EST. He’s on the West Coast, so usually, we don’t talk super late, we communicate early mornings (he works in IT) during the work week.We had a great conversation- it’s interesting, we discussed our past, some challenges and how we want to overcome them. I wasn’t “offended” or highly sensitive as I normally would be and when we got off the phone, I slept very restfully. This morning, I felt light, not burdened, ready to take on the work day and ready for a try new path for myself. Just wanted to share, and say thank you again.

— S.L.M.

Oh Mama, I can just feel your worry through your stories today. I am praying hard for Oreo-Buggy 💙❤ I want to reassure you, but I know what’s not my place, so I’m not going to tell you not to worry. I have faith that his treatment will go well, and he will be home before you know it. I love you Mama, and it kills me to see you upset. I know you will keep us posted, so until then, nothing but prayers and love your way. The ritual was again impactful. Again at 11:11 last night, I got chills, and saw a Spirit flit past me, I knew then, the candle work must be getting powerful. Lots of shivers too, which again leads me to believe there were different energies at play, very powerful. Now today has been very different, Mama. I have anxiety in my belly, yet my head is not chaotic. So I know something from my past is about to come up again. A new wave of healing, and understanding. Something I clearly need to look at. So I’m waiting patiently, ready to face what is to come, to deal with it, and shed new light. Btw, Spirit always tells me when I should join your rituals. I will see your bday numbers, then mine, over and over. I knew I needed to join this ritual, and waited til juuuuust the last minute, not sure why I was trying to avoid it. But I listened because I know “they” know what’s best. So fn glad I did join, again. These rituals are very beneficial for me personally. Thank you for this ritual, Mama.Thoughts & prayers are with you today.

— T. B.

Subject: New Moon In Cancer Community ritual Message: First if I want to thank you for all you do for your community. Yesterday before ritual even began I was feeling nauseous, I get like this with every full/new moon ritual. My head down my spine was hurting so bad, it got worse through out the day. Not gonna lie with COVID I felt a tiny bit nervous then reminded myself my team has my back.About 8 pm my time, 11 in NY I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I went to bed. I woke up feeling lighter, with a more clear mind and my thoughts are not what they have been (all over the place) Everything you described in your post has been going on in my head. Some days to the point of me feeling like I am going insane. I have been trying to release the past for so long and this morning I woke up feeling so much lighter. Thank you again! Thank you! Thank you!

— M.O.

Hi Mama Vida, just want to say thank you. I am so grateful for everything you do for your community 🙏🏼💕Last night was very different. When I was in the shower I started hearing drums which I found odd. Then it started getting louder, I can’t describe the beat but it sounded like they were conga drums! Then for the first time in a long time I slept through the night like a baby. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks and always woke up drained. I took vitamin d, c and b12 and nothing helped. After last night I woke up feeling very refreshed without an ounce of exhaustion. My energy feels soooooo much lighter! I feel like I’m just ready to go go go! Sending you and your family love, peace and blessings 🙏🏼

— N.V.

Hi Vida, I felt compelled to share…I took my Nursing Exam Tuesday and paid for the early results and found out I passed!  All after your Oracle card reading saying I need to believe in myself and participating in your community ritual and of course hard work and prayer.

— DA


Good evening Vida,I hope your family is safe and healthy and your fur baby I pray is recovering well ❤️ I just wanted to update you on the Oracle pick a card reading you did for me on April 4th.  First off, mine blown at the additional confirmation with the video ending at exactly 1:11 and furthermore I am NOW working on my art which was where the hesitation was coming from as far as earning other/additional income outside of my current job now which I am in the process of leaving. My current job was fulfilling but limiting especially with the way I want to reach and help people feel good about themselves but also really learn to take care of themselves health, mind and soul.  I’ll be further pursuing school to obtain my MD in pharmacy but my art is my passion ! I’ve been working on it since this reading and some amazing things have been brewing ! 😝🔮✨ I just wanted to say thank you and give you an update especially since you kept saying in the video, “ idk, why you’re asking me when you already know the answer !” 🌚🌚😅🤣🤣🤣 I haven’t been devoted to my art in YEARS, i mean almost a whole decade because I was so focused external situations and now that my path is changing I am learning to trust these urges more and more for what they are and developing my highly intuitive abilities that have led me thus far ! I appreciate you Vida ! I wish you and your family continued blessings, abundance, prosperity, protection and success ‘l! Thank you ! 😘😘😘😘😘👑🍍✨

— EB

I wanted to share how on point you have been. I have made better effort to care for my self . I am not at where I need to be but I listened. I lost a few lbs took vitamins and added more faith and I am currently pregnant.  I also used your little girls bath bomb and was relieved of my muscle aches.

— DL

Thank you guys for all you do! Thank you so much. You know I heard that message too before this message and I always say Rome wasn’t built in a day. This was all conformation.

— BW

Dear Vida, Woow that’s all I can say I’m speechless. That oracle one  card reading was on point. It has been a very difficult time with everything that is going on. I have been  really hard on myself lately. It described exactly what I’m going through and how I’m feeling. Thank you so much. For taking  your time to do this. I really appreciate it.

— TM

Hi Vida,I just wanted to take the time to thank you for pulling an oracle card for me. Words cannot express how much the card and everything you had to say, resonated with me right away. I am definitely not shocked that I received the XXXXXXXX card and I realize what I have to do now. I am planning to book a separate reading with you in the near future, and I am extremely looking forward to it! ❤️❤️ Warm regards,

— NZ

Thank you so much Vida!This is so accurate! My father passed away when I was 18yrs old so this is hitting my truth so spot on. I will start working on healing my XXXXXX wounds. Thank you! 💖💫

— NO

Thank you so much, Vida. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this. The message is well received! I look forward to being able to schedule a reading with you soon. Take good care.

— GJ

Good morning,CONFIRMATION! Thank you! Once again you are SOOOOO on point. I had to take the time before work to write you not to take up too much of your time but for a quick testimony. Before this weekend I been working everyday straight due to working in health care in these times and all I’ve been saying is I’m thankful I’m still working because so many other are not in this chaotic time. Before COVID hit my son is a three sport athlete and between his sports, training and events I had NOO time for myself. My XXXXXXX just said this weekend you have to RELAX you are going to burn yourself out. Another point you hit, since our divorce I been doing the work on my self love and living in a positive mindset and I am completely different from the young woman I was when we were together. I knew my fears where coming from a human egotistical side and every time it I start to think negative I remind myself follow your heart, follow your spirit. I’ve been seeing angel numbers and asking for clarity just like you advised on the webinar. Thank you again!!! I will be taking my salt bath tonight when I get off. I pray for all great things for you and your family! Keep living in your purpose you are AMAZING!

— TS

I keep trying to put it all into words but I really can’t. Spirit is really working through you in such confirming ways. The cards image I have dreamt of at least 3 of those animals in the last 2 weeks. As you say, “your intuition is your super power” I’m so happy to finally listen to her and love her.

— NM

Thank you so much Vida! Very spot on as always! We are very close and have become close with everything going on right now. He has said he’s not ready for a relationship (even though right now it’s pretty close to that) and we are being honest and open with each other. He has also started working on himself, going through therapy etc. this all just confirms everything. 💕

— CE

Thank you 🙏 The Oracle Card confirmed not only my question but it confirmed I need to pay attention to myself so I can be in tune with everything around me. I’m hunkering down to honor myself and to spirit..Message Received! Omg I got tears I’m not a crier but it got me in the ❤️ I’m so Thankful! Such a blessing I’m paying attention.Ps : I love these Cards!

— OS

Good afternoon Mama, Thank you so much for all you do.  Your message is what I needed.  We will continue to wait as long as we need.On another note, I’ve purchased your pendant, mojo envelopes, services and products which have helped me for the best. So many changes, too many to list but just know I am truly grateful to you and your divine team. Stay safe & Healthy!

— MG

I want to reach out, and thank you so very much! The Oracle card reading was spot on, truth smacking me in the face! I do love to give and help others its my nature as an empath, and I am all about Kindness and compassion, that being said I definitely  don’t let others in easily from holding on to shame, and have a very difficult time receiving love or acts of kindness for myself. I am listening, I hear, and I am so grateful . Seriously, thank you for all you do for community, especially in these times with your own family, and life to tend to. I feel and see your heart Mama Vida!💛💜🌻🐝💚 Peace & Blessings

— DE

Thank you so much, Vida. This resonates with me a lot and feels like reassurance that I am on the right track. I was so surprised to see 2 cards fly out of the deck! I appreciate your time & guidance so much & especially during this time. ❤

— AD

Vida!!Thank you so Much, this absolutely resonated with me. I have a lot of work to do as I completely lost myself in my relationship. I will follow spirits message and focus on myself.I will be booking a full reading for future guidance .Thank you again, Stay Safe and Stay BlessedPlease know everything you do is greatly appreciated ❤️


Good afternoon Vida,Thank you so much🥰🔮🥰 I greatly appreciate your time and light regarding my question.Warm hugs,

— BM

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are a gift to this world!

— MR

Wow Vida! The fact that the synchronicity card was pulled was just another sign that my angels are always around me. I didn’t even tell you that I’ve also been seeing repeated numbers and randomly finding coins but you hit the nail on the head with that. I seriously had to have a seat and soak it all in. Thank for sharing your gift with me, so grateful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼Much love,

— JR

Mama Vida, Wow! I just want to say thank you for putting the biggest beaming smile on my face last night when I received my oracle card response video. Truly truly made my night, and also have watched it a couple of times today, AND showed my husband. The oracle card that came up for me perfectly matched with what I have been agonizing about the past week or so. But in a good way! It gave me hope and validation. I’m in awe. Thank you and may God Bless you. 🙏✨

— RR

Thank you for the message.  I apologize again for not waiting.  She made five years in March and I still feel lost without her. The card are correct I am all the place. Looking for her to guide me. Been feeling lost.  I bought the  your pendant.  I’ve been doing the virtual to bring me closer to her. Just lost.  Saving my money to do a reading by you. Thank you again and I apologize again.

— CC

Thank you so much for offering this service. The reading was such a confirmation to start investing more of my time into my art/music. Those two things have been my natural talents for as long as I have memories. Thank you for being so kind and warm with how you delivered the message. I haven’t stopped smiling and absolutely shed a happy tear.

— SB

Thank you so much Vida!! I smiled the whole time because in avoiding this decision for years, I’m now feeling more excited and eager for it. Stay safe 💞

— DG

Mama Vida!Deep down I knew this will be a good move but I trust in your ability to share messages and everything else that you do! Thank you so much for this confirmation!God bless you always💗

— AR

When I tell you, you are ON!!! YOU ARE ON!!! THANK YOU!!!This could be addictive! Best money I spent!I’m sorry, I just keep thinking of things this is it. I have been feeling on the cusp of something good, giddy even. I know it’s coming, just not when and this is confirmation that I have to keep my faith and it will all work out wonderfully!!!

— CM

Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been battling with my anxiety a lot especially with being quarantined at home, so it helps to get this confirmation and push to think positively. I appreciate you and your time so much! Thank you.

— LB

Hi !!!I got a call from my internship supervisor today saying she was making moves to hire me full time in the coming months!!! You pulled the Mother Earth card which had “feel loved and comforted” written on it.  My supervisors exact words were “I’m telling you this now in hopes of providing some comfort for you about finding a job after graduation”.  The card  and your reading were spot on!Thank you for everything you do!🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍With respect and love,

— JS

Thank you for your amazing reading. It completely gave me the assurance I needed along with your  guidance on how to continue manifesting what I want. Thank you a million.

— RG

I almost cried listening to the mesg. I can’t even explain what I feel. Thank you so much, I’m saving my money to have a session with you and I’m so excited. My deepest gratitude,

— JR

Good evening Vida,Thank you for the oracle card reading. I will continue to speak positivity into all aspects of my life so that I will manifest these desires into existence. As it is spoken so shall it be.Thanks for all your assistance,

— TC

Thank you!!! Thank you thank you. Mama Vida, I’ve been hoping to connect with you through a reading for quite some time and yours spoke so much truth and confirmed many messages I’ve been receiving. In therapy, I’ve been doing a lot of inner child work and I’ve been struggling with letting my monkey brain go. Thank you so very much for your willpower and tenacious spirit during this time. You are beautiful! Hope to connect very soon on a deeper level. Much love.

— DB

What I sent wasn’t enough! ma’am! That was an awesome oracle reading! A video! Far and beyond the call. Thank you and your ancestors. ❤️

— MR

On fkn point🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Thanks Vida second confirmation of thee day!! I know exactly what it means I thank you so very much for this

— AB

Vida, I am nearly speechless. Thank you for the incredible blessing of your service. I wept as I watched your Oracle Card Reading—it was as if something inside me opened and brightened. I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to school to get my PhD for years and it’s only recently felt like a possibility for me. Hearing you and Spirit work in tandem to tell me that now is indeed the time to elevate, to educate myself in this way, is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— LS

Subject: Donation based oracle reading Message: Thank you so much for your help Mama Vida!!! You confirmed a multitude of things in this reading. I really contemplated what to ask and even though my question seemed hella basic, I received the answers I needed. Peace and blessings  TR💜.

Hello Vida,First I want to say Thank you for being a women of your word!

I just want to say that during this time I have been so conflicted about my employment status. I have always worked and currently working but have had many bad experiences with some of these jobs. You are spot on when you said that I am always giving so much of myself, it is as if you knew me personally. I always go above and beyond for everyone. It is time for me to receive everything that GOD has promised me. I appreciate this reading and will continue to have faith and allow myself to receive the abundance and blessings GOD has for me! May GOD continue to bless and guide you! 🙏Sincerly,

— RS

Thank u so much I know I’m protected and here spirit all the time and sometimes the actual voice of a powerful peaceful women  I just sometimes need confirmation ❤️ Your amazing

— AS

Hi Vida, Thank you so much for my oracle reading. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️ Also, might I add that I am impressed and admire your efficiency, promptness and great work ethic! 🙌🏽 I was informed by my team beforehand that it would probably be pretty in line with what they have already told me lol and have been nudging, as the card said. (I feel this also came through you, when you laugh at the beginning aha). As you always say, you cannot make this up. It is just further confirmation and I thank you dearly for being such a beautiful soul and for all the work that you do; and I thank you for delivering this message to me. It has been great to finally connect and have a first encounter working with you. I know it won’t be the last time, as informed by my team 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️ and what my intuition has told me. I am forever thankful ❤️😘😘😘. Sending you and your family infinite love, blessings and abundance! Have a beautiful and magical day queen! You are forever in my blessings and prayers 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️. All of you! Xxx Love & light!

— TB

I’ve been wanting to try a reading with you for a while. This is so true. Every time I go in thinking I’ve failed so many times. And there’s nothing wrong with failing but believing I got this is the mind set I need to have.

— DB

😁😆😍😘 Thank you so much!!! This was exactly what I needed, so much is going on right now.   The validation I was looking for!! God Bless you and your family!!! Thank you,

— DP

Vida,Thank you for that, absolutely understand and will do so moving. The oracle card really hit it on the spot. It has been insanely overwhelming and right now I’m just trying to find that sweet spot. People keep trying to drag me in their direction with how THEY are feeling so I have been distancing myself a bit…even though they are saying “call your friends, call your family, talk, etc etc”. Nope. I keep battling that because I’m using this time to work on myself, so that when this is hopefully over, I’m finna come out on top! With spirits and all. Nuevamente, gracias! Hasta luego,

— DJ

Thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH for this and for the confirmation!!!! Also, tell Alexa I said hey too 😂😂 I’ve been getting SOOOO many messages to be still and wait for intuitive nudges / information. And I’ve been listening to those signs and messages and it hasn’t failed me!!\But being that I always like to be moving and on “go” mode, I felt like I needed to be doing something else on TOP of that. And I can hear my ancestors now like “para de hacer necia, y ta te quieta!!!”😂And you confirmed for me that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing and that I need to just calm down !!!! Thank you again mama vida, I appreciate you!!!! 💖💖💖💖 AA

Lol first and foremost I appreciate any additional services you provide for us because you don’t have to so thank you ! And yes ! I needed confirmation because I feel like something will come into fruition when it’s time but I always have so many ideas that I’m still learning how to trust myself and focus.Have a blessed one and I hope you and your family continue to stay safe ! Love the family vids btw ! I admire close family bonds ! 💛🍍🙏🏾 EP

WOW!!!!! I’m completely blown away. I’m literally in tears because I know without doubt everything you said is fact. Your gift is real! Never have I ever received a message that on point. Thank you so much. CB

Dear Vida, Thank you so much for this ! My spirit is always telling me it’s time to move on & let go in order for me to heal. I’m torn into two. A part of me knows I need to seal & heal old wounds while the other part of me is afraid is I let go of the past, I’m losing a special part of myself.  But… none the less…. this was the message my soul needed. Thank you so much and countless blessings to you ! JM

Omg. I love you so much and I miss you. Thank you so much for everything. I could cry at how much you have helped me. I am grateful for sprit and grateful for you. I laughed so hard. I need this. Your the oracle card reading was just what I needed to hear . I feel much lighter about the circumstance. Love you, Vida. Thank you for making my life better in so many ways. MP

Thank you Vida…always on point ❤️🙌🏽🍍 GP

WOW WOW WOW VIDA!! The fact that the card flew out before you even asked the question blew my mind! Thank you the card was on point and I need to allow my self to receive without feeling guilty! Thank you vida and thank you sprits!! AR

LOVE. YOU. ❤️ & thank you 🕊️I wish you & your family the best 🤝Love, AG 🌹

Pin poom!!! On the head!!  Not consistent enough calling on my protection…Dios te bendiga siempre !!! Love you Mama Vida Thank you. SL

Wow. Chills. VIDA!!! You are amazing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance. I haven’t heard from her in some time and I have been contemplating reaching out. I have been allowing negative “well what if…” thoughts and talking myself out of it. I have been ignoring my intuition (which is my superpower- in your words!). I never ignore my intuition- but I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and have been adjusting to new meds so I have been trying to focus primarily on that. I felt very pulled to your post today. Again, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for not only hitting the nail on the head, but speaking to my soul. Also for getting back to me so soon!! I look forward to working with you in the future. Peace blessings and light to you and your family. You are the best. 💛🌞HH

WOW WOW WOW MAMA VIDA!! I have literally been feeling like I need to break free for about 5 years already. Everything was very repetitive to the point were it became boring. Unfortunately I recently received news from my fiance that broke my heart. But even then in between all that chaos I was able to understand why it all happened and why it needed to happen. I learned so much from this lesson and I’m grateful for it, I never wanted it to happen to me but it did and it sure woke me the fuck up!! Thank you for your service Mama Vida! Much love ❤️ AR

Thank you for the Oracle card reading 🖤 I hope to work more with you in the future! TA

Thank you Vida! It’s always a different emotion (I’m a positive way) when you need to hear what you have to do and knew you that you have to do it, from another person.  Your words always enlighten me and lead me to the correct path. Thank you so much for everything you do!By the way and I know you have a lot going on are you doing any mojo envelopes sale this month? I’ve been trying to get a prosperity mojo for the past two months and have had no luck since they sell out so quick! 😂😂Thank you again and hoping for you and your loved ones to continue to remain safe through this pandemic.Xoxo. WS

Thank you!  This is exactly what I was looking for… I had too many questions and wanted to see what your process was first.  I’ll plan to submit another question – more specific. Again, take care.  Blessings.KF

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you Vida!! This was just what I needed to hear. I need to just be and live in the moment.No red flags! But, in combination with the card of the day today. The limitations placed upon me by my family and my elders tends to make me question things I feel confident and secure about. For the most part I work through just living in my moment and being positive about life and the future. While this wasn’t the case in my adolescence or early adult years, for whatever reasons now, my family is extremely over protective of me. And I know, as a parent, it comes from a place of love (and fear), it suffocates me at times. So I tend to question things that make me happy more than I should. This has reminded me to just be. Live in the moment. Enjoy the moment. And you told me exactly what I already felt. That good things are coming. Side note: I started following you based on the recommendation of my very good friend of many years buzzfeeds Pero Like, and something just told me it was the right thing to do. And without a doubt it was! Your energy and vibe truly speaks to me. I look forward to being able to schedule a  private reading in the future! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Blessings to you and yours!  MR

I felt that…. Thank you so much for the beautiful message & all that you do! 🙏🏼✨ It is appreciated!SA

Omg!!! Thank you so much and that’s crazy how that Elder card flew right out lol. Thanks again for all you do. Have a good night ❤️ MD

Thank you Vida for the clear and reaffirming message!! I could hear my spiritual team coming through the words you spoke in the video message saying get it together girl! ❤️Full moon blessings to you! Stay safe!DDS

oh Vida, what a confirmation! Thank you so much for doing these 🙏🙏🙏. it gave me the sign, push that I was needing! Once again thank you!!!VM

Good Afternoon Mama Vida: WOW !! I cried (happy tears) seeing your message for my One Question Oracle Reading. Thank you so much for taking the time out for this. Your energy is so powerful. It was definitely confirming some feelings I’ve had towards that situation. I felt it physically as you spoke to me. I appreciate your time and all that you do for the community. I tune in for the card of the day faithfully since I was introduced to your page a couple years ago. You’ve helped me attain faith through the darkest times of my life and I’m forever grateful. The work you do is so empowering and remarkable to say the least. LOVE & LIGHT  THANK YOU 🌻🌻 RP

Blessings to you and your family, Wow! Thank you so much.This reading was definitely a wake up call. I’ve been told numerous of times that I need to do the “internal work” – and I definitely agree. It is time.Thank you for the confirmation. ❤️With love, KA

Hey Vida! Power to you, your Spirit Squad and  Libra Community Ritual! You did the Community Ritual last night at 8pm and by this afternoon I got a call about an opportunity for me to get some OT remotely!!! WOW!!!! Amen to the abundance opportunity coming to action along with me putting the work in too! I appreciate the work you do. SFJ

Hi Vida last night I participated in your community ritual for the first time . I been fighting this corona virus since March 22 and I must say last night was the first night we all were at peace . I been in quarantine at home and as I suffer from anxiety this situation has made me really lose myself spiritually and mentally.. I wanted to thank you so much last night we cried as a family so much but felt a relief off our shoulders feeling there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope for me to come out strong from this . I have been without fever but just very light and loose from stomach all day a symptom I did not have dont know if this is somehow me cleansing myself from this beast of virus but I have faith this is what it is or my anxiety lol.. but thank you so much for your time and for your words Of wisdoms you share Everyday from your gift .. blessings to you and your family ❤️ YL

Mama Vida,I have to say Thank You! This ritual hit me to the core, like I’ve never felt before. Truly an emotional experience for me.I have been crying a lot and feeling strong emotions. All I can say is Wow!  I’m learning a lot about myself (identifying my feminine and masculine energies) and how I interact with the world. Thank you 🙏🏼 EG

Thank you for my reading. Hearing that was hard, so I had to sit with it and digest it. Thank you for being a vessel for the guides. I feel everything that was conveyed in the message. You/them were right. I am looking forward to working with you more, and yes you said my name correctly. MM

😱 when you said “case management” my jaw dropped—it’s one of the areas I’ve been looking into! Thank you for confirming something I’ve known deep down but was definitely indecisive about doing, as you stated in the beginning. I’m writing down that affirmation and continuing to research my options. Thank you again!! EM

Thank you so much for these messages! I have been holding back and I need to break out of that, makes SO MUCH sense that I’ve been sleepless.I have had one specific project on the back burner for almost ten years – now that I am out of work, I actually have the time to tackle it and yet haven’t.Time to harness my alchemy and use this bad situation to create my magic.Blessings and gratitude to you, Vida ❤️ CP

Hey Vida The Oracle Card answered my very generic rabbit hole question even without my having to be explicit…. in fact..the confirmation I received specifically mentioned a phrase told to me by an older lady who had stopped me at a retreat in 11/2019…”You are a child of God”…and she walked away.  I was perplexed.  This was my first reading by you.  I’m very happy. Blessings 🍍 CNL

Thank you so much!! Now to think about it I do eat a lot of meat and poultry, I forgot those may carry chemicals. I’m not the biggest fan of doctors which is why I don’t seek one out. I know now I should see one to get blood tests to find out what types of food I should avoid. You’re right about the whole carrying resentment and forgiving those in my past. Im a very stubborn person to the point I can’t deal with myself lol.Also I’ve received the pendant necklace couple of weeks ago, some things have happened  to me while wearing it. I started talking to my dad again after many months. I’ve also felt a little more grounded During this whole intense time, even my brother asked me how am I coping with this calmly.( covid situation) Then I thought of you, the necklace and the community rituals I’ve joined in the past. I want to Thank you for your time and dedication for your community!! I genuinely appreciate  everything you do❤️!!. Thank you Vida!! ✨ I hope you and your family are well and healthy always ❤️. TT

Good morning Mama Vida, THANK YOU!  Your oracle card reading was on point.  I trust you and I didn’t say a name or provide any extra info because right now I can’t.  I’m working through some pain.  I just needed to acknowledge him as he and that was more than enough.   When two cards fell out I was shook.   I know my spiritual tribe lead me to you and this service because this person who recently passed had a serious influence in my life. You pulled cards that relate directly to where I need to be mentally and spiritually when I am able to schedule my next reading with you.  Blessings, BK

Hi Vida, First off I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want to apologize for taking so long for writing out my testimony. Your team and yourself are correct that I struggle with having so many ideas to start a mini business to bring in a profit for my family. Another factor that hit, that is mind blowing to my self is that the card was Alchemy. My all time favorite book and help change my mindset is The Alchemist. I feel that this is spot on and was truly impactful. I am looking forward to expanding my skills and finding the right idea or multiple ideas to go forward with to start my business with. Thank you so much! Sending so much love your way Vida! CVL

Hey Vida! I hope you and the family are well. Its crazy because I received your response RIGHT when I was about to talk to my brother about said concerns. After my conversation – I watched the videos. I began writing an email response but never sent it, and it saved to my drafts. This is what it read lol;“Wow. Ok I clearly need to schedule a reading with you. Between today’s card of the day and the oracle card reading. I ended up talking to my brother about my concern and found out there was nothing to be concerned about.” Since my conversation with my brother, we’ve been able to communicate more and I am again less worried. Thank you for such a quick response! It definitely bought comfort and eased my mind. All the love, stay safe, JO

Hi Vida,I just want to say thank you so much for this reading, it was spot on and exactly what I needed.  Sending you and your family so much love.  Thank you for all you do for the community.  DA

Thank you!  I watched this with my boyfriend and we were dancing.  This was so much fun, truly thank you for what you do.  Sending love and healing thoughts to Oreo ❤️ ER

Thank you so much Vida,This touched me beyond words. I have intuitively known this for a while now and know that I need to work on my mother issues. I didn’t have a loving mother growing up but later in life have tried to repair that. I go through stages now where I don’t want to speak to her because hearing her voice or being around her brings up so much sadness because of her lack of love. I’ll need to book with you soon because I need some guidance in this area. Thank you and many blessings to you and your family. I hope Oreo gets better soon. AR

Thank you so so so so much Mama Vida!!! This is confirmation in what we are working on. My partner and I have been talking about getting professional help for our (mostly his) childhood trauma because it’s bring up issues in our relationship. Again thank you so much. Have a blessed day and prayers to you all and the pups. PD

YESSSSSSSS!! Love love love love it. I have been replaying this message ever since I got the email. I have been feeling blocked in this area; have been neglecting it. But will get to work this weekend. Especially since the full moon is in Scorpio. I have to Release and let all the old stuff go!!! Thanks Vida for always speaking your truth unapologetically. ✨💜 JP

THANK YOU! I needed to sit with this info for a few days, I kind of already knew but needed it validated somehow and you provided that. I’ve been trying to listen to my intuition as much as I can. The way you explained “life path” from how I worded my question was perfect and made me feel better before you even read the card that flew out lol I realized I rely on a lot of outside factors for validation and/or guidance when most things I need to know are inside of me already and I just need to listen. Thank you again for your time. All the healthy good vibes for you and your family, (doggos included) AS

Mama Vida, I am beyond late on this email, but I just wanted to thank you for your insight and wisdom. Your oracle message was something that deep down I knew, but was the confirmation, and the kick in the ass, that I needed. Your daily oracle messages constantly resonate with me and my current situation and never fail to inspire me to be the best that I can be.Words cannot thank you enough for all that you do for the community. I wish you nothing but love and light.My fur babies and I are also sending our prayers,  fluffy love and cuddles, and healing vibes to Oreo. Thank you again for being a light in the dark and for everything you do for the community. Love and blessings,CB

Hi Vida!I bought your pendant with not much expectations because truly even through this pandemic I been blessed. I Bought it months ago. I didn’t wear it for a while, then this Corona Broke out and I wore it for protection and whatever transformational blessing it would bring me. Well here goes my testimony!!! A month after wearing it. My husband and I were starting IVF. I was supposed to start on Monday the daily shots, and the day before, I was supposed to start.. I found out I was pregnant.  After 3 yrs of trying and a miscarriage last year. We are finally having a baby!!! Your pendant has transformed my life for sure. Thank you sooo much!!!! IDJ

Hey mama Vida!

I just wanted to tell you I have done two of the rituals so far and wow. When I tell you they hit me like a truck (in a good way), this one in particular though has been extremely emotional for me and I want to cry at every moment. But it really made me look at my father who I do not get along with, with more compassion. Also the last one for the Valentine’s Day ritual, I’m pretty sure I found the love of my life. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO

Much love to you and your fam (puppies included) KA

Subject: Thank you

Message: Hi Vida!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all that you are and continue to do for us! I have been participating in the community candle rituals for some time and at first I didn’t think it was working for me, but something shifted in me last week and intuitively I know it had something to do with you. I’m a medium myself and I dispense free advice or give free messages from the other side to people and give out my energy because “I feel bad” for people, but I never realized how detrimental it is to me. I never noticed that it also seeped into my personal life in that I would give my all to a partner because that’s the person I am innately, and then be walked all over or ghosted. But not anymore. Like I said before, something shifted inside me and I took my power back. I’m no longer giving my energy away for free. I’m no longer responding to negativity. And since that shift, I have been getting more and more requests for paid readings. So thank you! RP


First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU for everything you do for us!

I was part of the Full Moon in Scorpio Community Ritual last night, and let me just say I feel a sense of calmness like I hadn’t felt in the last couple of months. I was able to sleep through the night which made me so happy. I have been having a difficult time staying asleep throughout the night which leads to feeling tired during the day. However, I did have a scary dream of some sort, I only remember it briefly. Not sure what the dream meant but I’m sure it has to do with clearing.  YP

Subject: Full moon ritual

Message: Hey Vida! Want to say thank you! Last night during the ritual I had dreams about my career going through struggle after struggle but in each part of the dream during all the destruction I was calm and handling it with grace even though I was trying to figure out what to do. I had to keep turning clients away and was worried that no one was wearing masks but also wondering if I should even be worried about that. I dreamt that my friends needed to crawl through a small space but I volunteered to go first. I dreamt about my neighbors house burning down because of electric problems and people came to fix the power right away so my family’s house still had power? Needless to say it was a long night! haha I woke up talking to my guardian angel all morning joking with him so I found it cool that you had an angel come through to help in the ritual! Anyways stay well and thank you again! AS

Subject: Full Moon in Scorpio Community Ritual

Message: Hi Vida!

I wanted to send an update of what transpired last night for the community ritual.

Quite a few things happened. First off, I had a dream that I was at like a “witch” camp. There were any supernatural things occurring. I’m not an outwardly angry or violent person but in this dream I was beating up big mafia scary men who were trying to harm the other witches in the camp. I was calling out all “fake” “imposter” witches at the camp who were in their arrogance. And I had the intention of sleeping outside so needed to find a blanket but couldn’t. I ended up walking to a friend’s house. I found a mouse behind her bed, went to the living room to tell her & a different mouse flew and hit my face and I woke up in real life very dramatically trying to swat the mouse out of my face. This was at around 6am mountain time (8am EST). I was like whoa what was that? So I went onto Instagram to check if you posted on the story yet. Not yet. So I went back to sleep.WELL! THIS DREAM! WAS CRAZIER!

I was back at the witch camp but this time with my boyfriend. We left to go to the mall. Then came “home” which wasn’t home but just a bedroom in the mall and we were staying there. The room had a lot of bright hot pink. I felt I had to go somewhere so I left and found nearby was a river and a house. In the house were a few practitioners. My first healer I ever went to, XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXI do not practice with the Orishas but all the women there (except my first healer) did. They ended up doing some major work on me. Dumping me in water is all I remember. Then we all walked outside, and all the women except my first healer, went into the river and celebrated and allowed themselves to be taken with the flow. And a few minutes later returned in great joy with their beautiful colorful outfits!When I decided to leave, a received a phone call from you. I was confused because I thought “I didn’t think I’d receive a phone call from her since it was a community ritual?” But I did. I received a white teddy bear with 3 boxes of explanations from what happened to my candles, one big note giving me “advice,” and 3 more boxes with personality traits of me. Each had pretty artwork with the explanations. You ask me on the phone call “did you do anything last night?” And I could not remember because I was trying to give an answer about my waking life but my dream self wanted to answer from my dream. I lied and said “nothing I just went to my grandmas house.” You answered “that’s what it was. I told you to stay home. You didn’t listen. You don’t follow instructions well. It says it on my post.” I was very confused because I couldn’t remember what the instructions were. Then you go on to uplift me. Saying “you are very sweet. I appreciate the kind messages you leave from time to time. you may not always follow directions but your spirit is built like a bull. Everyone has their spirit but yours, WOW! It can break through big forces. And you forget that. You don’t always use it.” You said some more things that I’ll keep for myself. But it was a beautiful experience; it was like I had a real encounter with you. I leave to go back to the hot pink room with my boyfriend and I woke up.Sure enough, I check your story and you posted the update from the ritual. As I was reading I could feel my breathe extremely clear. Like the fire of purification cleared my airways. My left arm feels very light while my right shoulder feels a bit strained. Which I think my feminine finally wants to surrender and my masculine has done so much work and may continue to do so for the next 2 weeks. I need the balance. Either way, everything you said on the story was 100% accurate and has been coming through piece by piece recently. All this was major confirmation.

Thank you for you work!! You went ABOVE AND BEYOND! Thank you for staying up all night for us! You’re such a gift and I am excited for when my team guides me to your next service/product. THANK YOU AGAIN! And enjoy your weekend! JR

Hi Vida!

Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to say thank you for offering a card of the day! Today’s cards resonated with me 💯%!! I come from a very broken family, I am an only child but the relationship with my parents is not the best! Currently they have hurt me once again and I have had about enough! Today’s cards talked about peace! And to be completely honest I have been praying to my ancestors to see if the decision I am making to walk away from my parents is the best one for me, for my health (physical, emotional, mental), and for my kids sake.. and all signs have been pointing to yes! It’s time I walk away and understand that sometimes battles are not worth fighting any more. Sorry I am just venting away, but I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for reminding us to pray and meditate! Thank you for reminding us that we do have our spiritual guides and ancestors that have our backs! I truly feel comforted, love, and at peace after this hard decision I have made! Thank you so much for the card of the day, for everything you do, and for being you! Gracias! 💕✨MG

Hi Vida!!!! Thank you for sharing the workshop on candles! I love your energy!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it. I was able to learn more things moving forward while burning them. I also wanted to tell you that your card of the day about “boundaries” really resonated with me! I cried listening to what you were saying. I need to really set boundaries in all aspects of my life , especially relationships. I think that message was specifically for me because the night before, my sister had just told me to start setting boundaries with people!! Thank you for everything you do! I look forward to more community rituals, work shops and the positivity you spread. CR

THIS and the full moon ritual have brought so much clarity and healing …. you just have no idea. It’s this deep inner knowing that sometimes a person was just meant to be in your life for that moment. Your message  this morning was what I needed to know. It was the finality that I needed and my heart feels good, my mind is clear and for the first time since this all began I feel that I can close the book and be thankful for the lessons that I have learned along the way,  but most importantly I’m thankful for your help as well as spirits help.


Morning Mama,First, this ritual really hit me hard.You visited me last night. Before I went to bed, I could hear your voice. You spoke to me about my habits, and how I had outgrown them, and they were no longer serving me. You spoke about how far I’ve come since I first connected with you. You talked to me about my strengths, and how my ego has been holding tight, and it too wasnt serving my growth. You told me you’ve been waiting for me to work with you, and said again, my fear and ego are holding you back. When I looked at the time, it was 11:11pm. Clearly those messages were what I needed to hear. I woke up this morning exhausted!… as I went through your stories to see how the ritual went, I started to cry. All the things you were saying really hit me in the feels. “You are no longer that person”…. exactly what you said last night. It’s also funny because as you showed us the animal totem in the findings, the octopus, you mentioned 8 legs, and 8 as a significant number, well 8 is my life path number. So this resonated hard too. I feel like questions I’ve been asking my Guides & God, were answered in this ritual, and with your visit. Thank you, Mama. Thank you for the reminders, thank you for empowering me, and the community.I love you very much, and am very grateful for my connection with you. TK

Subject: Full moon ritual: Scorpio

Message: Hello Vida!

I just wanted to send you an email about the ritual. I am already feeling the effects, and reading your comments on your story confirms it! I just wanted to say thank you so much! I’ve been over coming and letting go of the past and issues with my mother. I also had my bf do this, and he is feeling it as well. Letting go of issues with both of his parents and really letting go of things in his life and growing. I cannot tell you how refreshed and at peace we are both feeling! CE

Hi Mama Vida!

Omg I’ve done all of your community rituals and by far this one was the one that I felt the biggest shift inside of me.

Leading up to the ritual a lot of past trauma, hurt and pain started to come up for me. And last night I just had enough of it and just prayed and cried to the heavens.

This morning I felt this immense sense of peace and calm. Like every single hurt and pain doesn’t have an affect on me anymore.

I got up meditated and did a 30 min workout which I haven’t had the motivation.

Wao Im feeling hopeful and just at peace with what is in my life and looking forward to the amazing things the universe has for me in the future.

Thank you so much Vida for all that you do in our community. We do have help from our Angels and ancestors, but it’s even more powerful having someone in our life’s that gives us that extra help and push to heal ourselves. 🏼

Forever grateful! NO

Hiiiii ! Just wanted to say I’m so happy I’ve been led to your page. After our first session together last week, I just felt more peace/calmness. My energy shifted. So, THANK YOU!❤️

Looking forward to the candle ritual this week and talking to you again in the future! (I just ordered a bunch of stuff from your website last night too🤗) RM

Hola! Just wanted to reach out and let you know that my mom LOVED and the pendant and the earrings – Thank You! She just kept gushing about how beautiful it was and she knew it was handmade with the gems and the copper… she absolutely loves it. I explained to her what it was for and why I purchased it for her and she started crying. She said she can’t wait to wear it! She is so funny… While talking with her, she was actively looking for a type of cadena to wear it with. Thank you so much Mama Vida!!

I can’t wait to receive mine!

Con todo amor y cariño!! KH

Subject: New moon Message: Grand rising mama vida,

Thank you so much for the work you do. Last night during my subconscious swimming session I dreamt of being fully heard and protected by my grandfather who passed away in December ( he was my Earth safety net) it’s been really difficult with out him & this morning I woke up feeling so light and peaceful. I started making my coffee and received a text on my phone from a doctors office for him with his name for a bill. Physical hellos is how I take it. Thank you thank you thank you. KO

Thank you Mama Vida, I greatly appreciate every thing you do.

P.S. My husband LOVES the beard oil! He put it on after his shower this evening and he was sitting on the couch saying Man This Smells AWESOME! Like 10 mins later he tells me babe I can’t get over how good this smells n how soft my beard feels.

Thank you again Queen Vida! IL

Hey love, I participated in your community ritual last night, and lets just say this has been the one that hit me the most.  I was feeling this anger, annoyance and was beyond emotional last night.  I cleansed myself before bed, and just prayed, asked my ancestors and spirit guides for guidance.  I woke up a few times (restless sleep, hot flashes), dreaming with my ancestors all night.  This morning I woke up, and felt complete sadness, but heard the words from my dreams, time to heal, let go, we are here for you.  I have never heard the messages as clearly as I did this morning, my anger from last night is gone.  I still feel a sadness in my heart, but also feel lighter, clearer headed, safe….and I  know my prayers are heard, that my squad has me…I hear them…Love you for all you do, for who you are….you are appreciated more than words can say…Stay safe!

Good afternoon Vida, I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to offer my sincerest thanks to you for this oracle card reading. Wow – was it spot on. When getting to that next chapter in my life, I often struggle with go-go-go and even if I am physically still, my mind is STILL on go-go-go lol. These cards really resonated with me. I watched this reading a few times and really worked to be intentional in resting my body AND mind. Since doing so, I’ve literally noticed a lot of those stresses work themselves out. I have job opportunities and interviews and am almost at the light at the end of the ‘graduate school’ tunnel lol. THANK YOU SO MUCH! As a part two, I recently took part in your community ritual for the full moon in Libra and just wanted to share it with you. It felt like a cleanse to me. I did do a lot of crying, evaluating, and my dreams were so vivid following this ritual. So vivid to the point where I can remember them even now. I mean, literally… four or five dreams that felt SO REAL. But, I went back to your Libra full moon post and the intention surrounding healing and understanding, specifically, spoke to me. I’ve done a lot of crying and releasing, but with that release came newfound understanding as it pertains to certain areas within my life. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to what the new moon will bring. Kindly, BS

Subject: Reading Review

Message: Hello, I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU!!! I had a 30 min skype reading with you exactly a week ago and WOW. First of all, I’m so glad I followed my intuition and booked a reading with you. You literally said things I haven’t told anyone at all. You saw ME and you helped me see me..who I truly am. I cried the whole reading and I was speechless but I also felt like you gave me a huge hug. A healing a hug that I didn’t even know i desperately needed. I have released so much already. Thank you a million times for un-apologetically being you and doing what you do. You are so so appreciated! AB

Hello hope all is well with u and ur family I just wanted to shout u out n let u know i appreciate ur work I been buying ur products n getting readings from you since 2014 I admire ur work n blessings … of u don’t mind I wanted to share something with u that drew me to ur website last night . Yesterday when I got into my car I have a rosary that hangs off the mirror so I notice the rosary is turning yellow due to the sunlight n I take it down n place it else where in the car n told myself I need to buy a new one ..I’m saying this to say this  I been wanting a ankle bracelet for the longest as well … I went to ur website yesterday n I found the perfect car pendant & ankle bracelet they called me immediately on ur website .. for some reason last night I couldn’t process out but just now I did … those 2 beautiful pieces were for me.  Meant for me !!!!!! God bless u I just wanted to thank u once again for ur intimate blessings u give us KC

Hi, A few years ago, I bought a quartz pendulum from you. You told me during a session how it worked and it was completely lost on me so it’s just been sitting on an altar. You told me that I might need to connect to my intuition via meditation to strengthen the clarity of the pendulum. Not the most exciting answer because I kept working with you and fast forward a few years later. During the beginning of social distancing, I brought the pendulum to my desk and just let it be. A few days ago, I decided to try to work with it just for fun and I was shocked that I started to get a clear answer for yes or no questions. I felt the energy in my hand moving while talking to it. It’s not like reiki but I felt something for sure. It took some years about such a simple task but I feel really fulfilled about it. Sending my love to you and your family. AH

Vida Hermosa, So I pray you and the fambam are doing amazing. My heart goes out to littles during this time and send her love healing. She’s a spectacular girl!Girl, that Full Moon ritual is what I needed. I wanted to wait a couple of days to give you a great deal of information of what has transpired. It has been four days since the ritual, my love for myself has returned. My confidence and self esteem have been on a high. My dreams have become so vivid and I finally am hearing more clearly from my guides. I got the fuck out of my self sabotaging ways and became the observer, shifting what doesn’t serve me out. I have been able to clear up my throat chakra and SPEAK UP for myself more then ever. Finally opening up to receive instead always giving, letting go of my masculine side more & more comfortable becoming vulnerable within my feminine side. I love you so much and thank you for these rituals❣️May you always be blessed, loved and cherished. Magical woman of this realm you are SPECTACULAR ❤️With Love, AS

Good morning! Again thank you for your patience! That was the best reading I had in my life. Straight to it no BS or going around. It was just what I had to hear and all the questions I had where answered without asking.I woke up today like I took a weeks worth of spiritual baths, this feeling is amazing and you are truly one of a kind! May God, the universe & spirit realm always bless you to continue what you are doing.P.S sent you a lil’ something for your troubles last night! MDJ

Good afternoon Mama Vida,I hope all is well on your side with you and your beautiful family. I took part of in the community ritual the other night. Yesterday I was feeling a little funky all day, somewhat like I was on an emotional roller coaster, but oh last night my dreams were beautiful!!! I was swimming with a pod of dolphins 🐬 and then another dream I was making plans for my wedding and I jumped forward to the reception which was beach side again and I saw more dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean and just riding the waves. Then another dream I was pregnant awaiting the arrival of my little one. Lastly, one was about a check I received made out to me for a substantial amount of money, but I remember I didn‘t  know where it came from but I was so thankful I was literally crying in my dream. My dreams were something else last night!I feel at complete peace today and I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all that you have done! Not only for me, but for all of us! Much love and respect,VG

Good Evening Vida! I wanted to write and thank you for everything that you do!For the past week or so I’ve been feeling emotional, lethargic and anxious. I participated in yesterday’s community ritual and today I woke up feeling more energetic and with my heart full of love. I’m new to community rituals but can feel the shifts already. Once again thank you! Btw, I also wanted to apologize. I sent you a direct message a week ago without realizing this was not your preferred method of communication. I’ll be more mindful moving forward and will read your posts more thoroughly. Blessings to you! PM

Subject: Community Ritual 4-7-2020 Message: Hi Vida,

I wanted to share my experience. Around 8pm, I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all that has been going on around the world and NYC, especially with the fact that I’m still required to go to work. I took a hot shower and I read my devotional prayer book to help me ease any feelings of fear and anxiety. I felt more relaxed by the time I went to bed. I remember waking up in the middle of the night sweating profusely that I had to shower and change. I woke up with a sense of peace and healing. I didn’t expect to feel like that with this ritual but it helped me see the power of asking for help from God and my divine team. Today I’m at work and I feel calm. I left all my worries in God’s hands. It’s healing in itself. Thank you! NM

Subject: Thank you! Xx Message: Thank you Vida, for what you do and the services you provide for our communities. I am an artist here in NYC and two weeks ago I participated in your community ritual. The next day March 25, a person I wasn’t even talking to about art bought a piece from me. And it was the first art piece I’ve sold. It was such a rich blessing. I thank you for your contribution to this happening. I felt so blessed by it. Not just that occurrence but honestly during this whole quarantine I’ve really been blessed in so many ways. I got the coronavirus around the same time And my symptoms are so mild, it’s a blessing.I am looking forward to participating during this full Moon in Libra community ritual and I have added my mother and brother to the ritual.Blessing to you and your family xx CP

Subject: Community ritual Message: MAMA VIDA!!!!!! Where can I start? I woke up at 4 am so sick from my stomach, cramping, dry heaving all morning. I participated in 3 of the last 4 community rituals, missing the one before this. I have seen so many changes. I even had a moment where I connected with my father who passed away when my mom was 4 months pregnant with me (by suicide). A song came out that he liked and I kept seeing and hearing his name over and over, and then got chills down the right side of my body. In the past few weeks my entire life is different (not because Covid-19 because I was already a home body) Thank you so much for all you do for your community! MA

Subject: Testimonial for Meet Your Ancestor’s Guided Meditation

Message: 01/16/2020-Guided Meditation to meet my ancestors

The sensations of the meditation, tingling up and down my spine, tingling on my crown, lasted a full 24 hours!!! My dreams tend to jump from one plot to the next, but my dream, the night of the meditation, actually had a plot, with a climax, and an ending. Nothing seemed impossible. I went with the flow and succeeded. Which is unlike me, I tend to create a gazillion scenarios, outcomes, what ifs, etc. What stood out the most was that it was the first time that I would be shown a phrase, I read it, but all I could remember when I woke up was “truth”. Since then, I have been more open to receiving messages from my divine team when I meditate and while I sleep. I had always been sensitive to energies and sensations, but now in my dreams I am much more conscious. I am not only being shown phrases to read, but writing them in my dreams. While I am awake, I am present. I am being shown angel numbers, symbols, divinely guided to the people, places, practices, articles/blogs, music that I need in order to maintain my spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. As you mentioned, I felt alone as I grew up. I never fit in. Only showed parts of myself that were deemed acceptable. The experiences that really ached into the depths of my soul, I would cry away every night and wake up to pretend to be someone I was not the very next day, just to feel accepted. I was an outcast for not being baptized. How can I be a child of God, if I was not presented as one in a church? Accused of being a bad influence by my “friends’” immediate families because of this reason. Everyone pointing the finger instead of reflecting on their own BS. So, seeing all my ancestors present toward the end of the meditation was so heartwarming. The tears were of joy, being bombarded with all the love from them. I felt my presence acknowledged, I felt loved, and guided. I am so grateful for this experience. I have received so many messages since then that have helped me evolve spiritually and have changed my life entirely. I am humbled to have been led to you and your divine team, and to have the continuous opportunity to receive healing from all the light and divine love that encompasses you. MUCHAS GRACIAS MAMA VIDA! Con mucho amor, ZG

P.S. I love the smell of the Champaka soap bar. The Clear & Clean shampoo, shifts my energy so quickly, I get dizzy, nauseous, and have to lay down. I didn’t realize that until the third time I used it! The first time, those sensations lasted an entire week! No doubt, I needed to be cleansed. LOL!

Hi Vida,I cannot believe how hard spirit just confirmed the messages coming from your card of the day, and it happened before I even saw the video. I literally just woke up from a dream about me flying home from XXXXX to the XXXX a in a helicopter with my brother. My brother was flying the helicopter. I was terrified and screaming because I’ve never been in a helicopter before, but what made me feel better was knowing that helicopters at least have flooring. However, when I looked down, I saw my feet dangling above the  Ocean. I was terrified at this point and screaming, but I was eventually able to calm down, thanks to my brother. My brother made a stop at Downtown XXXXX because I wanted to visit before we got further into our journey home. I always go to the XXXXXXXX , so I walked in the front door of the store and walked out the back door to get back into the helicopter. I don’t know if I actually made it onto the helicopter because when I opened the door, I was jumping into a very bright light, and then I woke up. I am in no way telling you all of this as a way to get a dream analysis out of you – I know that is a separate service that needs to be paid for. I’m just honestly so amazed at how the first thing I did after waking up from that nap was checking Instagram, and the first thing I saw was your card of the day. I’ll even attach a screenshot that shows your post right at the top of my feed. You and I had an unlimited reading on the evening of December 23, 2019, and we talked about how I need to reach out to my brother more often. I’m still working on getting comfortable with that, but I feel like this dream reaffirmed that I need him more consistently in my life. The biggest issue for me during my reading was feeling like I needed to move out of my parents’ house and live my life on my terms. You had said that you saw me getting a new job and new apartment very soon after I get my bachelor’s degree in May. You also suggested that I needed quite a bit of distance from them, and I completely agree now lol, especially now that I’ve been stuck in a shelter in place with them since March 12. I applied for the XXXX College Program, which is a paid internship to work at XXXXXXX, and I am two weeks away from hearing whether or not I got accepted. If I get accepted, I decided that I will be renting my own apartment instead of living on XXXXX campus housing. I feel comfortable with this because my brother lives about 30 minutes away from XXXXXX. I’m sorry this is such a long email, but I felt so compelled to share and give you a life update. I was already confident that I will be getting accepted into the internship, but now that confidence has been boosted. As you said in the video for today’s card of the day, I’m ready to spread my wings.Thank you so much for the work you do. You have changed my life in more ways than you could know.I hope you and your family are doing well! NG

Hi Vida! No coincidence that I went to write this email and my Oracle card reading came in!! So….my transformation started Sept 2019 when I had a fall, breaking my wrist, I was employed as a social worker/therapist in a horrible job that was literally killing me. I then went out on FMLA, I had just completed my yoga teacher cert end of August so I was grappling with the sense of loss and a single mom of 2.My mom fell broke her ankle, I then became her caregiver and I would not have had it any other way! I was given the gift of being with her that I would not have been able to do. I got to ne with her 4 to 6 days a week. (She had a significant other in the home as well)I used my time to get another fitness certification. My car went, my mom wasn’t able to drive so I was provided for, she gave me hers to use. (I found great support in your messages and Pendant updates as I felt like i was being taken out 1 thing at a time, please keep sharing it helps) Jan 3rd ordered my Transformation Pendant Jan 5th I had to call 911 for my mom. She was very ill. She had been on the lung transplant list. I reached out to you that day and you yourself were going through health concerns with your dog baby. My mom spent the next 30 plus days mostly in ICUS. There was only 2 days I couldn’t be with her. She was discharged to hospice at home on 2/10 and transitioned 2/12 and it was beautiful. She had no life insurance, no plans arranged. In 1 week I put together a beautiful celebration of life for her at her church with lots of support from friends. I have completed another certification 13th Octave Lahochi and another fitness certification is underway. I still have no job, no income, and now I am afforded the ability to homeschool my children!! I found a home for my cat (breaks my heart) so there is another layer. I have had no income for 4 months.  I was terminated from my job since I was not able to return to work due to ongoing therapies and restrictions.  Hence the oracle card question about job and it’s funny because I was like should I ask what it will be no no where will it be, I thought that would direct the sails of where to go…..Instead I look at all I gained and while I miss my mom so very much the human side of me, misses that physical day to day connections I gained the best ancestor to my team, guide she is very active with me in my day to day, I gained opportunities to do things I loved and exploring new careers to create a way to generate income that will not make me sick, I have had a clearing of people that were not for my best good in my life so the weight is lifted,  I get to be a stay home mom I always wanted the experience and my relationship grew with my boys, my son’s spiritual abilities have activated more and I am able to support him in his process,  I have a car, I have a new healing modality to use, my health has improved, I reconnected with my brother and my kids now have a uncle, my spiritual abilities continue to be enhanced, and I am supported by a man who loves me and takes financial care of me and my kids during this time, he supports my “witchy, spirit stuff” he says and shows with his actions. I am supported, divinely loved, guided, cared for and held. I could go on and on….I know this long I tried to save it as this is a process is not overnight and I know it will continue!! It can be scary when your whole life dumps upside down and you “lose” all these things and people that you love or were just used to having in life. Faith! Faith! Faith! Is so vital to walking our paths!!I bow deeply to you! I appreciate and love you! Thank you for your newest offering, most of all thank you for being you!!! ER

This message is really just to say thank you for the custom blended oil!

This may sound weird or even dumb but seeing the package and the handwriting on the invoice gave me such a good feeling and vibe right away. I don’t even really know how to explain it. This is my first order as I just recently started following on the recommendation of a friend and loved your energy from the beginning. And the oil smells amazing! So so good! MR

Hi Vida!

Thanks so much again for the beautiful reading. Your raw honesty and delivery as a messenger for my guides resonated with me deeply. The reading was straightforward and pulled no punches, which at first I was taken aback because I thought immediately, this feels so intimate, yet it was my first reading with you! What I loved the most was the ability to flow through the conversation in a way that challenged my thinking. The words received gave me moments of pause and reflection on my current approach to handling situations and left me with amazing notes to continue using in my own spiritual development. I will be recommending you to friends and family for sure!

Un abrazo, IM

I love you, I love you, i love you.

I am so happy and grateful; for you, for the spirit of service you have that allows for the Universe’s love to flow so freely through you, to us, for us. I am so grateful for you. I have something brewing, and once we simmer down and get the shit done WE as a collective need to get done, and Mother Earth is satisfied with the work we put in, I hope to deliver it to you. But for now, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

I am still feeling the effects of the community ritual – and very strongly at that! I have this satisfaction inside – this peace that pulls me to making the right moves and decisions, it reminds me of a child with no filter. All that I’ve asked for I see flowing. More importantly, I feel and taste, and experience flowing into me and my life. I have the absolute best people in my space (including you), and for that (I cannot say it enough) I am SO grateful. Gratitude is where it starts and ends, and what flows in between is loooooove. this community ritual blessed me with guidance in balance, love, kindness, softening myself, and focusing on the next; next step, next word, next year, next move etc. I am feeling the energy of ‘123’ like you have no idea…

Anyway, I had to pause this Netflix shenanigans to tell you that I Love You, and Thank You. All you do is appreciated, like you have no idea.


One of the happiest Spirits on this Earth fucking with You  AD


Yesterday I saw a swan on fabric while I was at the store. When I first met you a few years ago, I stopped pulling my own cards or reading my coffee grinds.

Then this morning I thought of you because I saw a swan in my coffee. I attached a picture. When I saw today’s card, I had to tell you.

There are two Korean movies called Along with the Gods. It follows three guardians in the Afterlife and living world. The one guardian says to his charge ‘You wouldn’t cooperate if you knew.’ After having a serious morning, I started cracking up because I imagined your voice. Thanks for all you do. Love you.  AH, VA

Hello Vida

I hope when you read this you and your family are safe and your doggie. The card of today was amazing the two card that fell out. I was full of anxiety today it’s been rough since I work in the hospital and so does my children so it’s really rough. That cards  brightened up my day and boost  my faith you make a difference in people life in a positive way. I thank you so much that why I will continue fucking with you. God bless NI, Brooklyn NY

Subject: New Moon in Aries community ritual

Message: I just had to take the time to say a huge fkn thank you. I have done a few rituals with you and they’ve all had a lil feelings tied to it where you could feel the work you’re doing… but girl… last night I was scrolling before bed (which I try my best not to do, but I can’t always be perfect I guess lol) and all the sudden I saw a picture and BUST into tears for just such a long time. It’s been so long since I’ve cried like that. My masculine energy has always been overwhelming and just way too dominant so in my own practice I’ve tried to balance myself out and it’s been working fairly well for the most part but last night you could just FEEL the difference and the amount of overwhelming feels that were just pourin out my face was insane. I actually was confused at why I was crying so hard cause it slipped my mind I was able to submit payment in time (also thank you to you and your divine team for extending, bless up on that). Now I’m rambling, sorry. I just appreciate you, all that you do, all that your divine team does. My biggest blessings to you and your family.

Dear Mama Vida,

I had a little bit of time to let everything sink in and to think about it… The last time you gave me the tools to work on my problems, I haven’t used these tools immediately I have to be honest, I didn’t know why but eventually I was put in a position where Spirit forced me to do so and I’ve had your advice and wisdom always with me in the back of my head (which is why I choose to work with you again after almost 2 years), I used your tools and have awoken, improved and transformed in many ways. Today though, I know better than to wait. This reading today was like the puzzle piece that I needed to continue forward better, stronger, more determined and wiser than before. Thank you for your guidance 🙏🏼. Before I got into the reading I had so many questions in my head, so many things that I want to know, but than as soon as the reading starts, I forgot all my questions and I wondered why, but then I remembered something you taught me “what you want is human, what you need is divine”, and I decided to feed my faith and let my fears starve 🧿. You give me the messages that I needed to hear and put my focus into a new perspective and this is an amazing gift to have, so thank you again 🕊️. Thank you so much for investing your time and energy into building me up, into giving me the tools to battle my own demons, into reminding me that beside all this chaos that’s going on right now, I still have the freedom to choose for myself and this message in it’s self is so much more powerful than people think 💪🏼.

Thank you for simply being the unique soul & individual that you are🔮🕉️.

And at this point, I also thank Spirit for drawing my attention to your Instagram account (I don’t know when it was, but I know it was way before your Instagram account became private).

I’ll give you an updated in a couple of weeks and keep you in the loop about what’s been going on. And I’ll definitely work within you in the future again, that’s for sure 🤝

Much love, peace and blessings to you & your family 🕊️💫🌹, AG, Austria

Hi Vida!

First things first. Thank you for all you do for the collective. I appreciate you and how you keep things real.

So this was my first community ritual and I had no idea what to expect. I kept my head & heart open and I knew things would unravel in time. There have been certain relationship issues I have been experiencing with my partner that I was unhappy with. As we share children and a home for over 18 years making a change has been in the back of my mind. They are not contributing to the relationship or household in any way and are relying on pharmaceuticals to mask their pain and unhappiness. I’ve been pushing extra hard, leaning in to the care of house and home to keep things afloat for myself and the children. A few months ago when you discussed September shedding season you touched on those who stay on in relationships out of convenience, habit or both. That those we have outgrown hold us back. That we are doing no one any favors by remaining in a situation we have outgrown. I felt that hard back then. I knew I deserved more and so did our children. I was just waiting on the right time. Well here comes the community ritual, the global pandemic, and the spring equinox. When I tell you it all came at me like a category 5 hurricane it would be an understatement. After a reflective day thinking on death and rebirth, essence and spirit it all came out of me. I didn’t have the opportunity to stop it and wasn’t even prepared for it. The abundance of clarity that washed over me was intense. I stood in my truth, spoke from the heart and embraced my divine power. I will no longer settle. I will no longer enable. I will no longer take less than I deserve. I will no longer walk in fear but by faith. I also wanted to point out that the evening after I submitted my payment for the community ritual, you came to me in a dream and thanked me and gave me a smile. Please know that I have the utmost respect for you and what you do. You have touched my life and inspired me beyond measure. I look forward to working with you more.

With gratitude, LRZ NY

Hey babes I just wanted to write u a quick thank u . Since the last ritual i have been fortunate enough to continue working ( my job stayed open we’re essential ) which I was worried about paying bills mainly rent furthermore they’re about to hire all of us temps within the next few days and Tho the circumstances are not how I had this invisibles the family and I need health insurance and other benefits so this is a complete blessing 🙌🏽 Stay safe and healthy ; lots of love 💕 YM, NJ

Hi Vida!

I finally have a free moment to write you about my experience the night of the ritual and the morning after. It’s been nuts – I work for the Board of Education, I have a 4th grader, PLUS I take night classes so to say I’m overwhelmed 99% of the time is an understatement. The night of the ritual everything was happening at once – I had my first online class( which was full of glitches since it was new for both the professor and us), my husband And my sister (  both work for The DOE, they’re teachers and I’m a para) were freaking out over teaching online classes And needed my help with google classroom, my son was having a melt down over being home too long- it was an intense mess. So much so I literally forgot about the ritual until later that night when I FINALLY had a quiet moment. I have to say that night I slept so soundly. Like solid sleep. I haven’t been able to do that in the longest. The next morning, I had this amazing amount of clarity and calm. It was weird, I felt overly confident and prepared. I was able to complete tasks that were asked of me and felt really focused. That’s the best I can explain the experience, high intensity then a easing calm. Since I’ve never done this before, I didn’t know what to look for but this was my experience. I’m assuming as the weeks unfold things will continue to present themselves to me in a way that’s different than I’m normally used to.

So I wanted to say thank you. You remind me so much of my childhood growing up with my mom lighting incense and praying to alters. I find a great sense of comfort in it. A knowing I’m being looked out for in a sense.   I liked the way you broke down for us the candle symbolism and such. When I saw the break down on your IG story my experience made so much sense.

So be well, take care of you and your family. I’ll look out for your stories and upcoming rituals. CN, NY

Subject: Community ritual testimony

Message: Grand Rising Vida, first and foremost thanks so much for all that you’re doing for us, especially with keeping us informed and knowledgeable with everything that’s going on. But omgoodness omgoodness omgoodness I fkn get it now, it all makes absolutely perfect sense! I gained more clarity this morning as I do my daily studies and research through other intuitive light workers and today a fkn light bulb goes on from my head. I’m not good at explaining shit in full details for everyone to understand my emotions but thank you thank you thank you for that community ritual!! I now know what I need to do for myself as well as my family to prepare for this new rebirth! Hints of what I’m picking up during this new shift is Water, rebirth, horses, aura aka gold, connecting more with our ancestors, hydrate, higher self, letting go, adapting to new changes the year of the Rat, halo, new currency omg I can go on and on and on as fast as I’m gaining the information is as fast as I’m retaining to receive the information, I’m rambling but yes it’s a lot and it’s coming in hot and heavy and fkn fast!! It’s definitely a lot to handle but only the strongest will survive I’m definitely moving with the flow of the new water wave of the universe. Ok I’m done just had to update you on what Spirit helped me to understand, take in, breathe deep, prepare and now I’m ready, let’s fkn go the new rebirth is real *insert strong emojis and I’m gearing up for the better. Pineapple gang gang we got this, time to level up:) AB

Subject: Community ritual

Message: I participated in the last 2 community rituals. I noticed after the first one a huge difference. I would have normally been one of the people running around in fear with all that is going on. I have been the complete opposite. I do feel the energy around me when I go to public places and I also recognize that it is not my emotions and can quickly release them. Yesterday I went for a walk and connected with nature. I looked up in the sky amd saw a hawk that is usually around. A shirt time later 3 more approached and all 4 were flying above my husband and I. As I was walking in amazement with the hawks I felt dizzy, and light headed kind of like a warped feeling. Not sure what it is but I am so grateful and all you do for your online community! Thank you!  MO

Hey there Vida,

First of thank you 🙏🏽 for being you! I’ve been so calm with the community prayers. I was laid off last Saturday, I was so calm I think they were confused, by Monday the whole restaurant closed..

I refuse to panic, so I’m home with Ma, keeping composed.

This is the short version- keep the posts coming We appreciate You & all the work, Better days ahead👊🏾 Love Y’all Mucho !!

Best Regards, KH, BK

Subject: Community Ritual 3/9/2020

Message: Hi Vida,

 I hope you and your family are doing well during this time! Although some time has passed since this community ritual, I feel led to share with you what I am experiencing. (This is also my first time ever having participated in something like this.) I have noticed a shift in strength/courage & overcoming fear. Something I struggle with is speaking up/defending myself, and I have found that it has become a lot easier to do so. So much so that I surprise myself with the quickness of my own responses, which has also made me realize I must still tread lightly/thoughtfully.

 As for fortune & success, I heard back from a competitive job that I applied to and have been invited to take a required exam, although it is now on hold due to the virus. Nonetheless, I am excited they have shared an interest in moving forward with me.

 My spirituality & faith though, continues to be a bit of a challenge. I’ve spent many years feeling lost and confused, and only recently am feeling led to discover more about how my culture (Puerto Rican & Colombian), ancestors and spirituality are all connected. One thing I do know I can lean on though is my intuition, & you are the first person that I am trusting within this form of spiritualism, aside from my own grandmother, who has not shared very much with me as she has chosen to not practice as much.

 I look forward to booking a session with you in the future as I slowly ease into this. This is all very new for me, and I am a fairly new follower of yours on Instagram! Thank you for your time and energy, and for sharing your gifts with others. 💛

 With love, AD

Subject: Thank you

Message: Hi Vida! I have to start by saying thank you so much for everything that you do. I’ve been wanting to message for a bit but as we know, I hold back. Well, today I just had to message you. I think I’ve done all the community rituals except the first one. I also went back and listened to the One Two Combo webinar a while back and finally started to implement it into my life. Every morning, while it may be brief, I give gratitude and also say a little prayer. I’m still working on it but it feels so much better. I don’t feel as heavy as I once did with all the emotions. I try to find the positive in each situation. Today I was so late in seeing the results from last night’s ritual and also seeing your card of the day but all I could say was Woahhh. Today’s card was God never dies and let me tell you how I watched a movie today and it was God’s not dead! All I could think was this is definitely a sign that I’m finally going in the right direction. Thank you so much Vida! Love you!!! CF, NJ

Community Ritual 3/17/2020

Message: Screaming thank you for your work yet again! This is my second community ritual I’ve participated in and omg!

Last night I was cooking dinner. I started at 7pm, half way through cooking. I felt faint, light headed and dizzy. I guzzled down 2 bottles of water to ease the nausea. During this episode, I felt A pressure on the top of my head and on my third eye. I still feel energy between my brows. I grabbed my notebook and pen and wrote down messages that were coming through. They were coming through like word vomit. So many messages!

 I still feel this pressure on the top of my head. The sensations were so overwhelming, I just laid in my fiancé arms because It made me feel grounded and secure (and less nauseous). It felt like a road a roller coaster over and over again.

I just read your summary of the ritual and omg I’m literally experiencing the rise of my divine Feminine Energy. I literally spent today reminding my fiancé to stay grounded and focused on positive energy and thoughts. This is very difficult for my Scorpio/Aquarius when he’s worried. Thank you for being a vessel and conduit! You’re amazing!

Vida, there have been days where I wished that I wouldn’t wake up. I’ve started thanking God every morning for waking me up. It’s helped a lot with the sad feelings. Inspired by you. <3 NB, TX

You’re welcome! Happy to help in some way. I wanted to let you know I appreciate you and everything you do. I have been part of your community for a short time and you have been a big inspiration. I participated in the Valentine’s day ritual with self love intention. I had basically thrown in the towel for my relationship with my husband. As I focused on self love, and your daily intention cards my relationship took a shift. It took a bit I admit but I realized that I have to start from within and I am a work in progress. Complaining and focusing on the bad doesn’t work. My relationships with my kids have also improved.

Once again thank you for keeping yourself exclusive and giving us your best. I hope the universe, God, and the ancestors continue to bless you and your family. SR, FL

Hey Vida!!

Just wanted to say thank you!

Although I think I’ve been calm in a time like this with the coronavirus…. the kids’ anxiety was draining and certain things have been triggering.

I wanted to say thank you for being a constant force of confidence and reminders!

Today I started crying when the mayor announced that the schools will be closed until April 20. I think it’s because thats a long time for me to be home alone. But I had to remind myself of the dream I had last night. Spirit sent me a angel number. (232) that was well preparing me for this week. so I am not letting my human self take the best of me.

Thank you for posting. Thank you for being a voice of reason ❤️ Btw when you posted of making a bañito it made me feel really relaxed. Thanks for that also!

I’ll be speaking to you soon! 😊  in our session  about some old dreams

Love you! Gracias JM, NYC

Thank you so much for doing these rituals!!

I have to say today I woke up like I slept 12 hours lol!  I woke up grounded and so calm. Not giving into the media hype.  I have been doing my best to pray more and trust that God is in control. I know we will be ok️

Love what you do!  Stay safe and God Bless🏽

Good Evening. Wanted to get on my laptop and write a little something. Last night as I got home from work I scrambled to make my kids dinner and spend some time with them after a hectic day working for the department of education trying to figure things out and calm parents down during all this. After dinner (6:30pm) I had I wanna say maybe 10 minutes to myself and noticed I did not send over my community ritual payment. So behold I sent one over for both myself and my  brother. I was super grateful to add my brother to this community ritual. My brother and I are the backbone to my family. We take care of my mom and 88 year old grandmother. On top of ourselves and of course me being a mommy of my two beautiful boys. So adding him to this blessing was amazing. Then I got an email from paypal saying my money was being reviewed (puts hand to forehead) so I’m not sure if you received the money in time,but instead of freaking out I said God its in your hands. Deep down I really wanted to be in the community ritual but I also know I can’t control the outcome and everything happens for a reason over stressing myself just isn’t worth it. After picking up the living room and taking a much needed shower something came over me idk what it was. But as my kids watched a movie for a night cap I decided to take my selenite wand put my headphones on tune into Ibeyi and meditate. It was as if I was guided. I stretched, I breathed , I swayed. All while feeling a loving, calming guide with me. At one point I was breathing and listening to a song by Ibeyi – Thinking of You. And an image of you emerged it popped up in my head. The song reminded me of you. When I was done It was 8:30pm and I was so calm and relaxed. It was amazing. I felt it in my heart to share this with you. Keeping you, the fam bam and animals in my thoughts and prayers for Peace & Longevity.  LR, NY

Hi Mama Vida!

I hope all is well. Thank you again for yesterday ritual.

I felt called to let you know that’s as of yesterday, I decided to lead a more plant based diet. (I hate the word diet. Didn’t know what to call it! Lol)

It’s has been something that I flirted with in the past but for some reason, yesterday of all days, I was pulled to stop eating meat .

Mind you, I don’t eat red meat or drink milk but I suddenly didn’t want to eat anything that comes from an animal.

At the this time, I have a cart of eggs and some butter in the fridge. That’s it!! Lol! I might give that to my roommate because it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

In the past when I tried to be vegan, it was more of I wanted to follow trend. This time, I’m truly been called to do it for my health.

I know it is the right thing to do for me.

Thank you again for all the work you do! I really appreciate you.

Have a blessed rest of your day. MH

Subject: Ritual effects

Message: Hey vida!

 So I’ve had a lot of positive results from the community rituals lately and I wanted to say thank you! During last nights ritual I had an intense dream, it felt like someone was sitting on me and squeezing my right hand, they spoke but not in English I’m not sure what language it was because it was so quiet. I wasn’t afraid of them but once my human mind kicked in I got nervous and rolled over in bed. After I did I felt the squeeze on my hand eventually release and then my entire right arm felt so much heat. It was a really cool experience although I wish I didn’t get afraid haha anyways that’s my update so far. Thank you for all that you do for all of us as a community you’re truly a mother figure in my life and have helped me grow. Have a great rest of the week!

Hello Mama Vida,

 I want to say thank you for doing what you do.

I have been so much better with dealing with all that’s happening in my life regardless of all the obstacles and believe me I’ve had a few, but during these past two weeks I’ve been feeling calmer, almost like my mind is clearer and im not letting my emotions get in the way of my decisions almost like i Am a lil more balanced. My energy is different i can’t explain completely but i feel something and i feel a little more at peace with my decisions and where I’m at in life. Everything will be okay of course with obstacles but that’s life. Thank you for your work.

Thank you for your energy. Thank you for Being real… I really do fuck with you 🙂 i mean that in most respectful way lol. I feel so much gratitude.

Subject: Just wanted to say hello/show appreciation

Message: Grand rising and peace to you mama Vida! I’ve been following you for a short amount of time but in that time, I’ve been beyond blessed and edified by your content. You’ve pushed me to do readings full time and just basically given me several spiritual chancletazos with love of course in strengthening my faith in Spirit and in myself. I used to doubt myself heavily and while I still have my days, I realize I can only answer to Spirit and not the masses. You’re an amazing person and I’m thankful for being led to follow you. With love from a jersey girl living in New Orleans, Jasmine

Subject: Feedback from reading on Friday

Message: First of all..thank you for your time and energy. Soooo many confirmations since our reading. I took your advice concerning my son. Saturday he woke up..he was so agitated. He melted down all morning. It got really bad. So we went for a ride. I turned down his music..and I called in xxxxxxxx. Then I specifically called in his xxxxxxx who I told you sticks close by.  I stepped in and said what you told me to say. And he got really quiet. Like an energy was starting to lift. Let me tell you yesterday he was a different person. Quiet and happy all day. First day not a single meltdown and him grabbing his ears in like 4 weeks! It was magic! Thank you again! I appreciate your guidance so much. Blessings to you and yours- AB, FL

Good evening again,

I was sitting here thinking to myself, Vida has really changed my life. I have noticed that since my first reading with you over two years ago,  my life is different. My perspectives on and in life have changed and for my benefit. I am on a journey with my spirituality because of you. Thank you for the different products that you offer that I indulge in , the daily card readings. I feel like I see through a different lens and have been seeking out meditating and enjoying that. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you and that I really do fuck with you! Lol! Positive Vibes Only!!! NR, Harlem NY

I want to start with saying THANK YOU for all that you do. I did all of the community rituals since the first one. I also purchased the transformation pendant and mojo envelope. I’ve been wanting to send a testimonial but WHERE DO I START…. The day I wore the transformation pendant for the first time I went to trade my car it which was upside down in the loan with a major unfixable issue. I got approved for a new car and they took the difference of previous loan. Then at different periods within this short time, I have been receiving random payback or overpaid money I’ve given out. I have healed an old relationship and we are achieving a lot of clarity.  I know it’s due to the transformation pendant. I’ve had the most AMAZING mind blowing sex. Lastly, day after the last full moon ritual, I received a phone call that I would be receiving a bonus which my company NEVER does. I know this ritual was for success and fortune. ALL I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  TS

Hi Vida,

I was going to message on Skype until I read your “No DM’s Here” lol. Thank you so much for the reading! Spirit and you were telling it like it is which I greatly appreciate. This is going to be tough; it has always been my issue. But, if I don’t start then I can’t expect change. Got to put on my big girl pants and do it with style! Thanks again, and hope you have a great week!

Blessings, KT

Hi Ma!


It’s allllllll coming together!!!!!!!!! It’s here!!!!!!!! I sign tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I love you. Thank you for helping me believe in meee!  YG, NYC

Subject: New Moon in Pisces Ritual

Message: Hi Vida!

Well it has been some time since the ritual and I wanted to share an update on my experience.

First of all I definitely identified with what the wax showed. I KNOW I stand in my own way and I am working on that even if it is slowly. I also identify with the general message that I do fear speaking up in many areas of life. I am working to push myself out of that fear in different ways slowly but surely.

The weekend of the ritual (before it was even held) I had some come’n into my power moments and I spoke my mind and heart to my mom which is a very difficult thing for me to do. The entire weekend leading up to the ritual my sleep was poor and the night of the ritual it got even worse. That Monday I had a headache and felt it primarily in my left eye. I ended up calling off of work because I felt so drained from the weekend.

Well in these weeks since the ritual I have been craving SOOO much solitude. I normally need alone time but it has been OC these past weeks. I also ended up catching a cold this past Friday and I am just getting better. I am not sure yet if this has to do with the ritual but I am taking it as a detox of some sort.

Thank you for all your services, content and time. I appreciate it greatly and I am so thankful that you are able to provide different things for all of us at different price points. The intention of the day or your Mama Vida truths hit me just when I need it most. NA, MD

I want to sincerely THANK YOU! …. At this moment I don’t know if it was one of the community rituals or the transformation pendant, but I was in a dark hole just a few days ago and I’ve been able to come out of it. As the universe is divine energy and knows best…. I’m so happy I was able to get out of that hole before receiving the news of the death of my XXXXX. Today I feel sad and I’m grieving XXXXX, but at the same time I feel strong and resilient. I feel awkwardly positive it’s a very weird feeling… I don’t exactly understand it but I’m embracing it and feeling all the emotions instead of blocking them.

Also, I saw a testimonial saying that someone received their pendant and within ours they saw change. I thought you had to wear it for “transformation/change” to happen…. but now that I think of it Before I even wore it Change started to happen. SH, FL

Subject: Community Ritual ⚡️

Message: Hi Vida!

Wow.This ritual was so intense. Last night around 9:55/10 I had this overwhelming feeling to release. I cried, screamed about a couple of things and made peace with a lot of things and people who have hurt/betrayed me. I had many things come to me from my childhood. The word codependency kept coming to mind the whole night, which is something I’ve been working through recently so no surprise there but I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders and today I’m still feeling VERY emotional but so fucking grateful for this life. When thinking about my future and my passion for Birth work, subconsciously I felt like I could never really do it but I feel like a have a fire under my ass hahaha

THANK YOU VIDA FOR ALL THAT YOU DAY. This community loves and supports you

Hope to book a session with you 💗 BR

Subject: Community ritual

Message: I have never been so sure of what I wanna do with my life the progress I wanna make the steps to achieve what my soul’s purpose is thank you so much it all became clear at around 1130 last night These rituals really are powerful and I want to thank you Vida for everything you do. You are soooo helpful, May God always bless you and your family really am so glad I met you. MQ. NY

Subject: Thank you!

Message: Hello! Good evening to you and yours,

I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING it is to follow your work on IG & it was mind blowing how you addressed the self-sabotage as well as the “control” aspect in your explanation of the full moon ritual!! I definitely saw myself as I was reading it and I saw a lot of the times where I’ve had the need to know “why” “how” & it kept me from letting go of BS and pain & from progress!! Also it’s incredible that you showed us how the wax melted away from the masculine so effortlessly, naturally and just yesterday I was almost in tears because I was full of gratitude for how far my little family has come even though I still have “bad days” but it was just simply great to see your explanations and the pictures of the process. Thank you so much! I look forward to booking a session with you soon!

Have a wonderful day! DM

Well all I can say is wow.

That ritual was intense!. Last night I waited eagerly for you to start, yes I was very excited, but ended up putting myself to bed. I was inundated with dreams, they felt so nice and comforting, and everytime I’d wake up, I couldn’t remember what I was dreaming, but it felt so right. At one point in the middle of the night, I thought I heard my son get up for a pee (which he never does), and heard a lot of shuffling, but when I looked in his bed, he was still there, so I know I had a visitor. When I woke up in the morning, I was exhausted!. Felt like I had ran a marathon, so I went back to sleep, and slept until after 10am!.

I’m emotional today. Ego is very loud, so I know I need to address it. Everything you read in the candles hit me. You know my health has taken a bit of a turn again. But this ritual you did brought a lot of stuff up, and self sabotage is what I hear the loudest. I’m not sure what I’m holding onto exactly, but control just might be that issue. Maybe I feel so out of control with my health, that I’m trying to control everything else around me.

I have a lot to meditate on. I have to let go, and let God, and fear is a horrible thing.

I am going to continue to be strong, and know that the Lord is on my side, and WORK my faith.

You’re such a powerhouse, Mama. The biggest inspiration in my life. You’ve helped me so much, and I cannot thank you enough, for all the energy you put in for this community, and the energy and guidance you share with me personally.

I love you so much for that.

Thank you 💜💙💚 TK, Canada

Subject: Community Ritual 3/9

Message: Hi Vida! I want to express my gratitude to you for hosting last night’s community ritual 💙 Spirit told me from the jump it was what I needed & what a powerful experience it was! They barely let me sleep last night & eggun woke me up at one point just to look at the moon. I’m looking forward to reflecting today & seeing all the beautiful changes that will come of this. Thank you for sharing yourself & offering something so sacred with us online💙 Appreciate you! SD.


I was super triggered by the card of the day, so I was collecting myself yesterday from my own self sabotage and doubt. The ritual was a confirmation. I even was meditating and kept hearing your ‘Vidaisms’. I asked why I kept hearing your quotes and a voice told me very sternly, ‘If you were listening to us, you wouldn’t have to ask.’ A filthy read lmao

I’ve had an infection for a bit less than a week, so again confirmation with the full moon reading. I woke up this morning and I look and feel completely different. My inflammation is mostly subsided and the red and dark marks under my eyes look a little better.

I meditated recently on the best day of my life and what it looks like. I saw myself, my husband and 3 my

children about to leave for school. I didn’t even keep going. I just stopped, hugged myself and cried. I was feeling my fears of the past and there was a fear around not having family come to my wedding or be apart of my children’s lives. I immediately was shown that’s a lie because I have people who have shown up for me since I decided to leave my past behind. I started crying thinking about you! I think about the influence you share and your love for your community despite having to repeat directions like we are children lol. I actually get irritated for you and have to remind myself we are not yet at the Almighty Academy.

It just had me thinking about shit differently and I couldn’t have made it out this cave I’m in if I didn’t imagine your hologram giving me advice Obi-Wan style.

All the stuff my mom can’t say to me, I literally will just hear from you on some normal shit. I will go days without anyone but the bitch in the mirror telling me thank you or I love you or I’m proud of you. It’s a really small thing but it leaves a lasting impact.. Thank you for keeping it real. ADH, VA

For starters, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR YOUR COMMUNITY. I value you as a human being and as the beacon of light that you are for many people , including me!

The New Moon ritual was VERY powerful ! And I really wanted to take my time to process all of the effects it had on me before writing you an essay 😂

So I’m gonna break it down by category because my lil Virgo ass loves organization, okayyyy 😂😂😂

Starting new projects : I’ve been sitting on many ideas for a long time simply because my ego would step in and throw self doubt my way. Now, I did begin taking action with these ideas / projects in December / January but after the new moon ritual I really just adopted the “I can do this shit no matter what” mindset. The mindset kinda just creeped up on me after the ritual but in the best way lol!!  Everytime self-doubt would pop up, AUTOMATICALLY my mind would flip it and shift it into something positive. And that has helped me really continue to push forward, finish what I start, and carry out these ideas / projects that will go on to benefit many people.

Sexual Relations: GIRLLLLLLLL don’t get me started!!!! Look, this New Moon ritual really helped ME love on ME. I began to really start looking in the mirror and LOVING what I see on ALL levels. I even started to love my little chichos that I used to try so hard to get rid of 😂 I really learned how to make love to myself with the intention of loving myself and showing myself that on a more intimate level. And that  overflowed into my sexual relations outside of myself naturally. Because of past/ childhood traumas, there’s some areas that I struggle with sexually. And I was able to come to the realization that a healthy sex life starts with the SELF. And the more comfort you have with yourself on an intimate level, the more comfortable you’ll be with someone you trust to push past those fears and heal those traumas on a sexual front.

Taking Risks: This aspect of the ritual had to be the one that had the greatest effect on me. Being someone who is unlearning the habit of being controlling, many times I tend to get in my own way and my divine teams way by trying to micromanage shit. And clearly THAT DOESN’T WORK cause I always end up on my ass in the end !!!!!! The energies from this ritual really helped me take the risk of trusting not only in myself and my manifestation ability, but in Source, my ancestors and the rest of my divine team. I was also able to take the risk of not being controlling for once and seeing what would happen if I just decided to get out of my own god damn way!!!!!!! Last but not least, for years I’ve had trouble with disordered eating and I took the risk to nourish my body not to lose weight but to really care for my temple that was gifted to me. I cut out the coffee which gave me a shit ton of anxiety anyway, I cut out most processed foods from my diet, and have become more of a plant based vegan and while making sure that Im eating enough to sustain my energy and mental clarity despite my fears of eating too much / gaining weight. I started the habit not too long before the ritual but I was struggling with releasing the fear of weight gain and I feel like the ritual really helped me release that. AND LET ME TELL YOU THESE RISKS WERE WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!

Fortune: Now for some reason, after this ritual, my ass decided to get my life together financially 😂😂 I began budgeting (and sticking to it), mapping out my business investments, allocating my money properly every check and INVESTING vs SPENDING my hard earned $$$

I’ve also been working even harder to deprogram the scarcity mindset in all aspects of my life, the energies from this new moon ritual really helped propel that forward!!!!

And as the days went by , I came to realize that I AM ALREADY RICH!!! I am rich everyday that I wake up and get to see life. I am rich in knowledge, love, and health. I am rich in creativity, energy, and connectivity. I am rich right here experiencing the present moment. I am rich in mistakes that help me evolve and learn my lessons. Etc etc etc

Walking in my power: For this aspect of the new moon ritual I really got the opportunity to connect with my center/core/solar/womb. I got to lay everything out on the table and see things for what they are so I could finally process them and learn to let them go. Obviously I’m not just gonna wake up one day and be all like “IM HEALED IM HAPPY 24/7 IM NEVER TRIGGERED” cause that’s unrealistic as fuck 😭 but I’ve really been able to tune into my core, recognize my triggers, OBSERVE the feelings that come up as a result, get to the root and PLANT NEW SEEDS. And the whole process of being able to rebuild and reconstruct myself has really empowered me in so many ways.

Now here’s the BIGGEST part of it all that was confirmed for me. YOU GOTTA DO THE DAMN WORK!!!!! If YOU work, everything else around you works in YOUR FAVOR whether you think it is or isn’t. I just thought back to all the times that I would be given the tools to repair myself and then look at the tools like a dummy expecting them to grow arms and legs and come fix me!!!!! THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!! If you want something and someone provides you with the tools or with a boost , YOU HAVE TO USE THOSE TOOLS AND MAINTAIN THAT BOOST!!!! And that lesson was really solidified in my mind after the new moon ritual.

Again thank you SO MUCH for all that you do!!! I appreciate you !!! AA, NJ

Good evening Vida!!

I haven’t had a chance to say thank you 😊 the reading we had on 2-20-2020 was soo helpful. Im so thankful to know and have you for help.

You are a gem 💎! ❤️

Btw literally 4 days after I got a reading from you… I got another dream! It was a lot of stuff. I wrote it down 😃  I think I understand what msg they are sending me but I’m waiting a little more to see if anything else comes up before I make a dream analysis apmt with you!

Talk to you soon!

Love you 💕!

I also been meaning to share this with you. Part of me felt silly for wanting to send it with no reason. But then I realized that you always talk about how we are healers but we come in different forms. I strongly agree with you. The work I’ve been doing on myself is making me a better person all around. My job can be cliche bc it’s obvious- that teachers= Healers. With all the pressures from the world around us the value of a teacher is easily thrown out the window. You said something to me that I will never forget which was that Ive been through all my crap for this… for my job as a teacher. Its probably one of the most liberating things I learned. In so many ways this job comes natural to me. (I use to think I wasn’t working hard enough bc it came natural to me) And now  its all so clear to me. So I learned that my students don’t like themselves much. And they are only seven. So in Feb I made them do journal prompts about what they like about themselves. They hated it. Weren’t happy to do it. At the end of the month I made them make their own affirmations 😃 and I was soo happy to hear our conversations. We talked about how we treat others better than ourselves and they made a plan on how to be kind to themselves. I was impressed. They are 7 and did so good😀  JM, NYC

Mama Vida,

It’s been about a week since my raffle reading and I not only wanted to thank you again for all day you do and the love that you give but also give you an update. You provided me with a lot of hard truths and realizations but I absolutely needed them. I am working everyday with praying, meditating and loving myself. I definitely feel more self aware with how I feel and my thoughts. I have also been wearing my transformation pendant. I am noticing small changes which is perfect for me as I know as I continue this process of working on my self love and spirituality it will only get better. Would it be ok to schedule a follow up/check in visit?

Sending you and the fam much love and gratitude! VV, CA

Good morning Mama! Bendiciones!

Just had to get this out after seeing yesterday’s card of the day because it goes hand in hand with the transformation pendant. Since starting to wear the pendant Tuesday Feb 4th…..massive shifts have happened within myself to start my little side hustle that will one day be my full time job! My creative side and things I haven’t done for years kept knocking at my door. I have taken a huge leap and I will share that when time is right (move in silence ) Other things within myself and my marriage have changed a lot too since wearing the pendant. That’s a whole other story and again will def share eventually! So back to why this card is such confirmation. When I had my mini reading with you, obviously you hit the nerves that needed to be hit (love that about you) and you kind of snapped me back to reality and reminded me that yes, I am that bitch and you can step if I ain’t for you! Since then, I’ve been different. I’ve been completely me and you gave me that little extra push to go for what is calling me and to find my purpose…..and reminded me to not give a fuck what anyone has to say about it! So, normally not a lot of your posts automatically pop up on my feed on their own (yes, I go to your page and catch up sometimes) well…..yesterday’s card of the day was the first post on my feed! I started to bawl my eyes out! Divine timing and confirmation, that I’m going in the right direction, and it coming from the amazing vessel/human/bruja that is already helping me make shifts within myself! Hence the reason I had to schedule a reading session with you! That’s all! I love you! Thank you for being you! And I’ll share more about rituals and other things soon. Still feeling all them vibes! Pssshh and you tried to say you ain’t special! You special to me! And many others! I see you! And just in case someone hasn’t said it to you recently…..IM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU! KEEP PUSHING! YOU MOVING MOUNTAINS AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR WAY! Xoxoxoxo

Have a good day as well!  (Sending at 12:34 )LG, NJ

Subject: Community rituals

Message: Good morning Vida! First off I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts, talents and journey with the world! You have inspired and impacted me in many great and wonderful ways. I participated in both the Valentine’s and New moon community rituals and just wanted to update you on all the goings on since. I definitely feel more in tune with my self and really focusing on my goals and the work to bring them to fruition. I have noticed that I prefer a little more solitude and quietness too. It’s been wonderful to not have white noise around me and it’s been easier to silence my ego. I had a dream that involved bringing somebody’s heart back to life (for lack of better words lol) and it was so beautiful to witness. I know that blessings are on the horizon, I see and feel them. I really enjoy your posts and cards of the day. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me in my journey. It can get crazy at times but knowing that I’m not alone fills me with peace. Thank you Mama Vida for following your calling and lighting the path for others, may you & yours be tremendously blessed always. TR

Subject: A simple Thanks

Message: Hey Vida, received my package today and oh my goodness was wasn’t prepared for the bonus prize *insert tears* thanks so much I really do appreciate it whole heartedly. I love my mala beads, my crystals and again the pineapple necklaces set!!! Pineapple gang gang (momma I made it lol) can’t wait for the community ritual I’m super excited to participate again! Let this one be as magical as thee last one!! Xoxo  peace blessings & love AB

Hi Vida,

    I hope you got home safe. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I’m so glad that my path crossed you. You are a true inspiration. I won’t lie I was a bit shy to approach you. But I hope to see you in another event. I’m so glad I attended this class Vanesia and You provided so much good information. I’m very hard on myself and I really don’t want my son to continue my cycle and I will try my best to create a new one and I understand that I could only do it nothing else or no one else. Thank you again. Have a great night. TM, NY

Subject: 2/24 ritual

Message: Hey Vida-

I’ve been following you on IG since very early on and I always love the way how direct you are. I participated in the new moon ritual on 2/24. At first I didn’t really think anything of it but I was really hoping something would come of it. I have been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 18 years and I kept telling myself I would ask for a divorce soon because things for me have been becoming unbearable. I have been so scared because financially I am afraid I can’t make it on my own and I have two kids whose hearts I didn’t want to break.

Well I finally spoke up and told him I wanted a divorce. I believe it was the power I gained from the ritual. I finally just came out and said it and now we are taking steps towards it. He is already getting vicious and trying to use money and the kids against me but I am staying strong. I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better but I have hopes and believe this will be for the very best.

I am going to participate in the new moon ritual too and pray that it gives me the strength I need to get through this.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart truly. You are a gift. SB

Hey Vida!

 I’ve been feeling really moved to reach out to you the past couple of weeks but haven’t done so because I KNOW I haven’t been keeping up my spiritual health as directed. I am at that moment where I need to make radical and actionable commitments to things instead of just being aware of them— analysis paralysis as you always say!  For some reason I have developed this deep fear of you losing respect for me. Every once in awhile you pop up in a dream and you are stern and not entertaining my excuses that are holding me back, which I LOVE, but that fear keeps translating even when I watch your videos. It’s like the spiritual spankings I need but I am not fully following the spiritual health replenishments so I soak up your messages so personally — even when I cant see a direct correlation. It’s silly, ego driven, and I’m totally calling myself out. I find that though I have a lot of friends that are working towards a deeper connection to their intuition, the only real voice of reason I trust is yours. I thought for a moment “you just need another reading thats all” but in having the thought my intuition said “NOPE! Cop-out”. I instead went back to listen to some of the second to last reading I had with you. In the reading you were super honest but also super kind and loving and getting to hear your literal voice in that tone almost immediately erased this random ass anxiety I’ve been feeding into that tells me lies about how you perceive me. Also all the tools I need you ALREADY GAVE and I am just not doing the work.

 The truth is while my brain knows you have wayyyyy more important shit to do than focus on what your clients are and are not doing. I have been so shocked by how ego can take over and make you think shit like this.It almost feels like something that knows how much you have helped me feel grounded is trying to ruin it for me- I refuse to let ego win that. This note is a step towards shutting that shit down.

 I plan on going to the event with xxxxxx and I keep saying to myself, you can’t show up with all this chaotic bullshit and let it cloud the joyous moment of reconnecting with family—because to me the deep amount of love and support you’ve shown can only be described as family. Yes, I am a proud client but you are SO much more than your gifts. You are a person with several layers and qualities that I love that have nothing to do with your spirit work. I wish that more people who view your content treated you with that respect and respected your boundaries (I be scared as FUCK to make a mistake in following your instructions LOL).

Anyway, I just felt it necessary to be transparent about that because ultimately I think this was part of a larger lesson I’ve been needing to learn, but the concept of even stepping back to process something in this way is something I have come to learn with your guidance and support. I am very much fucked up and flawed as you say, but now whenever I get nervous or anxious about how you receive me and how I receive you, I will hold fast to the moments where you have some deep compassion and tell my ego to take a back seat so I can fully action the guidance you provide and just ENJOY the presence and wonder of family. Forever grateful for all you do <3


Hey Vida,

 I hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to thank you again for the Skype reading. A lot of what we discussed resonated with me.

I swear that since I started reassessing with people, etc. Now random people or life is testing me with it. Lol

Thanks again Vida. I truly appreciate and respect the work you do and appreciate you taking the time for m reading. SFJ

Hello Mama Vida,

 I recently watched your webinar on connecting to our Devine team. Wow so powerful for me. Last night I had invited my guides into my dreams and they were there. So were you. I picture you in my mind telling me “I told you so”. I felt as if you were in my home. Anyway I wanted to thank you for your guidance in my journey with Spirit. I hope to meet you someday. I wish you all the best. VR

I purchased both and let me just say that the roller is amazing. Especially when i use it at work, mfs leave me ALONE and act right when they’re talking to me. The transformation pendant is working slowly. I haven’t had any drastic changes like losing my job or anything, but i feel so much more comfortable being myself when i have it on. I feel the confidence when i trust my intuition and dont second guess. Thank you so much. Ill update you if anything new comes up. JH


I hope you and tour family are doing well!

I am writing bc my mom is trying to follow you and is unable to on instagram… Her ig is XXXXXXX

I would appreciate if you would allow for her to fuck with you… she could really use your amazing content…

I also, would like to tell you how grateful I am to be able to be part of the community ritual!!!!! I have a job lined up and I know this will help! The last ritual calmed my relationship down. I appreciate you and I look forward to fucking with you.

Many many blessings to you and yours!

Love peace health and blessings. NR, NJ

Subject: Dreams and numbers

Message: Good morning! So here is a little backstory. This month and the last few weeks of January have completely drained me, mentally, emotionally, and physically. My energy is all over and I havent felt peace since the new year. Long story short my mental health, lost of a loved one, and my living situation has caused me to struggle a lot. In effort to better myself (my peace) my relationship and learn (one of my biggest fears) to be alone I’ve decided to move. Tomorrow is move in day and I would be lying if I said I wasnt really scared or having second thoughts. Well last night I prayed as usual and I asked my team, angels, ancestors, and my loved ones to guide me and reassure me that I am doing the right thing. Welp guess what? You showed up in my dream telling me how to do a spiritual cleansing, which tbh I’ve been putting off. You told me to smudge myself with sage, use flordia water, and then use protection spray for a few weeks to keep my energy. It gets better, this morning I’m driving to work and the number 333 shows up. Girl, I felt so good knowing that my team got me. Then as I’m pulling up to work 666, I have goosebumps. Thank you for just being you. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Lots of love, have a good day! DS, PA

Subject: Community Ritual & Transformation Pendant

Message: Hi Vida, just want to say many blessings love & life to you and the family!! I was debating at first to give my feedback because I’m shy lol but I’m finally muster up the guts to speak my truth. First and foremost I been following you for years I fell in love with your IG post and I buy majority of my personal from you aka the lavender bar soaps my jewelry Florida water etc etc. anyways getting to the point lol I participated in the community ritual and my goodness that shit was EPIC, I mean everything you described that will help us with it did plus more. So I just want to say thank you, the creator the ancestors of love and life, the divine spirit squad and the archangels for helping me in every area that I need that boost for! And I mean evveeeeeyyyyttttthhhhiiinnng. 🙂 also I changed my mind frame of thinking I now transmute positive intentions unto the universe so thank you for that real rap real trap advice on that comment I needed that kick in the ass. Oh, I absolutely love my pendant it’s beautiful wish I could wear it all day long but I follow the instructions to the Teeeeeeeeee lol. Thanks again I appreciate you completely your fkn awesome with much love, sincerity and gratitude from AB

Hi Vida.

I was your 1pm apt on Saturday Feb 15th

I just wanted to take this time to tell you how grateful I am with our session. You validated so much for me and given me a lot more confidence in moving forward with my spiritual growth.

Everything you were telling me meant so much especially coming from someone that I really respect and admire.

Again Thank you!! VJ, NY

Good Morning Mama Vida,

Spirit has led me to share this with you this morning. I don’t know why but here I am.

So I work for a quasi city agency for Miami. I started working there 10 years ago as an executive assistant and have been promoted several times to the position that I now hold, Director of Planning and development. I like growth and I’m always looking for new opportunities but I’ve been stuck for a while now because the only two positions left for me to transition into is the COO or the CEO position. I have even been applying outside of the agency and I got no luck at all. For 5 years I’ve sat waiting for the COO or the CEO to leave for other opportunities and nothing happened. I kept telling myself keep applying outside but it just was not happening for me.

I have to report that I bought the transformation pendant a few weeks ago and things are now changing. Our CEO announced yesterday that he is moving into the City Manager’s position. Once he moves then the COO will get his position (the board has to approve her transition there). Once that happens the COO position is open. I am hoping to land that position. I am taking my prayers, transformation pendant, crystals (in my purse of course) and everything in today lol.

I don’t know what it is but something is working here. All of a sudden there is a shift and I’m hoping it works in my favor.

I just ordered your custom oil too. Don’t know why spirit led you to make for me but I’m anticipating it’s arrival.

Spirit sent me to write this message to you this morning for whatever reason.

Thank you for all that you do. Listening to us, putting up with our energies, loosing sleep to make sure we are good, doing the card of the day even when you don’t feel like it. Thank you for pushing for us! You had work enables us to report stuff like this. You work hard to open doors for us and push our asses through. I hear you loud and clear when you say you can only do so much, we have to do the work. Like my elders use to say, you can only lead a horse to water. You can’t make him drink.

Anyways, I’m babbling now. There’s just so many reasons to say thank you to you.

My team led me to you and I know for sure it was not an accident 🙏🙏

Love Ya Chica, TR, Miami FL

Thank you!!!! Looking forward to it! Those 10 mins were a tease and I’m really led to continue my current journey with you! I prefer in person so super excited you were called to do in person sessions! Super grateful and see, divine timing! I waited cuz I wanted to work with you but i loooove in person sessions over video sessions! And BOOM! VIDA FOR IN PERSON SESSIONS! Fucking amazing! I look up to you sooo much and you just speak to my soul! Belief wise, “spirituality” (sensitive word.  you must elaborate. Lmao!) and even the controversial things! So excited to have a special connection with you, because that’s the way I look at it when choosing a healer, physic, mentor whatever the fuck you wanna call it! And to have you here at this time….its what I need and the A team has been screaming at me….GET IT FUCKING TOGETHER LYDIA! YOU THINK THE 10 MINS WITH THIS WOMAN MADE A MASSIVE SHIFT….SPEND MORE TIME WITH HER AND YOU REALLY GONNA SEE THINGS THAT OUR BEYOND WHERE YOU ARE WITH YOURSELF RIGHT NOW! Phew! Got that out! Anyway….thank you! I love you and see you in March ! LG NJ

Hi Vida!

I thought it was important to share with you that the transformation pendant has been an important tool in some work that I’m doing.  I’ve been trying to remove someone from my life for four years, and have worked with a number of guides and healers and haven’t been successful.  I feel like this pendant has made it possible – I’m not sure if that’s the purpose, but whatever it is, I am grateful because I feel like he’s finally gone. DG, Yonkers NY

An update on love and intimacy!

So in dealing with my moon cycle, youve seen for yourself I’ve purged so aggressively during this time that I’m bed bound for days. Today was the first day of my moon cycle and the first time in many cycles that I haven’t thrown up. I was dancing around my house something serious because because my acne is really calm and I could tolerate meals today.

Thank you so much for your help and services. I keep your family in my prayers.  AH, VA

Hello Vida,

This is going to sound rambly, BUT…..

Unlimited Reading:

Thank you for being blunt and 100% authentic. I learned a lot from our unlimited reading. I’m not gonna lie and say that it didn’t hurt to listen to the things you were saying, BUT they were all true AND necessary. I still struggle with meditating consistently and doing everything that was said, but I am trying to change one small step at a time. I’m trying to hold myself accountable though. I see a shift even with being inconsistent. I see a difference in the intimacy my husband and I share. We had a big blowout one day, usually I don’t say everything I want because my words can be piercing, but I took your advice on being authentic and shared the way that I truly felt without restriction and the way he’s reacted has helped me be less guarded around him.

On a personal level, I still have my dark days where I don’t want to get up from the bed, but those days are becoming less and it’s because I’m changing my frame of mind… I refuse to stay the same, that’s why I purchased the transformation pendant. I know I have to the work so I’m creating habits to help keep me accountable, its not easy and sometimes I feel like a total failure, but I dust myself off and start fresh. I know the future holds great things ahead with family, love and finances. I’ll send you my testimonial in a few weeks after wearing the pendant.

Do I have to wear the pendant everyday? or can I carry it in my purse?

I’m consistently going to counseling again, which is something I hadn’t done in almost 2 years, the future looks bright and I have to thank you for basically gut punching me and checking me on my bullshit.

You’re one of the Top 2 people I follow on IG the other is Ada she’ such an inspiration. Hope your dogs keep healthy and Happy Birthday to Spike.

Community Ritual:

The first day I didn’t feel anything and was like WTF!, but I know you said it could take a few days so I stayed hopeful… the next day I got this energy and decided to redecorate and organize my room; that turned into changing curtains and cleaning/organizing my other rooms (I did all of this with my husband which doesnt always happen). Turns out that the house now feels lighter and brighter and I have a different energy… IDK how to explain it. I also initiated sex yesterday and it felt good like before, my husband was really happy about it. Our relationship feels stronger…

Originally I wasn’t going to do the Valentines Day community ritual, however, after experiencing a shift I did it not just for me but also for my husband, lets see how that goes.

It really is liberating and freeing because you are no longer in the dark about parts of yourself… The more you know the more conscious you can be. It’s also helped me to see that I am a lot like my mother as much as I don’t want to admit it. I’m not exactly ready to work on our relationship, but my mind is changing on trying to understand her more and being open to just loving her. One step at a time.

 Thank you 3000,SH NY

Subject: Full Moon Ritual

Message: Hi Vida!!!

Just want you to know that I participated in the ritual earlier this week. Didn’t sleep well that night and felt like nothing was happening but you mentioned in one of your stories that it could take a couple of days…. Well… I haven’t had sex in 2 years and got some good loving today!!! Came home and sent the $$ for the Valentine’s Day ritual. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!!!

 Thank you!!!! KM

hi vida,

 we’ve never met, but I have been following you for a bit because spirit brought me to your digital doorstep. although i have been working hard on healing my divine feminine, i have very powerful divine masculine energy that has gotten me into trouble. with all of the capricorn planetary placements this year aligning with key placements in my own natal chart though, i’ve been really focusing on bringing both energies closer together and abandoning much of the duality that I have had to adopt in many aspects of my life as I finally look at my whole self for the first time. i say all this because I felt hot after 10PM last night, woke up fire in my step, clarity & confidence, hand in hand. Didn’t even need coffee!

While I understand that the road in front of me is still uncertain and riddled with arduous work, I know that I can get it done. Furthermore, I can manifest the transformative change I’ve been dreaming about and working towards. Thank you – for sharing your gifts, knowledge, wisdom, trials, tribulations and joy with us. That transformation pendant has been calling my name for a bit. This was the confirmation that I’m ready for it and the work now. JP

Good morning Vida!

First, thank you so much for doing this for all of us.

My dream time is where I am most receptive, and had one strange one (about losing my phone ) – I don’t usually have these kinds of dreams and I RARELY lose anything. There was some anxiety attached to this, but at the same time I’m about to make a major life change that requires a leap of faith.


 I saw myself in a new space. This is important as I am planning a move and will be looking for a place. There were new friends in this space and we were laughing. These are my desires. This is the kind of dream that will end up happening in wake time but sometime down the road – at least it felt like one of those.

I felt my subconscious process all that is transpiring and what may be on the other side – which was cool and extremely comprehensive..LOL. So, thank you for that!!!!!!!!!!!

This all came close to waking up.

When I woke up I was kind of disconnected, like I was in my space but not in my space at the same time and felt extremely light in my body and in slow motion. That was quick to pass and but something new. I”m a quick riser and happy morning person so this was an interesting feeling.

It certainly felt like something went down overnight – NO DOUBT there!!!!! YS, NY

Good morning Vida,

First I want to say that I really hope Spike gets better soon.  I can really see how much you love your family and I will keep you all in prayer.

Next, Ive been very intentional about my 1 2 combo.  I’ve done guided meditation every day since my 1st session with you.  I’ve also prayed and spoken to my spirits.  I’ve been telling them how thankful I am, asking for them to protect me from negative energy, and simply trying to communicate with them.   I went  as you suggested and pray for my dear amiga’s complete passage into the light.  In the early hours of the very next day I swear I heard my friend say my name.  All she said was my name and I was shocked.  WOW!  I’ve really been paying attention to myself, my surroundings, and messages that are clear as day in relation to what you shared with me.  I’m doing the work Vida. I was ready to book an unlimited session with you after our first session but I feel compelled to really start the work I need to do before I take this step.   I’m giving myself a month to remain committed to saying no when necessary and taking better care of me.

Vida thank you for being a light.

I appreciate you and I will definitely be purchasing another session with you, BK, FL

Hey Vida:

I just watched your live video on instagram and I have to first say thank YOU! Thank you for sharing yourself with the world in the most genuine and raw form. I think that a lot of what gravitates people to you is the fact that even when you may feel afraid, you still are able to show that you are human and go through things just like the rest of us. I truly do hope that everything goes well for Spike and send positive and healing energy your way!  I also wanted to let you know that after our mentoring session in November, I finally stirred up the courage that we had discussed. While it was difficult and I had to walk away a few times, I got it done. I realized my biggest problem has been that she became my purpose while she was alive and when she left, I didn’t know what to do because I know longer had her to take care of and therefore I’ve tried to redirect that burden of that on others. This often times has left me feeling depleted and like I am constantly having to DO rather than just BE. I keep in my mind what you told me  I was no longer going to hold on to that pain or anger towards my mom, towards life, and towards myself. I am exhausted and just can’t continue carrying on with all of this pain and suffering, which I know I have inflicted on myself because heaven forbid I allow myself to be happy. I know the healing will not be an overnight thing but I do want to find myself and learn to be kinder to myself. Because I have been pretty shitty to myself thinking that was ok. So for all this I thank you Vida. You helped me gain the courage to start to confront my biggest enemy, which is myself. I look forward to continuing to work with you.


I hope you and your family, including Spike! — are doing well. I want to start off by saying that I have never had sage or cedar burn the way yours do. The feelings that I get when I light it, the outcome of it all when I’m doing my thing — it’s unexplainable, amazing. It has truly helped me in so many different ways. I definitely need to restock! I am also obsessed with your frankincense and myrrh epsom salts 😍 I would love to purchase the following items if possible: INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE DONE BY INVOICE.Thank you so much for everything that you do, and teach all of us. Your work is greatly appreciated 🙏🏼❤️ NZ, Canada

Just wanted to share I got my mojo envelopes! 😊 and YES I ordered a prosperity, abundance, and success envelope and look at what came in the mail along with my mighty pineapple package: A settlement check I was not expecting. Okay so it’s only $14.97, but still!! That’s $15 I wasn’t expecting, that’s lunch for me and my son the next time we go out 🙌🙏

Thanks for everything you do Vida!!!

P.S. peep the 888 on the check number 🤗 SM, Vista CA

Re: Transformation Pendant: I did not expect that pendant to be soo delicate and pretty at the same time. I can’t wait to wear it….Thank you!!! ID, NJ

Apologies for the delay in sending this to you, I had been meaning to do so for few days now.

I wanted to thank you for getting my products to me so quickly. I absolutely love the custom blend roll-on and the bitch be gone spray. The themes of the roll-on resonate with me very strongly and have been ones that I was working with a coach. Your work was definitely a sign of confirmation from God that the work I have been doing was not in vain. Now, the smell of the spray is off the chain marvelous. I know that it is meant to repel negativity from me, but when I spray it on myself and around my body, it lifts my spirit and energy. I find that to be an awesome amazing bonus. When my spirits are high that in and of itself acts as a repellent. I can not thank you enough for this gift. You are doing fabulous wonderful healing work. May you and your family continue to be blessed with all of the wonderful highest goodness that God desires to express in your lives.

Also, I look forward to meeting you.Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

Blessings, LD, NYC

Re: BayLeaf Spell:Thank you so, so much Vida. That was just the message I needed.  From my reading with you last year I know that I have ancestors like my grandma who are rooting for me.  I know I need to have faith as I work, but it is so encouraging to get reassurance like this.

Much love, AC, NY

I took your advice and reached out to my mother for her birthday, telling her I wasn’t able to reach out on the day but I didn’t forget and wish her and my family love and blessings.

I found an extra purse of mine with $200 later that day! I even saw the DJ I cussed out and made amends last night at work.

Thank you for your help and services!  AH, VA

I want you to know that your daily cards and all your free content helped me many times.. sometimes as confirmation and sometimes for me to remember who I am and what I am meant be. I just want you to know.. to feel acknowledged and appreciated!!!! Not that you don’t..bc everyone loves you. But you are human… sometimes it comes at a time when we really need it..So, thank you mama!!!!!️️️ Prayers up! Peace, Love and Blessings. NR, BK, NY

I cannot go without saying thank you! I was also crying yesterday in gratitude I am sooooo very thankful for your help. Like the freedom you have helped me find has been real. Like I still am in awe that not where I was just a few months ago. I don’t even feel like Im in the same body  sometimes. The heaviness before really  was distracting me from seeing my core, my center.  Now I can sense things a lot quicker- draining energies or other peoples vibes. I can also feel my emotions and process triggers of trauma without it almost physically enabling me. Im still working on healing a lot of stuff but its been different. Sometimes spirit uses your voice to remind me of things and to remind me of who the fuck I am. The latest thing I heard was “Im not for fucking everyone and thats ok bc Im not here for that.” In the moment I was upset about something that happened with a coworker and I heard your voice say that to me. And I realized it was a message for me. Im not going to get along with ppl like my coworker bc I was set apart for a different purpose. So it’s been hard for me to talk or ask anyone about  these type of things bc no one in my life right would understand what this all means to me without judgement. I know you know and understand what I mean. I don’t even know where I would be right now if I didn’t know you and your truth!! Thanks Vida for everything! Im so grateful. Sincerely,JM, BX, NY

Dear Vida,

Your gift is MAGICAL!!! I want to begin by telling you I began my therapy sessions and it has exposed a lot of the emotions and resistance you were reading from me. I’ve been in such a grateful state every morning ever since my candle has finished. I am still in awe of how talented and gifted your work is. I have restored a lot of my faith just in the magic of your gifts. You truly are an angel here on earth! I can’t wait to continue my work with you. I’m glad my intuition gave me courage to work with you. I haven’t stopped thanking spirit ever since!

My Deepest Gratitude,CD, NJ

I say this with love no disrespect. Bitch I got love for you!!! Its a token of my appreciation. i would be where i am at without you. i’m still a student and learning everyday. but you are my reminder that i need to keep pushing for myself. whatever that may look like because it’s different from everyone else’s struggle. sometimes i find myself lost but you have been a great teacher for those moments thank you. JR, CA

Good morning Vida, This weekend was the beginning of an amazing journey. I’ve shifted in so many ways from the beginning of working with you and see what I was really scared to heal. This all begins with me and no one else. I’m so happy to continue this journey and have such an amazing pe4rson to do this with. you are an angel present on this earth! i’m so lucky to experience your fits in this lifetime! All my gratitude, CS, NJ

Hi Vida-I really was dumbstruck yesterday when I realized how much I don’t know let alone about my own body. I made a nail appointment for the first time in a few months and during the session, I tell her my nail is crooked. Come to find out my right ring finger is crooked from the knuckle up and I never realized my finger had been broken. I’ve never gone to a doctor or recognized as having broken my ribs as you and I previously discovered. After the tech asked if I ever broke my finger, I had flashbacks of a time when someone else could have broken my finger. I remember you saying that if it’s coming up, it’s because I’m strong enough to handle it now and I’m not where I was before. This is also true. I was in so much pain and duress back then I probably would have shrugged it off. I still keep looking at my hand just to make sure because I can’t believe my finger has been broken and healing for 3+ years and I’m just catching up. Thank you for your help and your services. Sending my love to you and the pups. AH, DC

Subject: Transformation Pendant, wow! Message:

Hi Vida,

I never really comment on posts or leave reviews but I had to do this one about your transformation pendant. I am really getting into my spiritual connection to source and I just know what I’m about to say, was with help from your powerful pendant. I am a small studio salon owner and I originally wanted it for my business, but clearly Spirit had other plans first lol. Since January 1st, I have been feeling floods of emotions. Anxiety was/is on high, almost crippling. I had a very very intense and vivid dream today that I know was because of wearing the pendant consistently. I had to write down each “scene” because I knew there was an underlying message I needed to receive. I first started out “ironically” outside of where my studio is. I had hit someone’s car trying to turn in. People started gathering around me as we tried to find the guy whose car I hit. As we’re looking for him, I keep explaining to these people that I could NOT, for the life of me, figure out why I couldn’t remember which way the turn went and that I kept making the same mistake by missing the turn and hitting people’s cars (because this wasn’t the first time). This one guy says “it’s easy you just turn here, you either go left or right”. And then they all kept saying how it’s not hard to remember. But to me it was. It was like I was stuck and kept making the same turn. The guy whose car I hit comes out. He’s very understanding and cool. While looking for his insurance information, the sky gets so ugly and a storm starts. There wasn’t any bad damage so we said forget and all left to get cover from this storm. I ended up running back to where I work and I get to the front door and the other people that work around me are scrambling around because the whole building is starting to flood. Like floor to ceiling, waves crashing. I run to my studio door because all the water is rushing towards me and my studio and I’ll be damned if my business gets washed away. As soon as I try and protect my business from the water, I end up in a house with a couple. I’m thinking I knew them somehow. Then out of nowhere, I was pulling out/regurgitating these loooong parasites. I mean they were so long and so huge. They wouldn’t stop coming out. There was so many of them. I kept apologizing to the couple because I knew they didn’t understand what was going on and the male seemed to not want to have anything to do with what was happening. The female gave me a few bags to put the parasites in after I felt so bad about the mess and I told them that I would clean it up and get rid of them. But even with knowing how the couple felt, I didn’t care if they didn’t believe what they were seeing, I wanted those parasites out!!! I’m just pulling away. To the point of hurting my jaw to try and get them out. I didn’t care, I would’ve broken my jaw to get them out. They had to go!! After getting them out, we all somehow ended up on their stairs and the floors started shaking. Almost like an earthquake and the railing was twirling kind of like how ropes in double dutch go. Everything was going so fast. The couple got scared and ran into a different room, but I felt a presence that made me so calm even in all that madness. I needed to trust that feeling and ride the wave. Which then the floors literally turned into a roller coaster. I see all these people. Alone or with someone else. But we’re all on our own track, going different places. I see the couple I was with smiling and enjoying their ride, then I watch as they shoot off into the distance and I got sad knowing that they weren’t coming with me. Then the ride drops me off at some sort of show. But I was literally like the Ghost of Christmas past in the last scene. Nobody knew I was there or could see me. I was behind two women, one of them I think was the curator of this show talking to the other lady. Praising the star of the show. Everyone is so excited to see the show and the star of the show. Then I was slowly lead passed people in this room, almost like floating and just listening to their conversations but I got the feeling that I was to really hear what they were saying. One guy was talking shit about the star of the show. Basically saying how he was this and that and he should’ve been up there and that the star of the show didn’t deserve that spot. Then I start to “see” the outcome of everyones actions in that room. Especially that guy talking shit. He ended up in a shitty career and place in his life. Miserable and playing the blame game. I wrote all of that down as soon as I woke up because I knew Spirit really needed to me receive that message which is: truly letting go of old ways of thinking and being. Getting rid of those parasitic thoughts that are essentially crippling you and holding you back. We may be sad to let go and to know that not everyone is meant to understand our ways or know how to receive us no matter how hard you try to get them on board. You must thank them for the lessons and continue to follow what it is you are called to do. We must view life from a different perspective (from behind the scenes) and know that not everything is what it seems. Not everyone is who they seem. The choices you make will most definitely lead you to where you end up. Even if you are scared, learn to trust the ride. Move on with an open and trusting heart to Spirit/Source. Ride the wave. Spirit will open your eyes so that you can see. Trust you are always taken care of. Don’t let negative past situations continue to hold you back! I know this testimonial is long and I definitely wasn’t expecting this message from Spirit lol. I want to truly thank you for all that you do. I am very quiet and a very highly sensitive person and can sometimes find it hard to ground and shield myself from energy (which I am working on), but I know this energy I’ve been feeling for these last few days, even today, is for a reason. It’s uncomfortable and challenging and makes me want to give up but I know that I can’t because I have work to do. And it’s because of people like you that help people like me realize how powerful we are. I send the utmost respect and love to you and your family. To your ancestors and spirit guides for guiding you every day so you are able to guide people like me. I can’t wait to see what else I know this pendant will bring to me because I am ready to transform. I know that at some point I will do some work with you in the near future. You are a powerful individual! Thank you again for the work that you do and will continue to do for those around you. Much love, KNJ, GA

You are literally f-ing amazing. Excuse me for cursing, but I’ve been intuitively drawn to you and your work for so long. You are the realest, especially for being honest. I can’t thank you enough, but I know spirit will let you understand my gratitude. I will follow my intuition. Bless you, Vida! CD, NJ

Thank you for the message. It’s definitely not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I’ve been half assing my things and always doing things for others at 100. It’s time to do me and stop being scared of failing people. For a while I’ve been knowing that I need a spiritual component to keep myself together, but I blatantly have ignored it. Goes to show how right you are. New Year, Same Me, but more intentional. SH, NY


Hi Vida, I purchased one of her success and prosperity bathbomb and I saved it until new years to use as part of my ritual. I am amazed at how beautiful it smelled, my bathroom carried this sweet scent and it was so peaceful energetically speaking. I just made another purchase the other day of her bathbomb and I am so excited to try it out! Thank you for allowing her to create these beautiful products, she is amazingly blessed and talented her magic is pure harmonies of grace!Sending you and your family Happy New Year Wishes and Blessings! ER, PA

Hi Vida, I received the La Rosa Oil and it smells, looks amazing!! (Thank you for creating it!) Sine I could remember I hated myself, (looks, feel etc, staying in a body has been challenge as you know) I didn’t even buy the oil for these reasons as you say your higher self always knows what is needed! The other day I noticed how I gained weight I didn’t trip! I instead noticed how much I was ok with it and that I had the power to change it again just like I did before and that there was a softness to me and that it wasn’t “bad”.This is HUGE progress for me, HUGE. *side note my mom just got placed in the lung transplant list, last year during my reading she was declining in her health and we spoke about it, you sincerely told me to reach out if I needed support and I appreciated it so so much. Thank you for being you, I love you! Wishing you and your family happy holidays!! *sending lots of love for spike and oreo too!! Love, ER, PA

Thank you so much for the Money & Success Power Oil. Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, this product is helping me to remain centered, and focused on an abundant vision and mindset! I rub the oil on my wrists in the morning and throughout the day i will give a little sniff. I feel abundance in my heart when I take a deep breath. I’ve already received a bigger paycheck than expected and I’ve only been using the oil this week. Thank you for selling these wonderful products and bringing positivity and guidance to my life through you products and instagram. I wish only the best for you and your family. Happy Birthday to Littles, and Happy Holidays to you & yours! XO GL, PA

Great Rising Vida, I wanted to share some gratitude for You and all that you Do!! You do make the difference in people’s lives daily, you are loved and you are Magick!! (plus a lot more)

Thank you for: Being authentic, Compassionate, Love, Healing, Utilization of your Gifts, Education, Spiritual Products , Creativity, Time, Holding Space, Sharing pieces of your story, process and experience, Humor & Smile. Love. E. R. PA

Good Afternoon Vida ☺,I understand. Jeeze… I’ve realized how critical and controlling I’ve become over things but i didn’t realize how much… and im the first person to tell people to let go and be present, have faith, i even highly recommend the book the power of now , my instagram is all positive messages and here i am not even taking my own advice lol.  🙈I grew up catholic but stop going to church a long time ago too much energy in there it drains me, i feel like i can feel everyone you know, unless it’s empty that’s when i like it best or i sit out in nature. So after sometime got into meditation and crystals and candles and everything because it kept me sane and connected me back after my grandma passing,my divorce, and my mom battling cancer i think that just rattled me and i needed control so i turned into spirituality but ive become even controlling of that doing to much and not just letting things happen.I grew up getting my cards read sense i was little but i had no idea i couldn’t read my own i started reading my own cause everytime i went nothing ever added up but i understand what you mean how when you read your own interpretation isn’t accurate.  Im visiting my mom now for her b-day so im taking everything you are saying and implementing it. Going to work on just being. Thank you for everything you’re a blessing in my life. So glad i found you. Hope you have an amazing day. M.P., FL

Vida, I’ve had lots of time to reflect on our reading (two months ago).  I feel I have made huge leaps regarding closure on my last relationship. The next day after our reading my ex contacted me from a number I did not recognize. I was able to tell him this was the end. I blocked him and told him to never reach out to me again. I was stern and clear as I had never been in the past.

I do have to admit I had not written sooner because i did not follow through with of writing what I am grateful for. I will start all over again to keep my word. BTW, i see 33, 303, 333 allllll the time (angel numbers! I just want to thank you for helping me in my time of need. You have made a difference in my life. I’m looking forward to another reading. Also, i ordered the money mojo like one or two months ago and i was getting money even before i got it in the mail!! C.P. FL

I have to let you know that I had purchased the healing mojo envelope for my son and I feel like today there was finally a breakthrough. It was not in the way I would have preferred but then again that is not up to me and I get that (everything has its purpose and everyone has their own life path/journey). We finally have answers. I had my suspicions of what he was suffering from by doing my own research but I always hoped and prayed I was wrong and that he’d get better.  Today he discovered he has an illness and finally felt relief because although it exists at least he knows now what it is and that he can receive medication and/or professional help for it. Knowing is half the battle. We still need a medical diagnosis but the symptoms are clear as day. It is a relief that he not only discovered it on his own but that he accepts it, is ok with it and we can move forward from there. He had been praying and meditating with the envelope as well as wrote intentions on it. So I want to thank you for making the mojo envelopes and for owning and honoring your calling. We obviously need people like you. I enjoy reading other people’s testimonials as well, they have encouraged me to make my own purchases. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you and Be well. R.C. NH

An update from the 6 day personalized spell work you did for me…. around the 4th or 5th day. I started to feel exhausted and not well. It turned into a 3 day fever. And then sinus congestion, loss of voice, and a cough that didn’t seem to go away. I am finally feeling better! And that was over a month ago!!!  I clearly needed to release as I was the only one in my family to get sick! And, may I remind you that I have a 6 year old and 9 year old that pick every germ up. Plus a boyfriend that slept with me every night and didn’t get it. It was of spiritual nature. Since the 6 day work you did for me, my partner has grown HUGELY! (As have I) We are communicating more and clearer, he has said and done things that have literally made my jaw drop because I can’t believe it. I need to hold myself together because I’m jumping inside like a little girl! Lol

I’m continuing to do my work. Praying and meditating and journaling. And, I continue to clearly see the soul growth. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for you. I consider you my teacher and guide in this life. So much love ❤️  C.S., Canada

As a professional psychic medium, I am very selective when choosing services and I do not usually obtain readings from others.  I found Vida through a mutual friend and OMG am I grateful for the referral!

It was my first time exploring Hoodoo work and I can say this wholeheartedly, Vida is the REAL DEAL.  If you are looking to experience something different that may just “blow you away”, then I recommend trying one of her candle readings.  She is beautiful, talented, as well as accurate, clear and concise with her messages.

If you have not experienced The Almighty Pineapple, now is the time.

Blessings and abundance, Motherella

***Follow up: but truly YOU do deserve this message.  I have been doing this for over a decade and have never had such an amazing experience.  I have already referred several people to you for your candle work (there is NEVER competition in this world, only learning, experiences and love).  I have encourage the few I have spoken with to take time to write you as well.

Vida, you have given me life again.  After 3 weeks of lack of sleep, I slept like a baby.  Thank you for last night’s reading, I slept 6 hours with out my mind racing and without waking up. I was so focused on everyone else that I forgot about me, and I needed that reality check.  Personally readings to me are not reading having a reading with you is talking to the big sister I never had who is also giving you that reality check.  Today I woke up and was thankful for waking up and I took time for myself.  Thank you again for using your gift to help me and other.  Remain BLESSED and YOU!  THANK YOU!!! (yes I am screaming that out loud) LOL Y.R. NYC

It is very interesting how coming in contact with one person can change your life drastically. I came in contact with Mama Vida through a brother of mine. As I started following her on Instagram, I kept a distance, observing who Mama Vida was and what she was about. She is TRUTH, COMPASSION, and PATIENCE. It was until then that my spirit guided me to purchase a few spiritual vegan cleansing soaps, I truly felt her power and love that she puts into healing the people of this world. As I first cleansed myself with these soaps I felt an energy of love surround me as well as a feather brushing down my back. After I dried up, I went lay down and fell into a deep sense of peace, it was quite therapeutic. She continuously speaks of helping the human race, the animal race, and the environment. And she truly is what she speaks about. As time passed by, spirit kept hinting at me to have a reading with her thru my dreams. Before the reading started she brought my energy at ease, as she explained she felt my nervousness all day which was on point. Readings go as readings go, but my reading with Mama Vida had more depth and information than the readings I’ve had in the last 5 years. She really tapped into my Soul, saw my abilities, and my tribe of ancestors who stand behind me. I even spoke to my grandmother after my reading with Vida, and my grandmother validated which great grandmother (heavy in the knowledge of brujeria) Mama Vida seen standing behind me. Since the reading, and to the words that Mama Vida speaks, I have embraced who I am and have learned to not to fear what society fails to accept, The Spirit. I have grown tremendously, and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for what this GODSEND SPIRIT has done for my life. I LOVE YOU NANA FOREVER AND ALWAYS! Thank you, for your continuous sacrifice & work to this realm! Jose Perales – Riverside, CA

Vida has helped me come into my spiritual self, she has taught me to forgive, and she taught me that prayer and meditation is vital in my life in order to be truly connected with my Source and my Team. She helped me realize that self reliance is a must, and that I can do anything as long as I make myself my #1 priority. She is off-the-charts amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get back on track with their life. Stephen Young, Psychic Medium.

I started following Vida on Instagram in January 2017. When I first caught one of her Lives on IG I was awed and inspired. Her messages (led by Spirit) combined with her personal experiences were very powerful and hit home with many of us who listened. It was sometimes hard to hear and would strike my heart but I kept tuning in. Her strongest message and foundation is Pray & Meditate, or as she calls it “The 1, 2 Combo”… if it wasn’t for her constant motivation to practice those two simple steps daily, I think I’d be lost. I’ve never (in my 40 years on this planet) had anyone in my life drive such powerful messages into my heart before. By May 2017 I decided I needed a mentoring. She was so insightful, kind, and validated so much for me. Her compassion and encouragement led me to where I am today. I can’t say enough about Vida…. She packs a fiery passionate punch when she delivers Spirit’s messages. Her personal trials and tribulations have brought her so far in this lifetime and when she shares parts of her life with You, you feel it. She has taught me so much… including how Faith works and how to Balance life as well as my ego & pride. Again, with her tireless and diligent efforts, she has struck many hearts and has helped many many people, including myself. I cannot thank this woman enough for everything she has done for me personally. She is and always will be my Favorite Bruja ❤❤❤ T.K. Canada

I was following Vida for a while before I finally had the courage to reach out. I had gone through my divorce of 17 years, moved back in w my parents, my sister is battling Leukemia and at the time she spent a year in the hospital. Then, the rock my general my dad passed. Heart broken and feeling alone I wasn’t sure I was doing anything right with no help from the immediate family.  I finally called after a week or so from the funeral and scheduled my reading .. I couldn’t believe how great the reading was I was praying and nervous all day. I was surprised we laughed so much and then, even dad came through it took me aback I didn’t think he would be the one to come through. I had tears of joy. I took notes and I’m so happy it’s still a work in progress but I’ve come such a long way since the reading. I learned very quickly how not alone I am. I have a new circle of friends and a fantastic relationship we ain’t perfect but we work and you were so right he is a great guy and I’m not controlling the situation he is working on his time not mine and it’s beautiful.I’ve gotten many of her products and I love em especially the bath bombs put me in a relaxed state. I thank spirit everyday she confirmed so much for me.. Thank u Vida you are amazing w your team both spirit and your family.  Orlena (aka Lena)

“Vida is more than just a mentor, a bruja, a psychic medium.. Vida is my adopted mother.. She is Vida.. which in Spanish means life. Vida to me is like the oracle in the movie “The Matrix”. she is a guide, she tells me what I need to know, at the exactly time that universe needs me to grow. Vida has read me, mentored me and once in a while checks in on me. She my mommy. I used to believe that I was going “Koo Koo for cocopuffs” aka crazy because I didn’t embrace my own abilities. if there is one thing I have learned through Vida is where I need healing, what my souls purpose and life mission is.. I use her soaps to help cleanse me everyday (which are Fucking amazing! Almighty pineapple Gang!) as I myself am evolving and growing. I have embraced my self and learned to take life as a journey to be enjoyed, both the good and the bad, Duality.. Vida knows me spiritually, to her I am not just another customer. To Vida I am one of her kids and she tells me shit straight when I need it. I am forever grateful for Mommy Vida. Ever since I had my reading and mentoring session, my life has changed and transformed.. a large part of it because of what the spirits say through Vida but as mommy says, “you can pray and meditate, you can listen to everything she says but if you have to have faith first..” Vida truly is a blessing on earth.

Gerardo Moreno Lopez “Phoenix”

San Francisco, California

I have been following readingsbyvida on Instagram for about a year best thing that happened for me. It has been a tough year divorce, having to sell my family home, and deal with a not so nice soon to be ex!! Vida your posts have truly inspired me to look to my higher power for guidance and never give up. I’m in California, I hope one day soon I can find a way to have a reading…thank you for your guidance and teachings!! Gina Livia

If you are looking for someone to deliver a reading with sparkles and fluff, look somewhere else. If you want in your face honesty but done with directness and love, Vida is your gal. She won’t sugarcoat what your guides/spirit/team are trying to convey, if your team needs you to hear it…..she will tell you how it is. My reading was life changing. Yes, LIFE CHANGING. Her words of strength resonated to my core. The message from spirit and elementals gave me hope and insight to who I am …..who my soul is and how to nurture my true self. At the conclusion of my reading I felt as though a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders, that I was no longer contaminated and weighed down by negativity and darkness. I was on a universal high for weeks and I loved it. Thank you Vida!   Jolene Cecil , Nebraska

On August 2016, I embarked on a journey of self-healing, with many prayers I felt the need to look for help.  I found Reiki by chance and even though it did a lot for me, I still felt lost but the desire was there. My best friend tagged me on a video through IG and it was Mrs. Vida’s Monday video. (At the time her IG page was public) The way she spoke and how passionate her words were, I knew I had found a great teacher. To me a teacher is not the one who shows you the way but the one who makes you work for it, so you can find your own way with guidance and tough love.  That’s what she is. Her lives are so intense with so much life knowledge and lessons; it showed me how humble she is and how strong she has been throughout her life. I lived so many bad experiences to the point that I lived my everyday life with no direction and hopelessness and I needed help desperately because I needed to stand strong for my two small children as well. I needed guidance and I was hooked with the Monday Video. Her lives always helped me and that’s how I learned “One and Two Combo”, “Pray and Meditate” trust and believe THAT WORKS. Always be grateful no matter how little you have because that little is more than enough.  First and most, she always advises and motivates Self-Love and always, always follow your intuition and speak to your “TEAM”. Her mentoring session was amazing and even so she scolded me told me that I needed rest because I was not taking care of myself, she was extremely right on that one and “don’t forget that they were there with you in your darkest days, helping you” that hit a personal nerve because she was right, when I felt that my world was ending, when I felt so utterly alone something beautiful would always happen to show me that “THEY” were there, Mrs. Vida reminded me of that, “DONT FORGET”. I haven’t done a personal reading but I can only imagine how intense it could be. Her 7-Day Candle Readings on her altar are always on point. Incredible force and I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I have purchased many of her products and I love all of them. Even my mother is in awe and grateful to the fact that she has seen positive changes in me that now she wants to try Mrs. Vida’s products. It has been a year since I embarked on this journey and I am grateful that my prayers were answered when I saw her Monday Video. Mrs. Vida, you are changing lives for the better, Thank you Mrs. Vida! Yeila del mar Silva

I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my soul, with every fiber of my being! The last year of drastic change, adjustment and realizations were much easier to deal with once I prayed and meditated. The 1-2 combo works for literally everything, more than anything ive ever done before. Believing and having faith has shaped my life in such a light. Dreams and goals are falling into place. Hard work is paying off and so many incredible questions/thoughts ive had are being answered/confirmed on the daily.The first time “open your presents” card popped up last week, I almost started crying tears of joy! Something hit me with this crazy force that a smile beamed from ear to ear.On Wed the August 2nd I had 2 incredible interviews that had basically fallen into my lap. One was a retail management job w/ better hours & pay. The other was to start apprenticing at a shop! I believe “open your presents” flew out on Thursday August the 3rd.. After watching that daily card video I went to work and broke the news to my manager that I was looking for employment elsewhere. Just after doing so, I got THE MOST INCREDIBLE NEWS EVER! I was asked by the shop owner (who is the sweetest thing ever) when I could start!! I have dreamt of being a tattoo artist since I can remember. I practically live, breathe, eat and sleep thinking about tattoos. Every day I envision the time I finally achieve that dream! Its finally happening and I literally just want to explode with excitement, gratitude and thanks!!  The: Road Opener candle, Unconditional Love candle, Protection spray, Happiness and Love Mojo envelopes , Money Mojo envelopes ( both the stolen one & its replacement <3 ), Sage soap, Daily guidance, Advice & love, Many mantras…Ive gotten over the last year and the many other things ill receive from you in the future…I thank you for all the energy, good intentions and love you put into what you do. I feel my life this year is a huge testimonial of your products/services. Life truly is what you make it! Belief, faith and hard work go a long way! You have made me rethink how to approach most situations. Even how to process what happens without flipping out (good or bad)ALL OF THESE THINGS <3 I feel so full of love from every which way! SO much love for my team, my spirit fam and my spirit mama (aka you)! <3 You seriously are the most amazing force-filled bruja ive ever crossed paths with! Your realness is everything and if I could give you the biggest hug in the world right now, I so would! I just wanted you to know you truly changed my life <3. E.H. Liverpool, NY

Because I followed your guidance from our last reading my husband is finally FREE from life parole!!! I can not thank you enough!!! I am so grateful that god put in my path!!! Thank you thank you so much. I am in tears! Fyi I sent you that pineapple crystal ornament in appreciating for all you do!🤗 lol Enjoy your day Mama Vida you are the motha effing bomb! M.V. Yonkers, NY

Hi Vida, I just wanted to update you on my dads test results. He has stage 2 fibrosis of the liver (not cirrhosis thankfully– you AND the doc both said a lifestyle change is necessary). His liver is still in a place where further damage is preventable. You said it first, but his doc told him to eat more plant based and she even said that patients find relief through CBD and medical marijuana!!! Just like you suggested, the CBD! I just wanted to give you a quick update and thank you for your guidance. It’s much appreciated and although he is hard headed as hell, he is ready to change his lifestyle, work with his team, and get to the root of some emotional blockages / issues in order to heal emotionally and physically.. all of his own free will! L.H. Chicago, IL

Hey Vida,Last year I had a teaching session with you regarding dreams and tuning into my intuition. Anyway I put into practice everything you told me, I now do yoga daily,amethyst is always nearby and I have started writing a book as a way to process the abuse I suffered as a child and into adulthood and I have set up a listening service for others who have suffered in a similar way to me. I wrote down all the positive changes I have made in this last year and there are a jaw dropping 10 things on the list, many of which I never ever imagined including stopping eating meat and dairy. I wanted to thank you because I know without question that you are the real deal. I was going through a difficult period when we spoke and I encountered two other “alleged mediums” one of which said incredibly damaging and untrue things and if I wasn’t a stronger women, may have broken me entirely. So you were right, I really did remember the “crazy tattoo lady” 😆 I have started to see my empath nature as a blessing not an awful curse. You do good in the world and should be proud of your work. I will come back to you again next year for another session. All the best for 2018 T. from the U,K.

Vida, Thank you for my reading. I just want to send you a super quick email that you were so right in your reading. I started moving forward with things like “unpacking my suitcase” and speaking to my father about my other dad and finding the truth. I must say my confidence has sparked since talking with you. My father is completely ok with me seeking out my bio dad. Praise God. I will start my 30 days of gratitude in a journal on the 1st however I have been waking up in the morning and saying 3 reasons I’m grateful for. I am getting more in touch with my team with each day that passes and that inner voice, while still subtle, it is raised from the death I made it die. I brought the crystals in I had hidden as you recommended and I saged them as well. So many, beyond so many things have come completely full circle while unpacking that suitcase. I have come across a plethora of things that have validated our whole conversation. I hid those crystals, but I hid all my angels as well. It’s amazing how much I was suppressing my own inner voice and thanks to you I have grown in ways I didn’t even know existed (And I know everything!! Just a joke).  Validating every single thing we spoke about in various ways. Thank you Vida! You saved my life and you have sparked that fire I have been pouring water on for years. I am so beyond grateful for you and your divine ability to do what you do. I am still going through things, however I have no doubt I have jumped back on the path that was made for me.  I am in the pursuit of seeking validation from the place I never knew I needed it from and because of you and vividly aware that I don’t need it from other places. Thank you and your team for everything. Sending much love today, and I’ll send more as things unfold. Until then, I’m sending you the biggest hug because words just don’t explain my gratitude as immensely as I mean it. Sincerely & forever grateful, J.U. from New Jersey