I help all people eliminate blocks in their life, for them to become more abundant in their spiritual and physical lives. ™️®️©️🍍

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“Vida is the real deal, no bullshit. She is always booked months in advance, is generous in consistently offering live videos and content, but has strong boundaries. If you’re ready to hear the fierce love & what you need without the sugar coating, book a session or buy one of her products now. You won’t be sorry.”

— R.N.

Subject: Full Moon Cancer Ritual – thank you!! Message: Thank you! I felt a calling to this ritual right at the moment I was going to shower so I added it for myself, daughter and husband. I don’t know what happen but i slept trying to catch my breath (husband said it sounded like I was taking in air), have a headache all day but I feel happy!! just happy! And the candles reminded me of a dragon and the figure at end I could swear it was a simuari. Gracias! As always,”

— K.A.

“Vida, Thank you for the work you do. This community ritual was spot on. I finished my workout around 8:30 PM last night and decided to do a meditation. Coincidently, I felt pushed to do a guided meditation on how to deal with regret and overthinking. I also received very good news this morning, something that I had been waiting for quite some time- I got accepted into grad school!Just wanted to share my personal feelings in result of the ritual and thank you again for being you.”

— A.S.